Hyatt’s 20% Off Award Promo Is Even Better Than We Thought

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Yesterday I wrote about Hyatt’s super lucrative promotion, whereby they’re offering those with their co-branded credit card 20% off award redemptions for stays before July 31, 2015. Registration is required by March 31, 2015.


Throughout the day yesterday there are a couple of updates we found out regarding this promotion:

This promotion is retroactive

The terms did seem to specifically suggest that only points redeemed starting February 17 qualified for the promotion:

Only points redeemed between 2/17/2015 and 7/31/2015 will be eligible for this promotion.

That suggested it was necessary to cancel and rebook stays during the promotion period. However, it seems as if that may not be the case after all. @HyattConcierge on Twitter has confirmed that you can receive the discount as long as your stay is during the promo period, even if it was previously booked:


This is hugely awesome. I booked the Park Hyatt Maldives before it switched from a Category 6 to Category 7 property a couple of weeks back, because I wanted to spend 25,000 points per night rather than 30,000 points per night.

Originally with this promo I was tempted to rebook so I could save 1,000 points per night (30,000 points minus the 20% discount). Now it looks like I can keep the 25,000 point per night rate and still get the 20% discount, bringing the cost down to 20,000 points per night. That’s a hell of a deal for the Park Hyatt Maldives!

If you weren’t previously eligible…

The promotion was supposed to be targeted to everyone with the Chase Hyatt Visa Card, as far as I know. If, for whatever reason, you weren’t eligible, I’d suggest phoning up Gold Passport customer service. They should be able to get you manually registered, assuming you’re a cardmember as of January 31, 2015.

Bottom line

This really is a heck of a promotion, and I’ve already changed my behavior as a result of it. I was in New York last night and figured I’d do a night at the Park Hyatt since I’d be paying just 24,000 points per night. At that rate it seemed like a better value than the alternatives.


Is this promotion driving you to redeem points?

  1. Does Hyatt give a points discount on a 5+ day stay? I am having trouble justifying swapping out a 6 day Hilton reservation in London for the Andaz due to that.

  2. I dont have the Hyatt card yet, but have 2 expiring Diamond Certs…can I book them now and then still get the 20% back if I have the card by the time I stay at the hotel? Also do C&P rates qualify?

  3. Woohoo!! I also have the Hadahaa booked for 17-21 March, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of rebooking for only 2k points (2 nights free certificate). Thanks for the points Hyatt!

  4. Lucky, what’s your routing to get to MLE? I also have a stay booked at Park Hyatt Maldives and finding it difficult to find a good routing using miles. There are so many connections! Plus the additional domestic transfer and boat transfer once you get to MLE. The thought of 5+ flights and a boat transfer has me leaning toward cancelling the reservation.

  5. This is perfect! I’m currently at the Park Hyatt Maldives and couldn’t ask for better timing. Eric, we took Etihad out and are taking Emirates back. Connections weren’t too bad. If you can stop over somewhere else for a few days (or more) and make two destinations out of it I would.

  6. @dmodemd – This supposedly “lucrative” promo is Hyatt’s continued dance around providing some kind of a 20% discount to their members in response to other, more mature programs’ (e.g. Hilton) every 5th award night free, which is 1 in 5 or exactly 20% off. Hyatt tried My Elite Rate, which gave elites 20% off on eligible rates, then scrapped that. Now they are offering this limited 20% off on reward stays. Why not just institute the “5th award night free” policy and be done with the dance?

    Your 6-night stay at a Hilton London gets you 20% off. No need to look elsewhere!

  7. DCS — I’d take Hyatt redemption rates any day over Hilton and Marriott’s 5th night free. Hyatts low rates nearly always make up for this.

  8. @DCS
    The advantage with the Hyatt 20% discount is that it apply from 1 night and up.

    Which program do you think give the most value to the majority of the members? Here is a hint, there is a lot more people redeeming for 1 night than there is people for 5 nights

  9. Hi Lucky,

    Any idea if this can this be used at properties like the Aria in Las Vegas, which aren’t directly under the Hyatt brand?

  10. @No Name at 12:29 pm – Well, this 20% discount, like My Elite Rate, will soon be gone, unlike Hilton’s or Marriott’s, which are guaranteed in each program’s T&C. I know which one I prefer 😉

  11. Damn, Ben! Always so incredibly helpful! 😀 Couldn’t register online but just confirmed that Hyatt was able to register me over the phone. And I did it from the balcony of my room at the Park Hyatt Sydney B-) amazing find!

  12. Hi Ben,

    When you pay cash and points with Hyatt , do you get 20% back on the cash part as well?
    Thank you
    All the best

  13. So i have the card but have several stays booked on rewards that fall during this period but were redeemed sometime back. i assume they still qualify for the 20% redemption, no need to call them?

  14. another data point… let me just say Hyatt is the best!!!

    I had a two day stay, precooked last year, signed up just prior to check in on 2/16 and check out on 2/18. 54000 points for two nights and Grand Hyatt Singapore grand club room. I figured I would at least get 20% of the 2nd night, 5400 points but I am surprised to find this morning that I got the 20% refund on my entire stay, 10800 points!!!

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