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Booking the Huus Hotel

Originally our plan was to just spend five nights at the W Verbier and then go to London for a few nights before returning to the US. Given how beautiful the Alps are, I thought it might be nice to visit somewhere else in Switzerland, especially since we’ve been to London a countless number of times before. Hyatt and Starwood don’t have many hotels in the Alps, though I did notice that there were several adorable-looking Design Hotels properties all around Switzerland.

For those of you not familiar, Design Hotels is a group of independent hotels with a focus on cool design (as the name suggests). While the hotels aren’t fully integrated into the SPG portfolio, SPG and Design Hotels do have a marketing partnership. This means that you can earn and redeem Starpoints at Design Hotels properties, though you don’t receive your typical elite benefits.

Sure, I’d love if Design Hotels were fully integrated into SPG, but having access to adorable, more-or-less independent hotels while still being able to earn and redeem points is awesome.

So while we had several Design Hotels properties in Switzerland to choose from, we ended up deciding on Huus Hotel Gstaad. We chose this because Gstaad is a manageable distance from both Verbier and Geneva, so the logistics were easy enough.

The nightly rate at the Huus Hotel for our nights was 280CHF (~300USD), or we could redeem just 10,000 Starpoints per night, so that’s what we did, since I’d consider getting three cents of value per Starpoint to be a good deal.

Huus Hotel Gstaad review

Huus Hotel is so, so, so cute.

Huus Hotel Gstaad exterior

Huus Hotel Gstaad exterior

I fell in love with the property the second we arrived. Inside the entrance and to the left was reception, where we were warmly welcomed. All the customer-facing employees at Huus Hotel wear jeans, button downs, and red suspenders, which is a quirky look. The check-in process was quick, the front desk agent explained we were entitled to free breakfast (which we weren’t even aware of, but all guests at the hotel get free breakfast), and he also invited us to enjoy a welcome drink in the lobby bar at our leisure.

Huus Hotel Gstaad reception

The hotel’s lobby (including the bar area) is incredibly cozy. I’ll leave it to the pictures to show that.

Huus Hotel Gstaad lobby

Huus Hotel Gstaad lobby

Huus Hotel Gstaad lobby

Huus Hotel Gstaad lobby

Huus Hotel Gstaad bar

The hotel is built into a mountain, so the lobby isn’t on the lowest floor. The lobby is on level 0, and then there is one floor above it and three floors below it. What’s strange is that the floor above the lobby is level 1, the floor below the lobby is level 2, the floor below that is level 3, and the floor below that is level 4 (that’s correct, there were no “minus” signs there). That took some getting used to.

Our room, #210, was one level below the lobby. At the bottom of the staircase our room was the first room after turning left.

Huus Hotel Gstaad hallway

Huus Hotel Gstaad hallway

Huus Hotel Gstaad room exterior

For what it’s worth, I should mention that this hotel was renovated just a couple of years ago, and previously was a Steigenberger hotel (a German hotel brand). So not only did I find the design to be charming, but everything still felt fresh.

The room had a long entrance with a cuckoo clock on the wall.

Huus Hotel Gstaad room entryway

Huus Hotel Gstaad room

Seriously, how adorable and cozy is this room? From the slanted ceilings, to the finishes, I just loved it. The room had a king size bed, and there were two separate comforters, as you’ll often find in Europe.

Huus Hotel room

Huus Hotel room

Then back near the entrance was an “L” shaped sitting area with a table, and another chair across from it.

Huus Hotel sitting area

On the table was a fruit plate and some chocolates.

Huus Hotel welcome amenity

Next to the table was a blanket.

Huus Hotel cute in-room touches

Across from the sitting area was a chair with a side table, the TV, and a bench. Hanging on the wall was a backpack that you could use during your stay.

Huus Hotel room

Back near the entrance were two big bottles of water (still Evian and sparkling Badoit), and the minibar.

Huus Hotel Gstaad bottled water

Huus Hotel minibar

Then there was the bathroom, with a sink, toilet, and shower/tub combo.

Huus Hotel bathroom

Huus Hotel shower

There was a glass window between the bathroom and the bedroom. There were blinds you could extend for privacy, though I found it strange that those could be controlled from the bedroom rather than from the bathroom.

Huus Hotel shower

Toiletries were in reusable hotel branded bottles.

Huus Hotel toiletries

The bathroom also had an impressive number of other amenities.

Huus Hotel amenities

Right near the entrance to the room was another half bathroom. This is the first time I can remember having a standard room with two toilets in it.

Huus Hotel Gstaad room toilet

While the room was cute, the real treat was the patio, or more specifically, the view from it. There were two chairs on the patio.

