I complained to the Tampa Airport parking garage….

Many would assume that complaints should be limited to private companies that compensate their customers well when mistakes occur, but yesterday I just had to do the right thing and complain. So at TPA I always park in the economy parking garage, which is $9/day and has shuttles to the terminal every 7-10 minutes 24 hours/day. The other option would be the long-term parking garage, which is $15/day. Since I’m usually gone for 2-3 days I save $12-18,  which is a great deal given that it’s only a short shuttle bus drive.

But Sunday night I arrived at TPA on a delayed Northwest flight, and I had to wait for the shuttle for 40 minutes. That pissed me off even more than it usually would, given that my flight arrived at 1AM and I wasn’t out of there before 2AM. The shuttle bus driver was hardly sympathetic when I informed her of the fact that we (a large group at this point) had been waiting for so long, and she basically shrugged her shoulders and said “oh well, sorry about that.”

Anyway, the situation just ticked me off so I felt the need to call the number on my receipt to complain yesterday. I was eventually connected to a manager that was disappointed to hear about the situation, and offered me free parking next time. Now, I wasn’t looking for anything, but it was a nice gesture. Whether or not I’ll use it is a different story, since it seems like more trouble than it’s worth, given that I have to call her the day of so that she can give an envelope with a “pass” to one of the agents at the booth.

Anyway, it might seem petty, but I think we should keep all service organizations honest, regardless of how basic they may seem….

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  1. If it passes, just wait and see how much you will like waiting under Obamacare. You will be waiting for perilously long times.

  2. Silly comment, chitownflyer. But thanks for playing.

    Ben, instead of compensation, I’d have wanted an explanation for what happened and what they are planning to do to prevent a re-occurrence.

  3. Sorry, should have clarified. Apparently the shuttle was driving to the other pick-up point, but was filling up there so they didn’t stop at my pick-up point. Not a very good explanation, but whatever.

  4. @Chitownflyer – I have Kaiser, which makes you wait just as long as any government run healthcare in the world or longer, but it also (unlike the U.K.) costs me over $500 per month plus co-pays etc. There are 10’s of millions of americans who can’t get ANY healthcare (because the insurance companies deny them based on the patient not being “profitable”) that would love to wait in line if it meant having care they could afford. That being said, many people who aren’t waiting in lines now are wealthy enough that even under Obamacare nothing will change except the price paid, which they will still be able to easily afford.

    @Lucky – Aren’t the shuttles supposed to stop at *all* the pick up points???

  5. Right, chitownflyer – did you ever take a junior year of high school English class that taught how one shouldn’t attempt to make an argument (even if one is trying to sound funny), by linking two illogical extremes together?

    While your waiting for your healthcare, pop out the old iPhone and research “logical fallacies.” Hope 3G isn’t too slow for you.

  6. And, I guess I never learned the difference between “your” and “you’re” in first grade English. Oops!

    That’s right. I haven’t graduated from first grade.

  7. @Hunter, I have read and read many bad stories with regards to Kaiser which is often seen as a model for national health care. They control who and what doctors and services you receive, and they will deny you care in order to “save” money. The kidney transplant scandal that occurred in California a few years ago is a disgrace. Kaiser is supposed to be non-profit, but they engage in many practices that are similar to for profit corporations. I am not a big fan of the insurance companies whom cancelled policies when their policyholders got sick through post underwriting departments as was done by many companies in California. The regulatory response of the California State Insurance Department was unacceptable with an inadequate level of fines levied upon them. I am for ending the ridiculous practices of pre-existing conditions being the cause of denial of services or insurance coverage. Insurance companies should be required to sell policies to all applicants.

    @Gray, Sorry, I do not pay AT&T’s exorbitant monthly fees to use the iPhone. Nokia or Samsung unlocked phones are far better. With regards to languages, I speak several, so I possess an articulate understanding of the English language.

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