How To Make Hyatt Diamond Guest Of Honor Reservations

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In mid-February, Hyatt Gold Passport announced a couple of new Diamond benefits.

The most exciting new benefit is called Guest Of Honor, whereby when a Diamond member makes a points booking for someone else, they’ll receive the full Diamond benefits.


This is exclusively available on free night redemptions, and not on revenue stays or Points + Cash stays.

Receive lounge access on Guest Of Honor bookings

The new benefit is described as follows:

Beginning March 1, members can extend their Diamond in-hotel benefits such as Regency Club or Grand Club access, free breakfast and late check out to family or friends when they transfer a free night stay using Hyatt Gold Passport points. By extending Diamond privileges to a members’ friends or family on an award stay, Hyatt is providing the warmest possible welcome and an extraordinary on-property experience.

As I explained at the time, I think this is a really cool perk — taking care of the people that matter to the people that are loyal to your program is a beautiful extension of loyalty.

This new benefit went live yesterday, so I figured I’d try making a booking using the benefit. Guest Of Honor bookings can’t be made online, so you have to phone up the Hyatt Diamond line to book.

Simply tell the representative you’d like to make a Guest Of Honor booking and they can assist. They’ll just need the name of the person you want to book for as well as a credit card to guarantee the reservation, and you’ll be good to go.

When you receive the email confirmation you’ll see that the Guest Of Honor “status” is confirmed under the preferences section.


Maybe I’m in the minority, but personally what I’m most excited about is being able to receive Diamond benefits for multiple rooms at a time. As it stands you only receive Diamond benefits for one room, but now a Diamond member can make a booking for themselves however they want, and then book a second room using points under the Guest Of Honor program, and receive benefits for both.

Your friends can enjoy complimentary breakfast when staying using points from a Diamond

Do you plan on using Hyatt’s Guest Of Honor benefit?

  1. @lucky –

    Yes, Ben….so just email me for my details so you can “guest” me in to our Fall stay at the Hyatt Regency in Paris, okay? 😉

  2. That was a good thought! It didn’t occurred to me until a moment ago that you can use it for multiple rooms for the entire party.

  3. I like how Hyatt implements stuff…very smooth. I got the 2 UA Club passes in the mail today too.

  4. What about the free anniversary award night for Hyatt visa cards? First of all can they be used for a friend or family member specially in a foreign country and if yes then do they get diamond benefits too?

  5. FYI: Works retroactively too. Made a reservation for my parents. Booked online, then called the Diamond desk who made a notation for the stay to be reflected as Guest Of Honor.


  6. @ steven k — Because if you extended it to paid rates then everyone in the world could get elite benefits. The idea is that you work hard to earn your points, and should be able to spend them how you’d like, even on family members and friends.

  7. @ caveman — They are not part of the Guest Of Honor program. You can typically use them for others by just adding them as the second guest on a reservation, though technically that’s probably not supposed to be possible.

  8. Would Diamond/Hyatt Visa card members get the current 20% back promotion for “Guest of Honor” reservations?

  9. Gee- doesn’t anyone want to “sponsor” my trip to Hyatt Madeline in May? It’s our anniversary- love to have diamond benefits!!! (Booked with points- but only platinum- which doesn’t get you anything 🙁

  10. For some reason, my in-laws got the Guest of Honor preference when I booked with Points+cash.

  11. Ben, have you ever transferred Hyatt points before? Is there a fee? And could this be a way to get a Diamond member to book a room for someone else using that person’s points?

  12. Ben, I didn’t requalify for Diamond status this year but my profile is still showing Diamond online and on the 1st I had 4 suite night certificates loaded onto my account. It is however still showing a Feb 28 2015 tier expiration.
    Thoughts? Glitch? Gonna be fixed or will I possibly get lucky for another year of Diamond?

  13. @ Kevin — Hmmm, very odd. How far off were you? I’m guessing it’s a glitch and will be fixed, but you never know!

  14. Ok. I see I was confused. You get multiple room diamond benefits but not additional stay credit. And they don’t allow cash and points for the guest reservation, only full award.

  15. Hi Ben

    If I booked a room with my gf and I end up not making the trip, if she checks in would she still get diamond benefits?

  16. If my diamond status was expiring in Feb 2016, I assume I could book “Guest of Honor” reservations past Feb 2016 in my wife’s name (since she’ll be traveling with me) and we would get the Diamond Benefits even though my status will be gone…?

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