How To Combine Your Marriott & Starwood Accounts

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While the integration of Marriott and Starwood’s loyalty programs took place over the weekend, there are still lots and lots of glitches. This integration is obviously a massive undertaking, so when I get comments from readers about how some account info isn’t correct, my suggestion is to simply wait a few days and hope that it corrects itself.

But there is something else that is really confusing people, that people didn’t know was necessary going into the integration. You actually have to manually combine your Marriott Rewards and Starwood Preferred Guest accounts. This is something you’re supposed to do following the introduction of the program.

This is confusing since many of us had linked our accounts prior to the program merger, in order to status match and transfer points. So it’s a bit odd that you now have to link them again.

As Marriott explains it in their FAQs:

If I Already “Linked,” Do I Still Need to “Combine” Accounts?

Yes! Account linking offered a status match between the programs. But by combining your accounts, your earnings will be added together. So rather than just a match, you may get a status boost.

If you already linked your accounts, that’s a great start. You created a connection – but they’re not yet oneaccount. Now, by combining, you’ll only have one login to remember and be able to earn and redeem points across all 29 participating brands with that single account.

Not sure if you combined yet? View your profile.

How to combine your Marriott & SPG accounts

You have the choice of whether you want to keep your Marriott Rewards or Starwood Preferred Guest loyalty program number:

In theory combining accounts is supposed to be straightforward. I say “in theory” because for some (including me) it’s not. When I tried to do it I was told the names on my accounts don’t match, in spite of the fact that I was able to link them and transfer points between them in the past. Hmmm…

So I’ll walk through the process from the SPG side using someone else’s account, though it’s the same process no matter which account number you want to keep.

First you’ll be asked to enter your SPG account information, and you’ll have to enter your password twice for verification.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll be asked to verify the information for your Marriott Rewards or Ritz-Carlton Rewards account you want to combine.

Once you’ve confirmed that as well you’ll receive a full overview of your account info, including total points you’re combining, lifetime nights, upcoming reservations, available suite night awards, and available free night certificates.

You’ll also asked to verify your personal info.

The next page will confirm what you should expect. Specifically, points, lifetime nights, elite status, and upcoming reservations will be merged instantly, while suite night awards, free night certificates, past activity, and mobile key & guest services will be merged within 72 hours.

Yes, this is all sort of confusing

Like I said above, it’s a bit odd that Marriott first had people link accounts, and now they’re having people combine accounts. It’s even more confusing because many people already show their combined points balances and other account details without having done anything, so it seems inconsistent whether or not this is totally necessary.

What I am getting lots of reports of is people seeing their activity automatically combined, but it’s not totally accurate. Combining accounts should hopefully solve those problems (though it could take a few days for all the correct information to load).

Does it matter whether you keep your Marriott or SPG account number?

It’s interesting that Marriott is letting members choose which account number they want to keep. Does it really matter, though?

Unfortunately on the most basic level you won’t even be able to keep your original SPG number. SPG members have been assigned a new nine digit SPG number, so your new SPG number is neither the same as your old SPG number nor your new Marriott number.

But perhaps there is one instance where there’s value in keeping one number over the other. Typically the way a hotel sees if you’ve stayed with them before is based on your loyalty number. Often they’ll give repeat guests better treatment than first time guests. I’m not sure how they’ll be tracking that with regards to those people who who combined accounts and now have a different number, but I wouldn’t count on that showing if you do frequent any hotels.

As someone who has made 99% of my stays at Starwood properties rather than Marriott properties, I intend to keep my (newly assigned) SPG number.

Bottom line

If you haven’t yet done so since this past weekend, make sure you combine your Marriott and Starwood accounts. If you want to keep your Marriott loyalty number, combine accounts at this link, while if you want to keep your SPG loyalty number, combine points at this link.

What has your experience been with combining Marriott and Starwood accounts?

