1. It’s for a time share room, which I don’t understand. Does this mean you have to buy a timeshare to use the rate, sit down for a 5 hour sales pitch, or something else?

  2. One or more of the rooms you have chosen for this reservation are no longer available for booking. Submit your search again for the most current available rooms find another hotel.

  3. @ Jediwho – good dates may be sold out but the rate is still out there. Checked random night in January and see it for 279 points or $51.

  4. I actually was able to pick up a 3-night reservation and get it to confirm… but under Room Details it says: “KING PREMIER SUITE OCEANVIEW TIME SHARE LARGE PARLOR – WHIRLPOOL BATHTUB – BALCONY HRCC DO NOT BOOK THIS ROOM – TIME SHARE ONLY”

  5. I reserved 6 nights in February.
    I can’t believe it — I have palpitations.
    List price is $3,500 per night.
    It would be unreal if this actually is honored.
    Lucky, what do you think?

  6. Booked two reservation for the same five days for my wife and our friends for five nights at the end of August. I doubt the reservation will stick – but five nights in Cabo would be great! Interestingly, I did not get the “5th night free” benefit.

  7. Just picked up two rooms for seven nights each in October two minutes ago. Have confirmation numbers for both reservations.

  8. At the final step: “Due to technical difficulties, online booking is temporarily unavailable. But you can still book by phone or directly with the property.”

  9. On the confirmation emails that I received, as a HHonors Gold member, we will get complimentary wifi and 1,000 points per stay so those two rooms will end up costing only 1,904 points total.

  10. Just booked for January ’16. With a free diamond breakfast, it’s like they are paying us to stay there. Great hotel. Can’t wait to see the remodel.

  11. You have no idea how much I want this to hold up. LOL. Please Hilton – make our dreams come true. I’ll forgive you for the ridiculous devaluations on your award chart.

  12. i don’t even see time share option… not sure what i am doing wrong, i followed your link…

  13. think you have to have some hilton points in the account to even see the option to book with points?

  14. The reason it says “time share only” is because these rooms are set aside for timeshare guests. It is asking HRCC (Hilton Reservations and Customer Care) not to book these rooms. However, on the website for this hotel it says that they are not associated with timeshare vendors, so I don’t know if that just means they don’t sell timeshares or if they have stopped doing splits with timeshares.

  15. deal looks to be dead i keep getting message:

    The requested rate is not available. View other available rooms and rates below.

  16. Just made a reservation with no issues. Not dead. Just very few nights available. Click the “Use flexible dates” button before searching.

  17. Actually rates are pretty reasonable for other type rooms, too. I can live with 62 sq meters. 🙂

    This is great marketing for the hotel!

  18. Deal is still happening for mid week and friday night stays, just not saturday/sunday.

    No way Hilton will honor this deal anyway, in rate details it reads: ” HRCC DO NOT BOOK THIS ROOM – TIME SHARE ONLY”

  19. Thanks for passing this along, Lucky. Just use flexible date option. Booked for Jan ’16. I believe this hotel was damaged in the hurricane last year. It had a solid reputation on tripadvisor.

  20. in for the cancellation. I got 2 seperate weeks,one in Oct one in Nov. Good Marlin season if it works out.

  21. I think it’s now showing 1,008,000 points per night, plus more points for the taxes and service charges.

    Oh, hoping that this sticks.

  22. Was able to grab a bunch of bookings – 14 bookings each for 7 nights for a total of 27,342 points.

    I have 6 rooms booked in a single week in February – with an additional 4 weeks the week after. Hopefully Hilton honors it for a nice group trip to Mexico.

  23. Tried and tried again but every time I went to book it it kicked me out saying rate no longer available. 🙁

  24. Got a 3 night stay in January about 10 minutes ago. Nothing over a weekend available. Just searched through all 3 night stays now, and no more are left as of 3:50 CST.

  25. Looks like it’s dead. Was able to grab a 3 night stay in January. Was hoping for more nights, but was too slow.

  26. I’m hoping this gets honored for everyone who got in on this deal, with the exception of @Ryan above.

    I was personally too slow. Next time…

  27. Booked a 3-night stay in January about 20 minutes ago, and now it looks like there are no longer any rooms for any date at all within the next year available at this rate anymore. Hopefully people like Ryan have a good reason, but I can’t believe anyone would book 14 weeks in a hotel and rob everyone else of the chance of participating in this fabulous deal.

  28. I was able to only snag two 1 night stays in October. Luckily I should be out in California then, hopefully they honor it and I can use at least one of those…

  29. For those that were lucky to get a room, looking at tripadvisor it looks like the timeshare rooms are located at Club Casa Dorada Spa & Golf Resort.

  30. Any historical precedent with similar mistakes from Hilton that could shed some light no whether they typically honor their mistakes? I highly doubt they will be honored, of course, but curious to know if there have been any comparable occurrences.

  31. What are the odds that this would be honored if there were only a few dozen bookings, but with thousands of bookings it obviously will not be.

  32. Gotta side with Chase on this re @Ryan, it’s greedy people like you Ryan that highlight what is wrong with this world.

    Couldn’t be happy with a few nights huh?, 100 room nights?? Pathetic greed, and lack of understanding of other people working hard in business.

  33. @Chase and @Andy:

    What’s the limit on the number of rooms/dates someone should have booked? Tell us all what your arbitrary number is for this moral dilemma so next time we can leave some rooms available for other people to get cancelled in a few days.

