Free Executive Platinum Status For Some Hyatt Globalists

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At the beginning of December I wrote about how some World of Hyatt Globalist members were being targeted for free Executive Platinum status with American AAdvantage.

Initially this seemed to be fairly narrowly targeted, though over the past few weeks it sure seems like a large percentage of Globalist members have received this offer.

So I wanted to write about this again, given additional data points, and also given that we now know that this offer includes systemwide upgrades.

The American Airlines & Hyatt Partnership

Earlier this year American Airlines and Hyatt launched a partnership, offering reciprocal benefits for members of both loyalty programs. The concept of airlines and hotels teaming up makes sense, since those who fly a lot are also likely to stay at hotels a lot, and vice versa.

With this partnership, registered members can receive the following perks:

  • American AAdvantage elite members can earn one AAdvantage mile per dollar spent with Hyatt
  • World of Hyatt elite members can earn one World of Hyatt point per dollar spent with American
  • American AAdvantage Concierge Key members (invitation only) receive complimentary Globalist status with Hyatt
  • World of Hyatt Explorist and Globalist members “may, from time to time, be selected for the opportunity to participate in offers to earn AAdvantage elite status”

As you can see, typically the only “guaranteed” status is that Concierge Key members receive Globalist status, while there’s no consistent opportunities for Hyatt elite members to receive American status.

Concierge Key members receive free Hyatt Globalist status

American Executive Platinum Status For Hyatt Globalist Members?

Starting in early December there were reports of some Hyatt Globalist members receiving phone calls from their concierges informing them that they’d receive free Executive Platinum status through January 2021.

The status seems to post within a few days of members receiving the phone call, and those receiving Executive Platinum status for free are receiving the standard four systemwide upgrades, which is quite generous.

Executive Platinum is American’s top tier status with published qualification requirements, and you ordinarily need to earn 100,000 elite qualifying miles and earn 15,000 elite qualifying dollars in order to receive the status.

Some Globalist members are receiving free Executive Platinum status

Who Is Being Targeted?

This isn’t available to all Globalist members, and for that matter we don’t know how many members have been targeted. Initially I thought only a small percentage of Globalist members were being offered this, though over the past couple of weeks it’s starting to look like this is actually pretty widely targeted.

The reports consistently suggest that this is being offered by phone (rather than email).

Some reports suggest that concierges seem to have some discretion when it comes to who they can issue the status to, though I’m not sure I necessarily believe that.

One would think they would be targeting particularly high revenue or high night members, though data points so far don’t suggest that, with some getting the call having just barely met the Globalist requirements.

I didn’t get the call, though I also have Executive Platinum status with American already.

“Hey, This Isn’t Fair!”

Every time we see any sort of an offer like this, there are people who point out that this isn’t fair to those who earned status the hard way, etc.

Of course I agree it’s not “fair,” though at the same time it is the reality of any loyalty program. For as long as I’ve been flying American they’ve been offering some sort of promotions to more or less give away Executive Platinum status to some targeted group of people.

This year it’s World of Hyatt Globalist members, and in past years they had some very generous status challenges.

While I do sometimes question the business case for this, it has been a consistent aspect of the program.

Lastly, keep in mind that within each elite tier, priority for upgrades, standby, etc., is based on your elite qualifying dollar total. That means any Executive Platinum member getting the status for “free” would be behind Executive Platinum members who earned the status through the standard qualifications.

If anyone should be upset (and again, I don’t think it’s worth getting upset over this), then I think it’s the Platinum Pro and Platinum members who spent a lot to earn the status, and who will now be beat on the upgrade list by these members.

Is American AAdvantage Not Meeting Their Elite Targets?

Generally speaking, loyalty programs have a “target” number of elite members in each tier. Or at least they have goals they’d like to achieve with their elite “population.”

Certainly some people have jumped ship from American, as service on the airline has deteriorated, all while elite benefits have been cut, and elite qualification requirements have been increased.

Estimates I’ve seen suggest that on average there are 50,000+ Executive Platinum members each year. We don’t know how many people have been granted Executive Platinum through the current offer, though I think it’s a given that it’s in the thousands. I’d be surprised if it were in the tens of thousands, though.

