Hyatt Place Adds Early Check-In & Late Check-Out For A Fee

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Hyatt Place is one of Hyatt’s limited service brands, with a constantly increasing global footprint. While World of Hyatt elite members are used to receiving late check-out as part of their elite benefits (Globalist members have guaranteed 4PM late check-out), Hyatt Place is now extending flexible check-in and check-out to all… at a cost.

All World of Hyatt members can now secure early check-in or late check-out at Hyatt Place properties.

Hyatt says that this is designed to give members greater control and flexibility, knowing that securing an early arrival or late departure may be beneficial. Hyatt has piloted this new program across 14 hotels globally in 2018, and now they’re expanding it further.

With this new program, early check-in can be reserved as follows:

  • World of Hyatt Globalist and Explorist members can reserve 9AM or 12PM early check-in for free
  • World of Hyatt Discoverist members and non-elite members can reserve 9AM or 12PM early check-in for a fee, starting at 10USD (pricing varies by location)

Meanwhile late check-out can be reserved as follows:

  • World of Hyatt Globalist members can reserve 4PM late check-out as part of their existing elite benefits
  • World of Hyatt Explorist and Discoverist members still receive 2PM late check-out subject to availability
  • World of Hyatt non-elite members can reserve 2PM late check-out for a fee, starting at 10USD (pricing varies by location)

These flexible check-in and check-out times can be reserved within seven days of arrival through, the Hyatt mobile app, or the pre-arrival email. Obviously they’re subject to availability. This is valid on eligible rates, including awards and free night certificate stays.

Here are the full terms of this new feature:

Early check-in and late checkout are subject to availability.  Early check-in and late checkout are not guaranteed. Offer is only valid at participating Hyatt Place hotels, for World of Hyatt members who book an eligible rate or redeem an award night. Advanced reservation is required.  The fee associated with early check-in and late checkout varies by specific hotel and will not be charged until after the early check-in/late checkout is confirmed. If the early check-in or late checkout time cannot be confirmed, the hotel may attempt to contact the guest via email and/or telephone. Offer may not be available on certain room types or levels and may be subject to limitations. If a hotel cannot accommodate room preference with early check-in or late checkout, it may, but is under no obligation to, offer guest an alternate room type.  Early check-in and late checkout offer may only be available during certain specified periods before a stay (if any).

Bottom line

I’ve always been surprised that hotels haven’t better tried to monetize early check-in and late check-out. The system Hyatt Place is adding makes a lot of sense. Within a week of arrival they’ll know with near certainty if they’ll be full or not, so if a hotel isn’t full, why not try to make a bit of extra revenue off the room?

Historically hotels will let you check-in early, though a lot of people are willing to pay a price for the peace of mind of knowing that their room would be ready before embarking on their trip.

Nothing is being taken away from elite members here, and in some cases things are being added. For example, Globalist members will be able to confirm early check-in for free in advance. Furthermore, more options are being expanded to other World of Hyatt members, so I commend Hyatt for this move.

It seems like you’ll still be able to check-in early on a space available basis at no cost, so these fees are just for those who want to secure their times in advance.

What do you make of this new Hyatt Place policy?

  1. “It seems like you’ll still be able to check-in early on a space available basis at no cost, so these fees are just for those who want to secure their times in advance.” – For now, but eventually I can see hotels telling people who show up early they have to wait or they can pay a fee and get a room now.

  2. If you request it on the day of check out, is it still free or will they try and sell it to you for $10?

  3. Saving a trip/call got the front desk is a great thing, and hotels will be inclined to increase availability if they start to see increased revenue for this functionality. Could be a win-win.

  4. Early check-in can be a tricky thing. Especially if there are late check-outs. And hotels for years have charged for extending checkout past a certain point. I’ve been in the hotel industry for over 30 years. Usually a late checkout of an hour or so has always been complimentary based on availability. Many of the hotels I’ve worked at will charge a 1/2 day rate up to 4pm c/o and full day after 4pm. And this would be for non-top tier reward members.
    But you’re right @Ben, I’m surprised more hotels haven’t put this into a written practice.

  5. This sounds like another add on fee like the resort fee and destination fee, especially for us non-elites!

  6. I’m afraid you’re right, @Bill. I stopped staying at Hyatt Place when they stopped offering free breakfast, always found those hotels pretty average anyway. I stay at about 20-30 different US mid-range properties every year and tend to chose Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites, Springhill Suites and Fairfield Inn over Hyatt Place now.

  7. I’m a Globalist, but in general I’d pay $10 for peace of mind when I’ve got a weird schedule at most any place.

  8. @Gaurav – ah, I see! I’ve only booked Hyatt through since I have very few Hyatt nights and won’t be able to reach any status. I’ve always been able to reach gold status (which has helped me a lot a couple of times when flights got cancelled and so on) and I’ve done my Hyatt Place bookings through there. As of right now, I’m splitting my statys between Hilton, Marriott and, and I can’t really be bothered to keep track of any more hotel status programs (that I can’t reach any status on). But thanks for the info, I thought Hyatt Place started to charge for breakfast for all guests! However, I still think that both Hilton and Marriott have better options in this price range (and way more properties) 🙂

  9. Coinicidentally, I just had a stay at Hyatt Place in AMS, and when I saw this, I thought it will be taken lightly, but when arriving at the hotel earlier, it was indeed implemented. I find this so tacky and terrible especially from customer service point of view, maybe good for the hotel but terrible…luckily I’m not a Hyatt person.


  10. I just arrived early at Hyatt House in SLC, and despite rooms being ready and available, was told i could not check in early without paying a $25 fee. I have Globalist status, which apparently is meaningless these days. I’ve never been charged by any hotel anywhere in the world for early check-in, so long as they had a room ready. I guess loyalty to brand is a one way street to Hyatt. Since they don’t seem to care for my business, this will be my last time treating them as a preferred choice.

  11. I am a member and think this is not good business. most of the time when I stay at a hotel it is for a convention. Hence I am leaving to attend an event early and come back late. I am hardly in a room to pay the rates anyway and I almost always checkout before 9am sometime even earlier I have never seen a credit so why should people be charged more if they are members. It should remain a courtesy most people do not need the extra time and if so what’s an hour when most business people leave out early for meeting anyway. Next year, I may start looking at the Hilton properties.

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