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In this post I wanted to talk about the ongoing World of Hyatt Brand Explorer promotion, which is a way for World of Hyatt members to earn free night certificates for exploring Hyatt’s portfolio.

Hyatt’s Brand Explorer offer

With Hyatt’s Brand Explorer promotion, you can earn a Category 1-4 free night certificate for every five unique Hyatt brands you stay at:

  • As of now Hyatt has 18 brands, meaning you can earn up to three free night certificates (which you’d get for staying at 15 brands)
  • There’s no registration required, and any qualifying stay (paid or award) that’s tied to your World of Hyatt account will count towards this
  • This isn’t in any way tied to the calendar year or typical membership year, but rather you can earn these free night certificates for stays over several years if you’d like; for example, if you stay at one new Hyatt brand every year, you’d get a free night certificate after five years
  • The free night certificate is valid for 180 days from when it’s issued, and you need to complete your stay by that date, rather than just having to book by then; however, for the time being Hyatt has extended the expiration of free night certificates

Earn free nights when you explore Hyatt’s portfolio

What are Hyatt’s brands?

Hyatt has 18 brands, which are as follows:

  • Alila
  • Andaz
  • Destination by Hyatt
  • Grand Hyatt
  • Hyatt
  • Hyatt Centric
  • Hyatt House
  • Hyatt Place
  • Hyatt Regency
  • Hyatt Residence Club
  • Hyatt Zilara
  • Hyatt Ziva
  • Joie de Vivre
  • Miraval
  • Park Hyatt
  • Thompson
  • Unbound Collection
  • UrCove

As you can see, only brands managed directly by Hyatt qualify, so stays at Small Luxury Hotels of the World and MGM properties don’t count towards the Brand Explorer offer.

UrCove is one of Hyatt’s newest brands

How can you track how many Hyatt brands you’ve stayed at?

You can see how many Hyatt brands you’ve stayed at either through the World of Hyatt website or mobile app. Just go to the “Brand Explorer” section, and there will be a display showing how many unique brands you’ve stayed at (including which ones), and also how many free night certificates you’ve earned.

The Hyatt Brand Explorer dashboard

This is a fun way for Hyatt to engage members

This promotion is a fun way for World of Hyatt to engage members and try to get them to try more brands. I can’t say the Brand Explorer promotion has ever directly impacted where I’ve decided to stay, but I do love checking this dashboard every so often, and it reminds me of the Hyatt brands I haven’t stayed at.

Even though I’ve had top tier status with Hyatt for over a decade and am nearing lifetime Globalist status, there are still plenty of Hyatt brands I haven’t stayed at.

Looking at the Hyatt brands I haven’t stayed at:

  • I’ve been wanting to stay at a Miraval, so that’s the most obvious brand I haven’t stayed at
  • I’m kind of surprised I’ve never stayed at a Hyatt House; I believe this brand is kind of like Hyatt Place except each room has a kitchen?
  • While Hyatt’s all-inclusive brands (Ziva and Zilara) look pretty good for what they are (especially compared to Marriott’s all-inclusive initiative), in general that doesn’t interest me much
  • I’m guessing I’ll knock out a stay at a Joie de Vivre in the not-too-distant future; this is a brand that Hyatt acquired as part of the Two Roads Hospitality takeover
  • Destination by Hyatt is probably the Hyatt brand I know least about, and I can’t say that any of the properties have ever tempted me, though I’d love to know if there are any I should check out
  • I’m sure I’ll stay at a Hyatt Residence Club eventually; in particular, I’ve heard good things about the Hyatt Carmel Highlands
  • UrCove is a new Hyatt brand in China, so it’s unlikely I’ll stay at one of those hotels anytime soon

Miraval is the Hyatt brand I’d most like to experience

Bottom line

With Hyatt’s ongoing Brand Explorer promotion, you can earn a free Category 1-4 free night certificate for every five Hyatt brands you stay at. This is a way to earn up to three free nights over time, based on Hyatt’s current portfolio (if Hyatt adds two more brands, then you could earn four).

Given how easy Hyatt makes it to track this, I’m curious — how many Hyatt brands have you stayed at? Has anyone stayed at 15+, and earned three free nights? Has this promotion ever impacted where you’ve chosen to stay?

  1. I only have a measly 8, but in a few weeks I have to spend a very quick overnight where there is a Hyatt Place in front of a Hyatt House, for roughly the same price and similar reviews. I picked Hyatt House precisely because it’s a brand that I haven’t checked yet on that board and figured that would be the decision criteria since all else seems equal. And it’s only one night so stakes are low.