  1. Can’t log into marriott
    major issues for me –
    Can log into spg and marriott app all ok
    Can log into spg web site with new spg number all ok
    Can’t merge my account I get this error when logging into marriott —
    Please correct the following and try again. We are unable to process your request at this time due to an unprocessable condition. Please try again later.

  2. Well, many people (including me) received a new spg number after the system update – so I have my doubts whether a hotel will recognise you with that new number. They could, of course link it back but the state of the art of Marriott’s IT is anything but inspiring hope.

  3. @Lucky, maybe you could also do a post on the terms for award redemptions. With spg it was usually fully refundable if you cancelled until the day before. I have now made an award booking for the LM Munich and it states a two-weeks period if you want to cancel it without penalty.
    Looking for award redemption at a Marriott property appears as non-refundable if processed more than 24 h after booking.
    Are there any (combined) rules?

  4. stayed at an spg hotel over/incl 18.8.
    the whole trip (nights) does not show anywhere. neither spg, nor marriot….

  5. What is the lifetime nights number supposed to say? My 2018 marriott nights are 7 and 2018 SPG nights are 0; my lifetime on Marriott is 150 and SPG is 125. On the merge it just says 7 Marriott and 0 SPG. Is that correct or should it say 150 and 125?

  6. I tried via SPG and got this error:

    Please correct the following and try again. We are unable to process your request at this time due to an unprocessable condition. Please try again later.

    Not impressed to say the least.

  7. I was given a new SPG number so I guess the history will not matter. Also, had 3 stays at SPG hotels with a total of 12 nights this past 2 weeks before the merger ( 2 rooms at the time), and even though the names of the hotel show in my activity (one of them the Huus in Gstaad that you wrote a review about…amazing) no nights or points for the money I spent show. Since Marriott gives you credit for only 1 room, I am going to wait until those post before merging the accounts just in case. I called spg and had to write an email to the research department with a copy of the folios. SPG stays used to post the next day…welcome to the new Marriott reality.

  8. I just merged mine and my parent’s accounts and now can’t log in to any of them…anyone else having the same issue? Getting the following error…

    “Please correct the following and try again. We are unable to process your request at this time due to an unprocessable condition. Please try again later”

  9. I spoke with an SPG Platinum representative this morning. The SPG site shows fewer nights that I had before Saturday. She said they are aware of the problem and suggested that I wait until the nights are accurately reflected on the SPG site before I merge my accounts.

  10. Couldn’t get past step one on SPG of logging in – it indicated I have an ‘unprocessable condition’. Couldn’t log into the broader site either. Sounds like it could be fatal!

  11. Took me two tries but now my SPG account Ruth the new number has everything combined and showing properly. Nights. Existing reservations. Lifetime status.

  12. Looking for guidance. Both of my accounts are showing incorrect information. Should I proceed with the merge or wait for the information to be reflected correctly? This has been quite a disaster.

  13. Lucky, you would have been given a new SPG number, which is effectively a new Marriott number. You won’t be able to keep your old SPG number unless I am missing something.

  14. After a few false starts, it worked fine for me. I opted to keep the Marriott number, since it is linked to my corporate travel agency and it would just make things easier. The full history is still being imported over, but my combined points and nights totals are accurate.

  15. @oscar:

    Same has happened to me and to several other people according to various blogs. I had a 5-day stay that ended on 17 August and it also has not shown. And that’s incredibly frustrating because that stay pushed me to Platinum Premier which would be VERY helpful for a 12-day jaunt through Europe starting Thursday. But it looks like I’ll get shafted on my new benefits because of the merger shitshow. I even spent 2 hours on the phone with a Marriott Rewards rep on the 17th because they had three Marriott Rewards accounts for me and two SPG accounts as a result of internal duplication. The agent said their lives have been terrible for the last 10 days or so because the combining of systems has not gone very smoothly for anyone. I hope it’s figured out in the next 48 hours.

