Hyatt’s special Costco rate

I realize this has been around for over a month, but I haven’t really looked into how great of a deal this can be until now. For travel booked by September 9 for stays through September 12, Hyatt is offering up to 25% off the daily rate plus a $25 nightly stay credit when booking using promotion code COSTCO or 13365. In some cases this is worth nothing, but in other cases this code produces the lowest rate plus the $25 nightly stay credit. For more information on this rate, check out this FlyerTalk thread.

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  1. From the Flyertalk thread, it has been reported that Hyatt does NOT allow guests to pay for the Costco(13365) promo rate with Hyatt check certificates bought at Costco. The reason given for this is the Costco rate is a negotiated discount rate excluded by the terms of the cert.

    This rate may still be useful when making international bookings when AAA rates do not seem to be offered. For domestic US bookings, I recommend booking the AAA rate which may be used with the Hyatt Check certificates and is often on par with the Costco rate for US Hyatt hotels.

  2. chitownflyer, you”re misreading that post you linked — he says it *can* be used:

    “Most other rates are applicable, examples are: AARP, AAA, CostCo (including their promotions), Government, etc.”

    A negotiated discount is something like a corporate rate.

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