  2. I’ve received 2 free nights this way, but man the 3rd is hard. Miraval and Zilara are out because I have a 2 year old. UrCove is impossible because it’s in China. I don’t really want to go out of my way to stay at an HRC. Even if I check off Alila, Destination Hotels, and JdV, I’m at 14. D’oh!

    Curious, Lucky- where are you at in this game?

  3. @ Ryan — The screenshot in the post is from my account. 🙂 Same boat as you — not sure I’ll be able to make it to 15 anytime soon.

  4. @Lucky – gotcha. I can’t believe you of all people have never stayed at a Hyatt House!

    Btw, you should really try Ziva Cancun and check that Ziva box. It’s awesome. Shame you couldn’t have gone during the pandemic. I went in October and it was AMAZING – empty and completely safe.

  5. It’s definitely a neat promo that led me to explore a lot more brands than I otherwise would have; I hit 11 brands in 2019 (and no new ones since then).

    Mine are the same as yours except:
    • no Park Hyatt (yet) or Alila for me
    • I’ve stayed at Hyatt House, Destination, and JDV

    Btw, for Hyatt House, you’re close: once upon a time (when Hyatt House was Summerfield Suites by Hyatt), it was their all-suite extended-stay brand, like a nicer Residence Inn by Marriott, where all rooms were suites with full kitchens (studios, 1-bedrooms, and 2-bedrooms). But for newer Hyatt Houses, the base/standard room is a “den guestroom,” which is really just a regular room with a mini-fridge and microwave (no full kitchen or separate sitting area); then they have studios and 1-bedrooms (and maybe sometimes 2-bedrooms?) as upgrades. I’ve stayed at a few, and I tend to think they’re pretty nice (as a Globalist I almost always get upgraded to a better room than I book, be it a studio or 1-BR; the full kitchens are always appreciated – though I did stay at one where the “full” kitchen in the 1-BR suite only had a mini-fridge/freezer instead of a full-sized one), but I wish they hadn’t backpedaled on the “all-suite” concept they used to be. Regular “den” guestrooms don’t really belong in a Hyatt House IMO – and for redemption purposes, I believe a studio should still always count as a “standard room” at HH, with a 1-bedroom being a “standard suite” (which, I’ve noticed, is sadly not always the case – some try to pass off a studio as a “standard suite” and a 1-BR as a “premium suite”).

    The Destination and JDV hotels I stayed at (just one each) were nothing to write home about; I chose them because I was in the area, the price was right, and I could get one step closer to a free night by staying there. Would I stay at them again now that those brands have been “checked off” on my brand explorer page? Probably not; there was nothing wrong with them, but there were (IMO) better options in the area, with more amenities, for less or about the same price/points. But for those with a thing for unique, locally-inspired design and immersion (and less of a thing for a more typical hotel look and feel), those brands could be very appealing. In other words (in a callback to a couple previous posts of yours), since you’re more of a Thompson than Hyatt Centric kinda guy, you might appreciate those brands more than I did – especially Destination (JDV feels more casual/minimalistic and less upscale to me, where Destination seems to preserve that upscale full-service feel).

    With 11 brands checked off, I feel like I’m still a far cry from 15. I could potentially use a cat 1-7 award on a Park Hyatt later this year (and very well might – looking at Chicago specifically, since I’ll likely be in the area and would love to stay there). But I don’t really travel overseas (I’d love to, but planes and I stopped getting along a couple years ago), so the brands with little to no mainland-US presence (Alila, Ziva/Zilara, UrCove) are mostly off the table for me. Even if I stayed at Park Hyatt, Miraval, and Hyatt Residence Club (the latter two of which I don’t have much interest in), that’s still just 14 – so I’ll probably remain at 11 or 12 for a good while and be perfectly happy for it.

  6. I picked up a cert as a result of this. Promo got me to stay in a hyatt place which wasn’t bad. Normally my hyatt stays are at higher end properties and I opt for hilton or marriott for lower end stays. Curious about centric and Thompson properties

  7. Doing ziva Cabo next month, that will be 12. Will get to 15 this year or next with hyatt, alila and andaz. It has been a fun little game chasing the free nights and definitely caused me to pick and choose where to stay.

  8. Oh hey, this answers my question if there’s a free night to be had beyond “exploring” ten brands. I’m currently at 8/10 for my second free night and I’ve been holding off since I’m not traveling right now and I know they expire after a year.