So they’re sizably increasing the Executive Platinum population, and how should we read into that? Does that mean fewer people are qualifying and this is their way of increasing elite ranks?

It’s possible, but personally I don’t necessarily conclude that:

  • Ultimately American granting “complimentary” Executive Platinum status to members is fairly low cost to them; American doesn’t make many confirmable upgrade seats available, so it’s not even like the systemwide upgrades will cause much of a loss of revenue
  • I imagine doing this on a pretty widespread basis will give American some interesting data in terms of the impacts of campaigns like this

So it’s possible that American is doing this because they’re not reaching their elite targets, though I think it’s also possible that they’re doing this simply as an experiment.

If you’re a Hyatt Globalist member, have you received Executive Platinum status from American?

  1. Both me and my husband got the call. Both just barely met the minimum this year for Globalist, both have 75k with AS, and rarely fly anyone else.

  2. Yes, they’ll get lower priority for upgrades, BUT they also can use up valuable C inventory using their SWUs. It would feel like a lot less of a snub if they got the status but at least had to earn the SWUs in some way similar to a challenge.

  3. well the World is not fair, after thousands of years inequity exists everywhere.
    every generation thinks its the most civilized & advanced, if we can change the climate, why cant we make everybody equal?

  4. It wasn’t remotely fair that every top tier AA elite automatically got top tier Hyatt status for doing absolutely nothing while top tier Hyatt elites got a big middle finger. Some more equal form of reciprocity would make a lot more sense. Perhaps automatically giving elite benefits one level lower in the other program.

  5. People need to calm down. This isn’t a big deal, as mentioned they will have less EQDs and this behind “real” EXPs. Beyond that think about it, someone spending 60 nights at Hyatt obviously flies a good deal, they most likely have a preferred airline already and it’s unlikely that many will suddenly decide they want to fly AA often.

  6. This is for real. I received this call and happily accepted. I was contacted my Hyatt Concierge, which in addition to handing out this most awesome freebie, has been incredibly helpful and saved us tons of time since becoming Globalists. For context we will finish 2019 with over 135 nights (real stays and credit card awards) credited to Hyatt.

    This was incredibly well-timed, because I was looking to end 2019 with no AA meaningful status at all after 12+ years of Platinum-or-better elite status due to a status “accident.”. Unbeknownst to me, Barclaycard’s AA-cobranded card changed its maximum EQD awards from $6000 to $3000, and I didn’t realize that until December, after I had dutifully spent $50,000 on the card and after all of my flights for 2019 were booked and planned for. Won’t make that mistake again.

    I would argue that someone who spends more than 100 nights a year in hotels is probably a customer that AA is interested in attracting and retaining. I welcome the move toward loyalty programs collectively identifying and rewarding customers who may be good prospects for their programs.

    Hyatt has really, really taken care of us over the last few years: their program constantly surprises me in good ways. Free EXP is an amazing bonus that in itself justifies much of this year’s Hyatt spend. I hate to sound like a Hyatt fanboy but it really is the best travel loyalty program I’ve ever seen.

  7. I’m very curious how much customer data Hyatt and AA are sharing here, and if AA is targeting people according to some profile, or if it’s mostly being left up to Hyatt.

  8. Any correlation between those who got the call and whether or not they enrolled in the AA status challenge promo through Hyatt? I’m on track for 120-125 total nights (including credit card) and just hit the promo threshold to keep platinum. Would have been excited to be gifted Exec. Platinum and I would have been more likely to shift more flying to AA if they had.

    As is, Delta will remain my preferred airline – I had 144 segments with them this year and 32 total segments with AA. This could have shifted me more. Missed opportunity and leaves me questioning how Hyatt prioritized their HVCs.

  9. @AMPfromBNA I wonder if the number of years you’ve been a Globalist and/or lifetime base points and/or lifetime miles and/or numbers of years of status was factored into the decision.

    I wonder if Hyatt and/or American have the corporate equivalent of China’s rumored “social credit” metric. Perhaps if you’re a “good customer” (cheerful, tip the maids, friendly to staff, don’t get drunk on the plane, don’t make up BS complaints, etc.) this ends up being reflected somehow in a score. I’m sure they have that in terms of the number of dollars you represent to the corporation.