  16. Credit cards are linked to an account number. If one is ditched that is on a CC, that could cause issues.

  17. I’m also getting the unprocessable condition error and having the issue of AMEX SPG points not posting. Looks like it’ll be awhile.

  18. @Shaun:

    I’m also receiving that error when attempting to log in to Marriott Rewards. I’m hoping the system is perhaps offline while they correct the coding issue that removed recent stays from SPG accounts. A boy can dream…

  19. I chose to keep the old Marriott number. After I combined, my website profile has the Marriott number with a note showing my old SPG 11 digits #.

  20. I just talked to an AMEX rep FWIW and he said they’re going to update all SPG cards with the new account numbers on Aug 24. Any points earned will transfer over by the 25th. If they don’t you can contact them and they can do a manual transfer. He said wait until the 25th after the cards update if you’re not seeing points transferred over yet.

  21. Lucky – I am under the impression that if you wish to qualify for 2019 status through 2018 SPG stays (allowed only for 2018), you need to avoid combining accounts.

    If you wish to qualify by nights, its advantageous to combine your accounts, and thus your nights at each former program’s properties.

    Can you clarify?

  22. As others have stated your old SPG number is replaced with a new (Marriott length) number so it’s not possible to keep your actual legacy SPG number. They actually state this explicitly somewhere in an FAQ noting ‘you can keep either your (new automatically assigned) SPG number or your Marriott number based on which link you use.’

  23. I am trying to hit legacy Marriott lifetime platinum status before the end of the year. Should I wait to manually merge my accounts? Thanks in advance for any help.

  24. Cancelled a redemption stay at the St Regis Bal Harbour at the previous rate of 90K per night. Booked the new 60K rate. However, points from cancelled stay still not posted.

    At one point I couldn’t even access my accounts. There seems to be so many glitches and it looks like it will take a few days, or may be weeks, to sort out these issues.

  25. I think I’m like $1500 short of $30K spend on my SPG card for the year, which will get me Gold status next year. I’m likely not merging my accounts until I put the spend on the card and clear status via credit card spend.

  26. Does anyone know if I will get the points for the second room if my Sheraton stay finished on August 17?

  27. The 15 night credits from my (legacy) Marriott card haven’t posted yet to my Marriott account, but the 5 nights from my SPG card have posted to my SPG account. Shouldn’t I wait to merge until I’ve gotten the 15 nights from my Marriott card?

  28. Also can’t login to either the Marriott or the SPG sites. I’ll give it a few days and try again.

  29. Yesterday it said “coming soon”. Today it is enabled but gives this funny error:
    “We are unable to process your request at this time due to an unprocessable condition. Please try again later.”

  30. Like others have said: (1) my SPG number changes, and (2) none of my recent stays have posted.

    I was able to combine accounts successfully (from the SPG side), but now I’m not sure whether I should have, given that I qualified for (SPG) Platinum on stays, rather than nights prior to the changeover. What is slightly odd is that the status tracker after I’ve combined accounts shows that I need 50 nights (instead of 75) to hit Platinum, so I’m a little unsure if my Platinun status will be good next year, assuming I don’t hit 50 nights by end of the year, even though my SPG Platinum status was good until 2/29/2020.

  31. Lucky (or anyone): I’m trying to qualify for Marriott Lifetime Platinum Premier (750 nights 2M points) the old way. I feel like I remember someone saying that I shouldn’t combine my accounts until I hit that status via marriott this year (I’m currently at 740 nights 2.1Million points). Thoughts??

  32. Lucky (or anyone): I’m trying to qualify for Marriott Lifetime Platinum Premier (750 nights 2M points) the old way. I feel like I remember someone saying that I shouldn’t combine my accounts until I hit that status via marriott this year (I’m currently at 740 nights 2.1Million points). Thoughts?? .

  33. This is a complete mess. All my SPG stays afer July 26th are not showing at all although they were showing on my SPG account before the merge. I has achieved SPG Platinum for 2019 based on 25 stays but that does not show anymore and app says I still need 15 nights this year to be Platinum next year. Worst is that I have. Corporate SET# on my account that allowed me to book corporate rates based on my company’s negotaited rate. That SET# is now gone and nobody can find it when I called Marriott. In sum, what a huge mess!!!!!

