Hyatt Points & Cash Nights Qualify For Promotion

Yesterday I shared the details of Hyatt’s “Endless Possibilities” promotion, which runs for the first quarter of 2014. The promotion offers a maximum of 50,000 Gold Passport points or four free nights at up to a Category 4 property if you stay the maximum of 20 nights during the promotional period.

One interesting question was whether Points & Cash stays would qualify as eligible stays for the purposes of this promotion. As many of you probably remember, Hyatt recently announced changes to the Gold Passport award chart, which apply for stays booked on or after January 7, 2014. However, a week later they announced some improvements to the Gold Passport program, in particular by introducing Points & Cash awards.

As the name suggests, Points & Cash awards allow you to pay for part of your stay in points and part of your stay in cash, though what makes them especially lucrative is these stays are eligible for elite stay/night credits and Diamond suite upgrades can be used to confirm upgrades on these stays, neither of which is possible when redeeming points for a free night award.

To recap, the Points & Cash chart looks as follows:


So basically they’re giving you an option to pay for your stay partly in cash, though the savings in Gold Passport points varies by category, as follows:

  • Category 1 save 2,500 points for $50 (2.0 cents/point)
  • Category 2 save 4,000 points for $55 (1.375 cents/point)
  • Category 3 save 6,000 points for $75 (1.25 cents/point)
  • Category 4 save 7,500 points for $100 (1.33 cents/point)
  • Category 5 save 10,000 points for $125 (1.25 cents/point)
  • Category 6 save 12,500 points for $150 (1.20 cents/point)
  • Category 7 save 15,000 points for $300 (2.00 cents/point)

What’s awesome — and I’ve confirmed this with Hyatt — is that stays booked using Points & Cash are considered “eligible” nights for the purposes of this promotion. So if you do a Points & Cash redemption at the Park Hyatt Maldives for 12,500 points plus $150 per night (which is a steal), for example, those nights would also count towards qualifying for this promotion.

It’s awesome that Hyatt considers these nights eligible for the purposes of promotions, and in my opinion it makes Hyatt points potentially more valuable post-devaluation than pre-devaluation, aside from the six new Category 7 properties.

Of course the thing that remains to be seen — and the big “if” in all this — is how much Points & Cash space Hyatt will release. Points & Cash awards will initially only be bookable by phone and award space will be capacity controlled, so here’s to hoping it’s fairly readily available.

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  1. When I called last week the Diamond Line agent informed me that the Cash & Points option would be available if a room was available by booking by points alone, but wasn’t 100% sure. That was her impression but said that they haven’t been given any specific information as of yet. If this is true, then the C&P option would be very valuable.

  2. Lucky, I have a question.

    I participate in the Hyatt Passport program but earn my Hyatt points as SW Rapid Reward Points. Almost all of my domestic air travel is via SW where I have both A-List Preferred and Companion Pass status through 2014. I always re-qualify for A-List Preferred status just from flights, but the Companion Pass renewal is always a reach and always done via the points qualification route. I achieved it in March 2013 with significant help from the 50K points bonus for the Chase SW Rapid Rewards Visa card. As things played out, I would have achieved it in any case without that help, but likely not until early this month. Getting it early in the qualification cycle allowed me to then pivot to amassing points in other programs for the balance of 2013.

    Qualifying for the Companion Pass early in the cycle also makes my wife happy because she is designated as the companion (and a happy wife makes for less turbulence). That in mind, I am planning on again working the renew my Companion Pass status for 2015 as early in 2014 as possible so that I can then again pivot to other points programs. This brings me to my question.

    I will likely be able to make the 20 nights level in the Hyatt promotion period by solely using Hyatt hotels. I usually use a blend of SW partner hotels because Rapid Reward points are earned per stay without regard for night duration. Hyatt points can convert into Rapid Rewards points at a fairly good clip – and converting 50K in Hyatt points triggers a bonus so that you receive 30K in Rapid Rewards Points. Given that I have over 1 million IHG Reward Points getting free beds is not an issue for me plus I have a boat load of AA, USAir, and Southwest miles – so free travel and upgrades is not something I’m looking for right now. The goal is to re-qualify for the Companion Pass as quickly as possible in 2014 so I can pivot back to other earning pathways. In these circumstances, what’s your opinion about maxing the Hyatt promotion bonus and then converting to Rapid Rewards. This doesn’t seem to conform to the conventional point/value analysis since the benefit isn’t largely accruing to me personally.

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

  3. Since, the cash and points stay counts toward “eligible” night, can you use diamond suite upgrade towards it?

  4. @ KahunnaTravel — Well it seems you’ve answered your own question pretty well. Happy wife equals happy life, and Companion Pass equals happy wife, so if that’s the best way for you to achieve it then I’d definitely do it.

    I do think objectively you’d get a much better value out of your Hyatt points if you used them for hotel stays, as Hyatt has some spectacular properties that are a great redemption value.

    But points are only as valuable as the happiness and experiences you can derive from them, so I think you’re on the right path.

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