  10. If such partnerships make perfect sense for both sides, why did Marriott pull the plug on China Eastern reciprocal program so decisively right after merger with Sheraton …

  11. Nothing for me. Globalist with 70 nights. I did have AA Platinum for a few months earlier this year due to the challenge. Maybe I’ll get it still :). Here’s to hoping. Don’t fly enough to really worry though. Would rather have Hyatt thank me with some points or a free night or some random suite upgrade awards.

  12. So I didn’t receive a call, but I took it upon myself to call the concierge line directly – I received the upgrade! I’m a Globalist with 105 nights and 88,440 base points so far this year. So if you feel you’d qualify, give them a call: (888) 544-9288.

  13. Maybe they are offering this to those that did not link their account to AA when the partnership was announced earlier???

  14. Adding my data points – I was targeted for this offer.
    AA – no status; did sign up for the Hyatt AA status challenge; previously AA exec plat via a different status challenge
    Hyatt – 94 nights, ~30k base points for the year (mostly award stays)

    Emailed my concierge yesterday, they called me this morning. Good luck!

  15. Adding another data point. I’m 75 night a year Globalist (first year). I took Jacob’s advice the other day and called. No luck, was told I was not targeted. Then today, I just got a call from Rene my concierge and she confirmed I was targeted and I would see it on my AA account within 2 weeks. So assuming it’s just taking some time to work through and call everyone. Can just advise anyone who hasn’t been targeted yet to be patient. *I had done the short term status match earlier in the year as well, and have sense lost it back down to normal AA member.

  16. I got called 2 days ago. I”m a Globalist with 116 eligible nights and I’m already Lifetime Platinum with American Airlines (4 million BIS miles flown). I probably would never have gotten Executive Platinum again as I spread my flying around now since I already have Lifetime Platinum and don’t fly enough to get Executive Platinum.

    This was VERY welcome and a great perk. I’ll definitely fly American more in 2020 due to this. Thanks Hyatt and American!

  17. I just got the call, been a Globalist/Diamind for a few years now, but this year I’m will have over 80 nights with Hyatt. Not a frequent flier but now I think I’ll have to try AA and/or its partners soon. It sounds like it may be Hyatt that is rewarding loyal customers with the status?

  18. 92 nights on Hyatt this year, 4th year as a Globalist/Diamond, EP on AA in 2019 dropping to gold in 2020. No call.

    I called the concierge line and was told this is an AA offer and any specifics is with AA not Hyatt. Gotta say, I’m not feeling the love right now.

  19. Lucky. Your posts are getting ridiculously long. Why do You need to recap every item 1000 times before getting to the point? Most people don’t want to read 10,900 words to get to 100 important ones. You write every post as if no one knows anything. We’re not a bunch of idiots.

  20. > “ possible that American is doing this because they’re not reaching their elite targets, though I think it’s also possible that they’re doing this simply as an experiment.”

    I didn’t see it this way. To me the reason is they want to poach elites. Certain globalists probably fly a lot with some other elite status elsewhere. AA is giving them a free sample and hope they earn AA status for 2021 on their own.

  21. My concierge called last week. First time globalist with 81 nights this year but i almost never fly AA…like 2 flights this year were the first in over 5 years.

  22. 80 nights. No AA status despite being hub captive in PHL (most of my domestic flights are on BA pts). Emailed my concierge and she asked me to call to “accept” the offer.

    Will probably still book most of my domestic flights on BA pts but nice to have the SWUs. Anecdotally, it seems like no one clears upgrades out of PHL as most of the F cabin is filled at checkin.

  23. I work just hard enough each year to qualify for Globalist. A combination of paid and point stays and credit card spending. My base spend with Hyatt this year was probably around $3k. I got offered EXP but I didn’t accept it because it isn’t fair to everyone who worked hard for it I’m kidding of course hell yeah. I’ll take the free year of EXP. You win some, you lose some in this hobby.

  24. So, a bunch of AA noobs now have ExPlat status … including me 🙂 What do we do with this? Need a primer page on how to use SWUs for people who have literally never flown AA. I’m already DL Diamond and AS MVPG so it will be tricky to leverage my unearned status on AA 🙂

  25. There’s one small (but commonly found) mistake in your article: ConciergeKey is not “invitation only”, it can be purchased through the American Airlines AirPass program (50k$ or 60k$ I don’t remember).