  9. Here’s one for you – am about to hit 3 brands with the same property. Stayed at Mar Monte (Santa Barbara, CA) back when it was a plain Hyatt, then it was my first Hyatt Centric and it will soon be my first Unbound property. Curious of others’ similar experiences at other properties…

  10. Chicago is a jackpot right now for this, given the cheap rates at the Thompson, the two different “regular” Hyatts available, the couple JDVs, and maybe the PH will be cheap when it reopens too.

    Lucky, the Miraval in the Berkshires + a separate single night stay on the same-property Wyndhurst (a Destination) is a nice combo.

  11. I’m at 13. There are several JDV properties in Chicago, which I plan to visit next year, so I should be able to reach 14 fairly easily. But I’m not sure how I’ll hit 15. I’ve stayed at the Ziva Montego Bay twice, but before the promotion began. Maybe I’ll spend a night or two at the Arizona Miraval one day. One of the M2M guys did give it a very nice review.

  12. @UA-NYC, heck, Chicago’s a jackpot for it even during normal times! I did the math the other day, and greater Chicago was responsible for me getting credit for 7 different brands (i.e. my first stay at a given brand was at a Chicago-area location):

    • Hyatt Place (Schaumburg)
    • Hyatt House (Oak Brook)
    • regular Hyatt (Hyatt Lodge Oak Brook)
    • Hyatt Centric (Magnificent Mile)
    • Thompson
    • Joie de Vivre (Hotel Lincoln)
    • Unbound (Athletic Association – stayed there mere days after it switched to Unbound from JDV, specifically to get the brand credit)

    I’ve also stayed at several Regency locations in and around Chicago, they just weren’t my first Regency stay. And like I commented above, the Park Hyatt Chicago may very well become my first PH stay later this year!

  13. This promo is good for those playing in 2-player mode and those who typically don’t stay at more than 5-7 brands.
    @Lucky: you’re staying long term at hotels and haven’t touched Hyatt House? Kitchens & separate bdrm would be my #1 requirements for long term stays. They also typically serve better breakfast than Hyatt Places (pre-Covid times).

  14. Hyatt House = Hyatt Place-type room (or sometimes bigger/better as a Globalist) but with a decent omelet for breakfast. When they are co-located, I choose Hyatt House.

  15. You should check out Hyatt house next time you get a chance. There is nothing over the top about the but they general have modern rooms and they tend to be a step (sometimes a big step) above normal Hyatt place rooms.

  16. Does anyone quickly Hyatt issues the free night cert after staying at the 5th/10th brand? With the 6 month expiration, I’m sort of threading the needle in terms of when the night would actually be of use to me. Ideally, I’d much prefer if Hyatt delayed issuing the cert for several weeks afterwards.

  17. @Ben
    Please review Hyatt House, Miraval, Destination Hotels, Joie de Vivre and Hyatt residence Club!
    Those reviews will be helpful and useful plus you get another free night when you stay at 5 more brands that’s worth it!

  18. I had no idea this existed. Thank you! I checked my account and 2 properties were missing, one in 2017, and 2013. When I called Hyatt, they said award nights were not counted until 2018. Is this true? I’m planning to write to Hyatt directly next.

  19. @John, my stays usually post within 24-48 hours after checking out, and in my experience, you get credit for staying at that brand (and any associated free night certificate) right when the stay posts.

    @Ida Harris, yep, that is indeed true: Hyatt began counting award nights as qualifying nights in 2018. I’m also not sure how far back stays really count for this. I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong) that this brand explorer promo was launched with World of Hyatt in 2017, so I don’t actually know if stays from before 2017 would count for it. (I’m honestly pretty new to Hyatt – and award travel in general – so I can’t say I was too familiar with them before late 2017 or early 2018. My account was technically around for a couple years while the program was still Hyatt Gold Passport, but I never actually stayed with them in that time – so, can’t confirm either way.)

  20. If you’re looking for a good Destination hotel – I was impressed with the Quirk ( Dog friendly, beautiful old building, good coffee in the lobby, nice high ceilings everywhere, and a popular spot with locals based on how many people ate at the restaurant.

    As for the Hyatt House, in my experience they have been well below Hyatt Place in quality (furnishings, finishes, sheets, towels, etc.)

  21. > The free night certificate is valid for 180 days from when it’s issued, and you need to complete your stay by that date, rather than just having to book by then; however, for the time being Hyatt has extended the expiration of free night certificates

    So how long are the current certs valid for?

  22. The Hyatt Carmel Highlands is fantastic! We loved our stay there.
    Although part of it is Hyatt Residence Club, if you stay there as a hotel (not timeshare) it posts as a Hyatt stay, not HRC.

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