Earn 500 Bonus World Of Hyatt Points For Meditating (Points Posting)

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Update: The points from last week’s promotion seem to be posting to World of Hyatt accounts today, with the description “Day of Gratitude Bonus” on the website, or “Reward Bonus” on the app. Keep an eye out for them. Below is the original post (the promotion is no longer valid — it was only valid on December 9).

Here’s an easy opportunity to earn 500 World of Hyatt bonus points today.

Hyatt has a focus on wellness, and today is Hyatt’s third annual Global Day of Gratitude (okay, to be honest, this is the first time I recall hearing about this, but…). Hyatt has a partnership with Headspace, offering guided meditations through the World of Hyatt app, through in-room TVs at Hyatt properties, and more.

Anyway, today you’re able to earn 500 World of Hyatt bonus points for completing a guided meditation with Headspace.

To take advantage of this today (during CST hours on Wednesday, December 9, 2020):

  • Open the World of Hyatt app (and if you don’t have it already, download it)
  • Complete one of the custom Headspace exercises — either Unwind, Reflect, or Sleep
  • Earn 500 bonus World of Hyatt points; I value World of Hyatt points at 1.5 cents each, so to me that’s worth ~$7.50

These meditations take just 5-10 minutes, so this could be a nice way to relax for a few minutes while also earning some points. I just completed mine, and quite enjoyed it. I might even try another one this evening, just for fun.

Note that there’s no registration or anything required, and there’s nothing in the app that makes it obvious that you earn points. However, World of Hyatt is able to track your activity, and points should automatically post within a few weeks if you complete one of the meditations. So worry not, you’re not missing anything if you don’t see anything in the app making this obvious.

Will you take part in this offer to earn bonus World of Hyatt points for meditating? If you took part in this, what did you think?

  1. Will this promo also help my Hyatt Points not expire, and extend the window another 24 months?

    I have a suprising number (to me) of Hyatt Points from 2 trips in Spring and Summer 2019, primiarly a bunch of points as compenstation when the hotel’s computer network went down and it took us 3 hours to check in, but haven’t stayed in a Hyatt since, keep trying to work them into our travel plans pre-COVID but it never quite worked out.

  2. Yes, I too am curious about whether this will extend the points expiration. By the way, did Hyatt extend points expiration due to covid-19?

  3. Remember when SPG had promos where all you had to was type in Cowboys or some random NFL trivia and they gave you 1k points and got to spin a wheel for 10k or free nights. Those were the days.

  4. Nice, I’m going to try the sleep one tonight

    In the meantime listening to the other one on my phone while also listening to a Continuing Legal Education seminar on my computer is not relaxing LOL 🙂

  5. @Ryan +1, The app opened a browser window where I also got the “Page not Found…Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

  6. If the link is broken and you scroll down in the App to get to the “Unwind with a guided meditation” and select “start listening” will it count?

  7. I am Android. I open app and do not see when i scroll down any “Unwind with a guided meditation” notation. Do I need to go to a different menu in the app.

  8. Where is this in the hyatt app?
    I cannot find any link to start a meditation……or do I have to sign up to headspace first ?

  9. Not bad except whenever the video was silent, I shifted my mind to what should I write here. Also, it asked me to scan through my body and I found my back was pain, my feet was cold and can not focus anymore.
    Will try it later since I have already finished the post and I’ll put on socks and find a better sitting position.

  10. I completed the 5 min meditation and at the end, there was no mention of the 500 points or anything. The audio file just ended and that was it. I’m skeptical.

  11. I can now see the three Headspace sessions on the Hyatt app – was not there 6 hours ago. Does sound peaceful. There are some 15 second pauses, I guess for one to relax. Need to try it in evening. No indication I will get 500 Hyatt points for listening.

  12. I listened to all 3 of the sessions. Easy to do. Thanks for letting all of us know about this promo and a good way to get the extension on expiring points.

  13. Well perhaps the easiest … yet also the most boring … 500 points.
    I found the voice to be irritating. Just the opposite of its intention. I’d be sitting here relaxing then be rudely interupted to be told to “feel my inner body” or something like that.

  14. Thanks for the alert. See 500 points earned under ‘Past Activity’ dated Dec 15, 2020 and labeled ‘Reward Bonus’

  15. @ Will and @ Ben — my points posted yesterday. In the app it shows “Reward Bonus” and on the web page it shows “Day of Gratitude Bonus”

  16. Can confirm–mine posted today! An easy 500 points, and because they’re Hyatt, they’re actually worth something!

  17. Weird. I checked two days ago and the points had posted. Balance was 500. The points are gone now. Balance 0. Don’t usually stay at Hyatt but I have a big stay coming up so I thought I’d grab those extra 500 points. Anyone else have them deleted? So weird.

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