  26. I am already a globalist and an EXP. The comments above confirm why so many are angry over this.
    -Scott…He spends only $3K annually at Hyatt and is a Globalist? Still trying to understand that math. And was gifted EXP? Wow.
    -The Other Scott…92 nights this year at Hyatt and a 4 year Globalist and does not get the offer.

    Given I already have both (and for many years) I find this grossly unfair. So, basically my loyalty to Hyatt and American is now taken for granted. All I get offered is more competition at Hyatt for upgrades and free rooms and with American for upgrades and free flights. Lovely. Really, what’s the point anymore?

  27. Stuart, it’s not too hard to imagine how he only base spends $3k. That’s more than 30 nights if staying at Hyatt Place. Then add in let’s stay 5 free nights. Then add in the base nights from having credit card. Now you could easily do the rest of that from spend on the World of Hyatt chase.

    Im also at 80 nights, and only about $8k in base spend.

    Lastly, is it fair? No it’s not. Life isn’t fair though. I’m annoyed when some people get sent free gifts and I don’t. Or I’m not targeted for a great Amex offer. But I don’t let it bother me for more than 2 min then get over it. No one is every going to get perfectly equal treatment, not should they necessarily. If one company is willing to subsidize giving away a perk to its loyal customers, why shouldn’t we be excited by that and take advantage?

    If you never stay at Hilton and they offer you a match to someone would you take it? I would.

    Merry Christmas everyone, let’s all keep enjoying the perks we all get.

  28. @Kyle.

    From someone who primarily stays at Park and Grand properties – yes, it’s insulting. I really don’t care if he gets Globalist as, given his stay patterns and points total in staying at Hyatt Place, he is unlikely to compete with me for upgrades at premium properties. What I find difficult to comprehend is how he manages to get EXP status as well for a years total spent that is equivalent to two stays for me at the Park Hyatt in Zurich. I’m all for gaming systems if you have the time…but for those like me that stay at premium properties with Hyatt and are already an EXP, where is my incentive? Screw it, I will just stay at Four Seasons, get better service even as a peon, and status can kiss my rear.

    And no, I have never been targeted or gifted status in any program. Why? Because I already earned it. The hard way.

    How about they establish for those like me a higher tier with additional perks for money spent and I am fine with this. But throw me in the same place as Scott and then give him the same benefits when I spend 10 times his annual and I am downright pissed. Especially when he is given EXP as a bonus and because I already have been thrown out of the equation because I exist already in both.

    I am fine if they extend this to high spenders at top properties. But, Scott? This is who I now have to compete for perks with at both AA and Hyatt?

  29. And sorry, it’s not Scott. It’s “Michael” that commented on spending $3K annually to get Globalist and EXP matching.

  30. “Some people have jumped ship from American, as service on the airline has deteriorated, all while elite benefits have been cut, and elite qualification requirements have been increased.”

    Including me after five years of EP (defected from UA with 2M PMUA butt-in-seat miles).

    It’s a worthless status and everyone who is not hub captive and has a brain should run anywhere else.

  31. Was not targeted but only reached 56 nights today. I wonder if they’re still extending invitations. Have 56 nights and 96k base pts for the year. Relatively high spender w/ hyatt, no AA status for 10 yrs. It’s my least favorite of the major mainline carriers.

  32. I’m at 110 nights for the year. I’m a few points away from Lifetime Globalist status. I received no phone call. I’m rarely in touch with my Ambassador. Could this have made the difference? I wouldn’t switch from Delta anyway. However, I would like to have four complementary system-wide upgrades.

  33. I got the call, EXP and 4 SWUs. I have been a Diamond and later Globalist with Hyatt for at least 6 years (I honestly cannot remember how long exactly). I had maybe 2-3 flights on American in 2019 but I was an EXP with them 6-7 years ago.
    Hyatt Globalist is the only status among all hotels and airlines programs. The rest of them are just not worth it. I am grateful for this gift and will divert some of my flying time to AA but only when it is convenient and economical.
    All the “look at me, I am under appreciated” complaints just make me smile. Hyatt takes really good care of its Globalists. The rest is just luck or AA trying to steal some business from UA and DL. Cheer up and enjoy your holidays.

