How To Maximize American Express Amazon Promotion

Yesterday I posted about the extremely generous AmEx Sync promotion that’s presently available for Amazon purchases. If you make an Amazon purchase of $75 or more you get a $25 American Express statement credit, which is a pretty amazing value.


Anyway, it seems that the promotion gets even better than I originally thought for a few reasons:

  • You don’t have to use Twitter to register, but can instead register through American Express’ website
  • Amazon gift cards are eligible for the promotion
  • You can register multiple American Express cards, so this is a great opportunity to basically get 33% off all your Amazon purchase (up to the limit of how many American Express cards you have)

So here’s how you can best take advantage of this promotion:

Step 1: Enroll your American Express Card(s) for the offer

Go to this page and enter your name, American Express card number, and email address to confirm registration. Note that registration is limited, so you’ll want to register your cards as soon as possible. All personal and small business American Express cards should be eligible, including those issued by Citi, Bank of America, etc.


Once you enter your information you’ll be brought to a page confirming your registration.


You’ll also receive an email confirming your registration:

You’ve successfully registered your Card ending in 91004.

Get a $25 statement credit when you spend a total of $75 or more on your registered card at by December 31, 2013.

To view the full offer details and terms and conditions, visit

Step 2: Make a $75 or more Amazon purchase using your enrolled American Express card

Once registered just make a $75 or more purchase at Amazon. You can either buy a product directly from Amazon or you can purchase an Amazon gift card, which is what I’d recommend doing. This way you can spend the credit at a later date and also maximize the bonus by purchasing them in exactly $75 increments. Amazon gift cards don’t expire.

Within minutes of making the purchase you should receive an email from American Express confirming you used your enrolled card, and the statement credit should post within 90 days.


Step 3: Use your Amazon gift card!

Your Amazon gift card should arrive via email within minutes with a code and a “Redeem now” button.


When you follow the “Redeem now” link you’ll be brought to a page that allows you to apply the gift card to your Amazon account.


Once you click “Apply to Your Account” your Amazon balance will reflect the amount of the gift card.


Bottom line

This is an incredible offer and registration is limited, so you’re definitely best off registering sooner rather than later. 33% off just about anything on Amazon is an amazing value, and the fact that you can register multiple cards is the icing on the cake. The whole process took me less than five minutes per card, which is tough to beat for $25 savings.

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  1. My understanding via the T&C is that you get $25 off $75 one time. So, if you have multiple amex cards, you don’t get the discount multiple times. Correct?

  2. Originally I thought this was a promotion that shows up under the “My Offers” section on, and it DOES show up there (for 2 of my 5 cards).

    I signed up on for those 2 cards and then went to the link in your post for the other 3 cards.

    I did confirm that you can NOT double dip in both places – when I went to your link for the 2 cards I had previously registered, it (correctly) said I was already registered.

  3. @ Ron — You get the discount once per card, but you can register multiple cards and get the discount with each card. I’ve been able to register a handful of cards and have received confirmation with each of being eligible for the promotion.

  4. Is there a way to check which of my cards are registered for this promo? I don’t recall registering one of my cards -but the site says it’s already registered…I want to verify before making my purchase @ Amazon….

  5. is not allowing me to purchase gift cards from my IP address in Somalia. 🙁

    Looks like I will need to go through the VPN or proxy.

  6. Thanks Lucky! This would have helped quite a bit last night on – I actually spent about $75 🙂 Anyway, there is always the rest of the year to buy stuff…

  7. @ JBM — Yes you can register four different cards, purchase four $75 gift cards, and then make a $300+ purchase with the balance.

  8. @ JetSetterFL — Does it show up under the “My Offers” section on your American Express homepage? That’s the easiest way to tell. Otherwise if the site says the card is already registered I’d take a screenshot of that. Should be sufficient, in my opinion.

  9. Anyone know whether this works for authorized users’ cards as well as the main cardholder for the same account (since the card numbers are different)?

  10. I have the same question as Grover…I would assume it would be fine (since the card numbers are different), but can anyone confirm that authorized users work??

  11. Actually, I think I answered my question. I just registered my wife’s card (she’s an authorized user). At the bottom of the registration confirmation page, it says:

    “Please note that this registered Card number is the only Card that can receive the offer. Any other eligible Cards (including those linked to the same account) must be registered separately.”

    To me, this implies that authorized users can still take advantage of the promotion.

  12. Let’s say I can’t spend the full balance with Amazon…is there a way to get a check or transfer the balance to my bank account?

  13. I just bought two gift certs with the two cards I registered. When I used the first card I registered I got a “Thanks for using your synced Card!” email. When I used the 2nd card I got “Thank You for using your card!”. Any idea why the difference?

  14. Registered via link, the posted #AmexAmazon on Twitter after each card. Got a “Thank you for registering!” confirmation on the website for both, and “thx for enrolling in” from @AmexSync after the first card, and “you’ve already enrolled in the #AmexAmazon offer” after the 2nd card

  15. @ Ben — Ah, that’s probably why then. If you registered via the link for all of them you should be good to go. I wouldn’t worry.

  16. I have 6 Amex cards, so if I’m reading this correctly, in theory I can get $150 off a purchase of $450 or more. Tempting.

    I also have a Bluebird card – which technically is an Amex card, and can usually be used anyplace where Amex is accepted. I typically use my Bluebird account for (cough cough) other things, but given the discount, I might use it for a seventh Amazon gift card. Hmmm.

    Anyone know if your Bluebird card will work for this?

  17. Anyone know if you can buy gift cards with the similar deals run by Neiman Marcus/Best Buy/Wal Mart? Thanks!

  18. @Bill: can’t speak to BB or NM, but a $79 Walmart gift card (“build your own” at the site, and free shipping) has resulted in a $20 statement credit in multiple accounts here. Already posted. Be aware that the deal is only with the site, not a brick/mortar Walmart.

  19. The general amex link is dead but you can still register through the sync options of twitter, facebook, etc. and through ‘My Offers’ in your Amex accounts.

  20. I have multiple AMEX cards. But if I go through “my offers” in AMEX online to register, it seems the offer only shows up for 1 card. Once 1 card is registered, the offer will not show up again for the other cards. Does anybody know how can I still register the other remaining cards under the same AMEX online login?

  21. This deal is over.

    If you try the tweet route, despite the terms not saying so, when you try to accomplish this it says:

    “Sorry, max # of Cardmembers have enrolled in #AmexAmazon offer. Visit for more offers”

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