I had to turn down a bump!

This evening I was booked on a flight from Tampa to Detroit which looked rather full, but not overbooked. I made a post asking whether or not they might need volunteers, and the consensus was no. One reader that frequents the route even said I had a “0 percent chance of bump.” šŸ™

Well, not only did they need volunteers, they needed lots of them! They were both overbooked and weight restricted (it was a DC9). They were offering a $300 voucher and hotel with a seat on the first flight out tomorrow morning. I wanted to take it, but had to say no. I absolutely have to be in Ann Arbor tomorrow at noon, and just can’t risk not being there. One delayĀ and I’d be screwed.Ā Besides, my brother flew out just to spend time with me, so I couldn’t do it to him (although in fairness I’m now waiting at DTW because his flight was two hours late).

So the moral of the story? Bumps always happen when they’re least convenient, and most importantly, there’s ALWAYS a chance at a bump, no matter how a flight looks a few days out.

Now, here’s to hoping for some love from Northwest on my return, which shows as P2Y0 as of now.

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  1. You proved me wrong. Sorry you couldn’t take advantage of the offer. Have fun in MI.

  2. I had to turn down a bump on my PIT-DEN on friday since nothing could get me into SEA before 11pm, which was too late. What a sad feeling

  3. god damn it lucky! you’re not allowed to talk about bumps anymore, you’re just making the rest of us feel bad.

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