  34. Hmmmm, no call for me. Not getting bent out of shape about it, but I would view myself as a good target. 70 night Hyatt Globalist, fair number of high ticket hotels, business hotels. American trackrecord – used to fly AA first and credit it to Alaska. Now take a few flights per year on them as needed.

    Geography may be some sort of driver of this? I am not a great target for them near Seattle, probably 50% or more of the country is a better target than I am.

  35. Here are some datapoints, and I’ll begin with noting that 5 of my friends that received Hyatt Globalist by the corporate challenge did not get this.

    – obtained globalist Jan 2019 via corporate challenge.
    – Earned globalist requalification through 2021 via hotel stays (Aug 2019), and about 60K basepoints.
    – Linked accounts and signed up for the AA Platinum challenge but didn’t fly at all (Sept 2019, exp Dec 2019)

    I never received a call but when I heard about this promo, I called the Hyatt Concierge line about this. They told me that my concierge will reach out to me, that a generic staff member can’t offer you this promotion and that they couldn’t see if I was targeted or not (NOTE: I was assigned a concierge is what this means, not every globalist is assigned one, and my concierge had not reached out to me as of yet). After that weekend, my concierge called me for the first time, e-mailed me her contact info, and said that, yes, I was part of a group targeted for the promotion and that I would shortly see my status change reflecting this (it did update a few days ago).

    You need to be a 60+ night Globalist and assigned a Hyatt concierge to receive this benefit.
    If you are not assigned a concierge yet, see if you can get their contact info by calling up.

    Now I’m going to try asking for Noir at MLife.

  36. I’d call Hyatt if you didn’t get this.. I wouldn’t have received the offer without calling in, I was told.
    FWIW I usually buy first class anyway, but certainly do not fly AA on long flights.
    I’ve condescendingly written to AA numerous times about upgrading the “bar” in the back of first class.

    I’m price insensitive when it comes to travel. So, thanks Hyatt and AA, but it’s not that valuable.

  37. Would it work the other way? I am EXP with >200K EQM and >$25K EQD who spends about 150 nights in hotels a year (mostly Bonvoy and Hilton). I will gladly switch my Bonvoy stays (I am Lifetime Titanium Elite anyway) to Hyatt if offered Globalist for a year. I have never stayed in Hyatt in my life…

  38. @Stuart WOW you sound like the most self important, entitled, douche Bag on here! Please do go stay at Four Seasons, no one here cares how much you spent on your stay in Zürich and apparently Hyatt doesn’t either lol 😛 However you qualify for Globalist status even if you stay at Hyatt Place you aren’t “gaming the system” I have over 150 Qualifying Nights and I stay at a mix of properties from Hyatt Place to Park Hyatt I have no status with AA and didn’t get the call either, I’ll reach out to my concierge in a few days and see what’s up. But good grief Steuart you are annoying, no wonder they don’t want to encourage you by giving you freebies.

  39. I got the call and now an Executive Platinum. I have over 100 nights and 100K base miles in 2019 with Hyatt.

    Not sure this will impact my travel. I have lifetime Global Services with UA and am based out of UA hubs.

  40. @Stuart, I would highly encourage you to give your business to Four Seasons. With few exception like Park Hyatt at Sydney, almost all Four Seasons properties are better than Park Hyatt. If you can afford either one, why would you choose Park Hyatt over Four Seasons unless Four Seasons isn’t available in the city you are traveling to. @Michael is good at gaming the system and you certainly shouldn’t be annoyed by him. He plays the game well. If you don’t want to play the game or view the way it can be played unfairly, then I suggest you move on to greener pastures and rid yourself the upgrading game that AA, UA, and Delta have many people on.

  41. @applejax. If you would bother actually reading my “entitled” rant I specifically said “I could care less if Michael achieves Globalist.” This by spending $3K in a year that is, no matter how you wish you to paint it, “gaming the system.” That’s fine. Further, if you read, you would see how I pointed out how little it matters for me within the program.

    What I DID say is that Michael’s being gifted EXP on top of it is NOT proper in the context of the promotion. In actuality, Scott, who posted before Michael and has NOT received the offer would deserve it (imho) and I would have no problem in seeing that as a legitimate way for AA to bring over quality Globalist members with actual annual spends.