  34. If one is set on Cabo, the Hyatt Ziva resorts have some really good rates. These are inclusive resorts, so the rates include food and drinks. But, they aren’t 279 points a night…..

  35. @ CFFrost — In my experience hotel mistake rates are rarely honored, but crazier things have happened!

  36. @ John — For the dates I checked it seems like you have to cancel at least 72 hours in advance, though you’ll want to check your exact dates to be sure.

  37. Are we sure it’s a mistake and not just a promotional rate to get customers back to the property? I’m jealous of those who got dates, and have nothing but contempt for pigs who grab up more than they need.

  38. Oh please – hater’s are going to hate. I was not the only one who booked multiple weeks and FYI I canceled a few of them already.

    There is nothing wrong with booking 4 rooms for 2 straight weeks. 2 weeks in Mexico with a group is not greed.

    I spent 20 minutes talking to friends on the phone to confirm with them (not that anyone needed much convincing) and was still able to find dates that worked for everyone. You could have easily booked them yourself had you been early enough. So out of the 14 booked, I only kept 8. I am sure one of you poor losers picked up one of the 6 weeks I already canceled.

  39. Ryan

    Not only are you greedy, you are selfish and completely ignorant on how this works. Either you are young and stupid or you are old and missed multiple chances to grow into a decent human being.
    This is a small community, but you will learn that soon… doubt anybody will help you unless you pretend to be somebody else

  40. Other people on FT book blocks of 4 rooms as well. Again – I am USING the 2 weeks at 4 rooms each. I already put award flights on hold – and can always redeposit miles if needed.

    As for the other rooms – I just canceled them and verified they appear on the site again. So if you want some, you better act quick.

    August 1 – 8
    August 22 – 29
    March 5 – 12

    So now I only have my 2 weeks that I will definitely be using with friends, if they are honored – which is extremely unlikely anyways. Happy now?

    I guarantee many other people on here and FT book 4+ weeks just to hold dates until they could look at what mile flights were available and what their families and friends can do.

  41. This hotel was severely damaged in last year’s hurricane. Many resorts are still closed. Assume it is open now…but, those that got the points deal may want to check…may not be that great of a deal 🙂

  42. Wait, where is the Hilton-lover/worker to claim a new points valuation of 500+ cents per point?

  43. @ mbh — If it were intentional it would almost certainly be advertised. After all, the goal would be to generate as much publicity as possible.

  44. Since everyone is “so mad at me”. I canceled all of my reservations and kept 1 single week for only 1 room.

    I had my friends I am going with book the other weeks directly under their Hilton accounts.

    As for the haters – FlyerTalk has other people who booked multiple weeks and rooms. Not to mention the numerous people who booked multiple rooms but won’t admit to it for the backlash they will receive.


    Post #54 – I was able to book 4 rooms during the week of Christmas all at the 279 points per night rate…
    Post #65 – Thanks OP! Managed to book a variety of 5-7 night stays July-Oct for me and the relatives before it was gone.

  45. I found a couple of days in July just now. I guess someone just canceled.

    I have 2 other weeks on hold till I can find what dates will work best for me.

    Booking 14 weeks may be extreme. But I don’t see any issue with 2 weeks of 4 rooms each. That is pretty reasonable for a group trip. I often book 2-3 weeks at time in certain destinations. If I was able to get 4 rooms for a week I would have as well and invited family. With a single bed per room, it makes perfect sense to book multiple rooms when traveling with friends/family.

  46. What does Hilton mean when they say “all rooms are subject to a 16% tax and 3% resort fee”? Does this mean we will have to pay cash for the taxes associated with the actual room price, even if we paid with points? This is assuming Hilton honors this deal 🙂

  47. Ryan – Don’t let the haters hate. No one is entitled to 279 point rooms to begin with. I for one will be checking in on August 22 and checking out on March 3, 2016. Anyone looking to sublet an apartment during that time?

  48. I have 6 months each booked for two families. They better honor this because I’m me and I’ll sue everybody if they don’t!

  49. @ Andrea — That applies on cash rates. On points rates you don’t pay that since it’s simply a percentage of the revenue rate, if applicable.

  50. Got the KING PREMIER SUITE OCEANVIEW TIME SHARE which is around 1078 SQFT! Does this mean we have to attend a time-share presentation?

  51. Ryan…. maybe I’m the only one here who doesn’t hate what you did. In fact, more power to you. I can’t believe this crowd influenced you! This is an open market society and if you want to do a group trip and book a bunch of rooms at a great rate, you shouldn’t feel guilted into it because you got there first.

    This isn’t different than the guy who buys 15 concert tickets for himself and friends because (1) he can and (2) is at the front of the line.

    If you were buying them to sell them on the open market at a high price, like lots of people do with concert tickets, then maybe I’d have a problem with it.

    I say you tell everyone to piss off and mind their own business. Do whatever makes you happy. I hope the crazy deal sticks!

  52. @Rob – hah! That is amazing. Enjoy your extended trip.

    @Todd thanks for your support. I am still doing my group trip assuming this is honored. While I canceled the reservations, I was able to coordinate with my friends, and have them book the rooms under their names / Hilton accounts when I released the rooms.

    People will probably be mad at me for that next. Since they were not able to book the rooms and my friends timed booking around my cancellation.

  53. @ ODB — If that happens then they have a REALLY bad (or good, from our perspective) sales manager.

  54. Lucky,

    24+ hours later and no word from Hilton. I am surprised! (but happy for now since I was able to get a reservation).


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