Huus Hotel patio

That view, though. OMG!

Huus Hotel view

Huus Hotel view

The next morning the weather cleared up a bit, and we saw that there was actually a small runway in the valley. I’m guessing there were no planes landing there the previous evening when I took pictures. 😉

Huus Hotel view

Wifi throughout the hotel was free and sufficiently fast, and you didn’t even have to log in with your room number or name.

Breakfast was served in the hotel’s fourth floor (which is the bottom level) restaurant from 7AM until 11AM daily.

Huus Hotel breakfast restaurant

Huus Hotel breakfast restaurant

Breakfast was completely self service — you got your own coffee and food, and they never even asked for your room number, or anything. The breakfast buffet was extensive, especially for Europe. There wasn’t anything cooked to order, but it was still a good spread. I loved that they had a freshly squeezed orange juice station. They had half oranges sitting there, and then you could squeeze them into a cup.

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

Huus Hotel breakfast buffet

A couple of nights we had drinks in the hotel’s lobby.

Huus Hotel cocktails

The hotel’s main restaurant is just off the lobby, though we didn’t eat there.

Huus Hotel restaurant

Huus Hotel restaurant

On the third floor the hotel had a gym, with decent equipment.

Huus Hotel gym

Huus Hotel gym

Huus Hotel gym

The fact that they had a ping pong table in the gym was something I was happy about, as it allowed me to pretend that I was “exercising” by beating Ford at ping pong (just about the only “sport” I’m better at than him). 😉

Huus Hotel gym

Next to the gym was a room with some pool tables, foosball tables, video game consoles, and TVs. I never saw anyone in the room.

Huus Hotel pool tables & TVs

Huus Hotel pool tables & TVs

The hotel offers weekly activities that are complimentary for guests. Since Ford skied in Verbier, we didn’t do any of that here, but rather just enjoyed the town of Gstaad, had nice meals, and took gondolas.

Huus Hotel weekly activities

I had a very favorable impression of this hotel. I loved the design, I loved the views, and I loved the people working there. There’s one thing I didn’t love, though — the location. Huus Hotel is just a few miles from Gstaad “proper.” When I booked the hotel I didn’t assume it was much of an obstacle, though this ended up being costly. There are two ways you can get to town:

  • A taxi, which costs 30-35CHF
  • A bus, which costs 4.40CHF per person, per direction

There’s a bus stop right in front of the hotel, which is nice. The problem is that the bus doesn’t run that often, and it doesn’t operate late at night. Sometimes it runs twice an hour, sometimes once an hour, sometimes once every two hours. We tried to take it when we could, but typically it wasn’t running in a practical way for our dinner plans, so that proved to be a pain.

Having to pay 70 CHF for a roundtrip taxi drive that takes maybe 20 minutes total is rough. But I guess that’s why the Huus Hotel was relatively reasonably priced. I imagine if it were in the town of Gstaad, rates would be at least double as high. I wouldn’t let that deter you from staying there, though it is something to be aware of. You could certainly also rent a car, though I didn’t see an abundance of parking spaces in town (then again, I wasn’t looking that closely).


The last day we took a train back to Geneva Airport, which was easy. The nearest train station to the hotel is in the town of Saanen (which is immediately below the hotel). On the plus side, the hotel offered a complimentary shuttle to the train station. If only they’d do a similar thing to the town of Gstaad.

Huus Hotel transport to train station

Huus Hotel Gstaad bottom line

I loved almost everything about Huus Hotel. The hotel is beautiful, has incredible views, and the employees were all friendly. The only thing to be aware of is that the hotel isn’t in the town of Gstaad itself. If you can be flexible and always take the bus then it’ll just cost you about $10 roundtrip per person to to get to town. However, if you take a taxi, the cost can quickly add up.

I love Design Hotels properties, and in particular the ability to earn and redeem Starpoints for stays there.

All things considered I’d highly recommend this hotel.

  1. Hi Lucky,

    This post is right in time. We are about to book this hotel for our upcoming ski weekend. I wanted to book with points but worry about that we will not entitle for free breakfast as for revenue stay (like most European hotels charge breakfast for award stays). Do you get the free breakfast because of your SPG plantinum status or the hotel offer free ones to all guests despite the award stay.


  2. @ yang — They offer free breakfast to all guests. It’s not explicitly stated on the SPG website, but it is offered at the hotel, since they don’t even ask for your room number, or anything.

  3. Stayed here in the summer to go hiking. Guessing their policies have changed as they were definitely offering their free shuttle to the centre of gstaad aswell. Used it multiple times, for dropping off and picking up, left with a very favourable impression of the hotel.