    So yes, if I spend nearly $100K a year between Hyatt and AA and find it offensive that Michael, who spends $3K at Hyatt annually and is now getting Globalist AND EXP you are more than welcome to call me “entitled.”

    @Kevin….I agree with you. I used to have a black card with FS and was a loyal guest for years. In time though I had trouble justifying the cost with what were minimal and unknown tangibles (upgrades were random and infrequent) to that loyalty. While FS rates are fairly comparable in many cities to Park Hyatt the points and benefits at Hyatt make it a better value overall to me. Breakfast alone is an average of $40 a day savings as a FS breakfast is usually so expensive.

  42. @Steuart, I did read your post correctly and I understand what you are saying but frankly you do come across entitled! What is so rude is that you say staying at lower end Hyatt hotels is “gaming the system” Not everyone can afford Park Hyatt and obviously Hyatt respects all their Globalist members equally and this is why Michael has been gifted EXP with a low annual spend. I mean I don’t know how Michael is able to swing it but if he says in Asia, Mexico or perhaps smaller towns its very possible he is paying under $100 per night and those hotels he stays with are probably very grateful for his loyalty as Hyatt no mater what brand or location is almost never the most affordable option in town so I find your comment about “gaming the system” offensive. Maybe you should try IHG they have a special program for people who spend a lot at IC’s called Royal Ambassador, its only given to people who stay at IC’s (not any of the other IHG lower tier brands) and you can’t be gifted or buy the status. IMO Hyatt is the best program out there and as for AA I don’t even know why you would care about status, their service has got to be the worst there is. I honestly would rather fly Southwest airlines middle seat then American first 😀 Based on your comment you actually opt to spend money on AA internationally?!? I don’t get how you would willingly choose this option over many, many better carriers.

  43. I was sitting in my complimentary-upgrade seat on DL just after landing when I received my call in Early December from my awesome Globalist Concierge. While I have no plans to switch loyalty and direct valuable MQDs to AA, I am hoping to find a way to use the 4 SWUs as soon as I know that I’ll prequalify for DL Diamond.

    Hyatt’s program has been great for me. I usually pay for 80-90 and use points for another 10 nights per year. Diamond/Globalist since 2014 or so.

    DL Diamond for many years. Almost 2 Million Miler.

    JFK-LHR is a regular route for me and AA has some freshened-up metal for that feels like a better business class product than the same old DL 764s. However, like Globalist Concierge, I find that the DL customer service is routinely excellent and that is worth the loyalty by itself, as they consistently have gotten me out of pinches more times than I can count. I wouldn’t expect that with <500k miles on AA.

    So, I am happy for this, hope to use SWUs selectively and maybe a couple of domestics to give me routing options I wouldn't otherwise have on Delta. Thanks Hyatt, Thanks AA.

    Now new AAExPlat Globalists…stay away from my NY Hyatts! 🙂

  44. @Stuart By stating “I could care less if Michael achieves Globalist.”, you are actually saying that you do care and can care less. If you don’t really care (which I don’t actually believe, I believe you do care because otherwise you wouldn’t be on this rant) you should be saying “I could ‘not’ care less”, because then this would reinforce the fact that you actually do not care.

  45. After reading through the thread, I decided to call my concierge today and I am also on the list. I currently have 56 nights this year and about 27,000 base points. I’ve been Diamond/Globalist with Hyatt for 10+ years. I did do the status challenge with American earlier this year through Hyatt and have Gold status.
    American will definitely get a lot more of my business this year!

  46. Got the AA Executive Platinum status through Hyatt. Booked 2 economy round trip flights to Budapest in July/August for $1100 each. Used the Systemwide Upgrades for Business, $2800 tickets. So got $3400 of value and my Son and I get Business Class to Europe for economy price.

  47. @Stuart, I shared the info of how I achieved status so everyone reading can have some context of what the people Hyatt targeted look like. I didn’t ask or call to request that match. Hyatt called me. You can do what you want with that information, including continuing to fly AA or not fly them at all, or continue to stay with Hyatt or not at all. TIA.

  48. @ Michael. I am not offended by YOU. I am offended at Hyatt and AA for throwing all value of my loyalty out the window. Good for you in getting Globalist on a $3K annual spend…you deserve kudos. But that’s not going to negate my anger at your being gifted EXP on top of it when many, like me, suffered the worst year ever at AA for a status that is supposed to reward butt in seat flyers. At the most they might have offered a special targeted EXP to Globalists who are high spend or to influencers/meeting planners. That makes sense. Sorry, but yours does not.

    Yes, it will be my choice to consider who to fly or stay with now. And I will consider that over the coming days. While I am already heavily invested for years with both Hyatt and American this has soured me to a point that I am looking at other options and challenges, specifically with United. Being in DC United and AA are my best two options. As far as Hyatt? I have gone out of my way to stay at their properties when possible…often eschewing more convenient, similarly priced, and equally fine hotels from FS, Mandarin, Forte, and Marriott Family. That is already out the window now.

    Enjoy your EXP status. Really, I mean that. AA is pretty much awful but if you can score upgrades (which I do 80% of the time…until now, lol) it’s tolerable.

  49. @ian, how long did it take between your call and it showing up available? I got my call almost 2 weeks ago and I still don’t show EXP in my account or have SWU available.

  50. 84 nights (mostly cc spend)
    only 13k base points
    called my Hyatt concierge
    and indeed was on the list for Ex Plat
    signed up for the AA challenge to get Gold in fall, but didn’t fly any
    AA will get my biz for this in 2021
    DL Plat

  51. @Stuart, have you thought about booking your stays with Four Seasons through Ford? With virtuoso benefit, you never have to pay for breakfast. And there typically is additional $100 credit towards spa or food with some occasional upgrades. You can get those benefits when you book through Amex Plat as well. Last time I booked through Amex concierge I got upgraded few categories via Amex. I know I have also gotten upgrades through virtuoso as well and there is no need to be loyal to any brands. Just a thought.

  52. @Kevin. My issue with using someone like Ford is that my travel is in a constant state of flux. While I get that the benefits are solid I also feel that Ford or other travel planners would get pretty tired of me after awhile emailing every day with changes to my schedule and bookings. As an example, a two-week trip to Europe earlier this month involved five different schedule changes for flights and hotels. It was messy. It was just faster to deal with it myself on the fly.

  53. AA earned EP for 2018/2019/2020, had my ‘no partner e-mail’ switched on for my Hyatt account (Bonvoy Titanium for life) when the partnership was announced. Since turning ‘on’ the Hyatt partner e-mail switches this past August, no love from Hyatt. No offers, no status, no fast track, so at least Hyatt does not appear to be devaluing their program. I recommended AA to many traveling business friends and 95% said AA sucks/horrible experiences/terrible people, and left after only a few flights to fly Delta or United.
    Win some, lose some, on the losing end here with only EP spending as saving grace.

  54. Does anyone have a data point on how long it takes to have the EP and SWU show up in your AA account? I got my call on 12/13/19 in the AM and it still hasn’t shown up in my AA account. Rene, my concierge, did say it may take a few weeks, but would’ve thought they’d show by now. Thanks in advance.

  55. Oh well, I guess I’m in the minority of Globalists who is not on the AA EXP list. I just achieved Globalist about 6 weeks ago, and since then had exchanged some e-mails with my Hyatt concierge about some future reservations. I reached out to her in an e-mail a week or so ago about EXP status, and her response back was to call her soon so could discuss with me— which I took to be good news. However she was hard to reach at her desk and by the time we spoke a few days later, she said I wasn’t on the EXP list. Strange, as if something had changed since her initial e-mail— like she at first thought I was eligible, but then I wasn’t.

    Don’t fly much AA lately although I am a lifetime Gold due to AA activity in the past. But would certainly have found a way to use the EXP status.

  56. @gomike, mine was just updated yesterday on 1/1 and my 4 SWU showed up later in the day yesterday as well. Already called today and applied to an upcoming flight. I understand there’s some losers in this deal, but many of us are winners in it, so let’s be appreciative to Hyatt and AA 🙂

  57. I’m curious if members who received the call could say the first name of their concierge… I feel some of the concierges are much more proactive then others… I would be interested to see what concierges are actually calling their members vs members calling their concierges.

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