  4. The “two tiny comforters on one big bed” thing drives me insane. Turn over in your sleep and one side is exposed to cold air. Waking you up.

    In Brussels last week I stayed in a place with this policy and not even one large comforter; housekeeping kindly made-up for me an old fashioned bed with sheets and full-size blankets.

    At least they didn’t do that other common thing in continental Europe – shove two single beds together under one sheet and claim it’s a king.

  5. I’ve been to Gstaad with a car. What little public parking that is available is very expensive. Any way you look at it, transportation in Gstaad is going to cost you a pretty penny. That said, it really is a lovely town.

  6. @Lucky,

    On the SPG website, it acutually says that breakfast is not included for SPG Free Nights. I guess the hotel did not bother to check or make it as a good will. Thanks for your prompt reply, Lucky.

  7. “I imagine if it were in the town of Gstaad, rates would be at least double as high”

    Wtf is “double as high”? Don’t you mean twice as much?

  8. Being outside of Gstaad means that Huus is closer to the better ski areas of Schönried and Saanenmöser. Gstaad itself has little skiing.

  9. Helpful to note this hotel isn’t IN Gstaad.

    Would you say Gstaad and Verbier are similar skitowns or was there any difference in either things to do or type of tourists? I know you’re not a skier but I’m curious if the bars/restaurant scene is more focused on young people or high end in either town?

  10. To add to the explanation, the idea is that this room has a separate toilet and bathroom (in the literal sense); that is why the toilet has a sink etc. The appliance in the bathroom is so that when you’re in the bathroom anyway and would like to use it, you don’t need to sashay to the official toilet.

    The blanket provided btw is a Swiss Army surplus one, which has become quite a collectors’ item because it is sturdy, warm and comfy.

    As regards the location, some people actually like a distance from a place like Gstaad downvillage, and for them (not few), that would actually be an advantage.

  11. Sorry but this hotel is not in Gstaad but in Saanen. So the title of this review is very misleading (though I have spent a lot of great time in Saanen. People may want to stay in one or the other but those wanting to stay in Gstaad will be disappointed.

  12. @ Francis — I used the name of the hotel in the title, as I usually do. The hotel claims to be in Gstaad, so that’s why the title reflects that. I think I clearly mentioned the location in the actual post.

  13. Okay this is creeping me out.

    Never would I have thought you’d be staying in that hotel. I wouldn’t have thought of you even getting close to this place as it doesn’t fit your normal blog focus. Living in Switzerland myself I’ve been in that hotel for a firms skiweekend many times. How tiny the world is… (Still creeping me out as not
    even my friendly neighbwrhood hotel is safe from Lucky anymore 😛 )

  14. Was Great review and timely as taking group of friends in early October and looking for hotels. Anxious to check out if they have others where going zermatt and St Mortiz. This week flew biz class on Swiss from Rome Zurich lax. EXCELLENT meals , seats space service and especially the crew. ALWAYS look forward your blog and reviews. Keep it up

  15. my dream is to go to switzerland and ski, enjoy the chocolate, drink the wine….count your blessings lucky, major FOMO now 😉

  16. Dear Ben,

    We are so glad, that you came to Gataad instead of going to London

 otherwise we would have missed your wonderful comment!

    We thank you very much for that. Your comment gives us the confirmation, that we are on the right way with our new HUUS with its own and unique concept. It will also be a pleasure to share your feedback with all our employees – that is the right motivation we need, to keep the quality of our services every day on the same high level.
    We hope to see you soon.
    Best regards

  17. This hotel is the absolute worst. What kind of Swiss 4* establishment features a ‘digital’ fireplace in the lobby?

    And thanks again for doubling the freight lift as a guest lift, Huus.

  18. @Lucky: Perhaps you should add that there is a free ski bus from Saanen to Gstaad and back, running every 20 mins during the day, during the skiing season. It doesn’t stop directly in front of the hotel, but in walking distance.

    Also it’s nice and easy walk, under one hour, mostly along the river, from the hotel to Gstaad, for those who don’t mind a little exercise (e.g. instead of going to the gym).

  19. Thanks for the great review- found it incredibly helpful!
    Would love current confirmation from the hotel if transportation to and from Gstaad is included…and the hours all transportation is available.

    Many thanks!

  20. I am here right now…what a beautiful place this is. Redeemed 10000 spg points, but now is 12000. It will be 35000 Marriott, and I think, a perfect place to redeem the free nights certificates that will come with the credit cards.
    They informed me breakfast is not included, and is 28 F per person. I have not tried it yet.

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