  34. So how does this work with the SPG Gold status benefit that comes with the AMEX platinum card? I don’t stay in SPG hotels often enough to earn status, and I’d almost always prefer a Hilton to a Marriott (except for the Shelbourne in Dublin, because history). That said, if combining the account will retain the SPG Gold benefit AND a Marriott Status match; I’m always down for an upgrade.

  35. Hi everyone. For those of you who get gold status through the Amex platinum card, would it make more sense to stick with the SPG account number or does it not matter?

  36. FYI –

    I didn’t receive any notice with a new SPG number so I called in this morning to inquire about it. After which, the support rep gave me a link in which you can check the status of Marriott/SPG services that are either up or down.

  37. @ Santastico,

    Marriott profile doesn’t have a place to save SET # unlike former SPG profile. What I found was when selecting former SPG properties it will direct you to and it will let you enter SET # each time.

    Marriott side’s search functionality let you enter corporate code (3 characters) EACH TIME, so that’s the way it has been integrated.

    I know both my SET # and 3 character Corporate Code, so I am entering manually depends on property. Not ideal, but that’s what I’ve been doing…

  38. Or just drop both Marriott and SPG and go to Hilton like I did. Wonder if their merger accounted for all of the business they are losing. CIO should be fired.

  39. SPG/Marriott website integration is an unbelievable mess!

    I am so glad that I am logging in 10 nights / 5 stays with Hilton through the end of this month but not with SPG/Marriott.

  40. Did whole process successfully then on final confirm screen it says merger failed, try again later. Same outcome after several attempts.

  41. For anyone thinking about calling support to try a manual account merge:
    Rep said they couldn’t do it. [8/22 12:35pm EST]
    They also couldn’t book reservation using points ATM.

    I inquired about how some people are able to merge and others like myself cannot.
    Rep said it was a hit or miss. Sigh.

    Its frustrating because I was waiting for the new award chart values to go live before booking. However all my points are with SPG and they’re pretty much held hostage right now.

  42. Merged accounts tuesday. Kept marriott number Apparently was successful. Logged in wednesday (8/22) to marriott site, put in existing credentials, taken to home page, no account info showing.

  43. Hey Lucky, Can you look at when Platinum Premier Marriott members will get their concierge assigned to them? My assumption is that you as an SPG elite already have one… but someone like me that was top tier with Marriott never had a concierge… and I would like one.

    If I am understanding all this correctly.

  44. Hey Lucky, do you know if combining accounts will disqualify you from the one last year SPG is allowing status based on stays? That is, if I merge my accounts together, will I no longer be able to qualify for Platinum this year with 25 SPG stays, since Marriott and SPG account will become one? Thanks so much for your help!

  45. I was able to do it just now. I was getting the same error message that everyone else was until I used a previous password and not the password that automatically filled in.

  46. I am wondering the same thing as Kris. I was on track to qualify for Platinum under the 25 stays plan but not that I have merged (spg platform) all of that progress seems to be going away.

    Will my Marriott stays from earlier in 2018 count towards those stays?

    If not, will future Marriott stays count towards finishing off that 25 stay?

    Do they only need to be legacy SPG stays to count? Very confused.

  47. In the summary screen “Lifetime nights” should really be replaced with the text “Year To Date nights”. Not sure what they were thinking.

  48. Got SPG Platinum Status via Platinum Challenge, had Platinum status on SPG and MR, after Saturday I was downgraded to Gold in both, is this a glitch?, are they not going to honor what they promised?

  49. FWIW after many failed attempts to combine my accounts I opened up a browser that has no tracking (Duckduckgo) and was able to successfully combine on the first attempt. I then logged out, switched back to Chrome, and was able to log in and see my combined point balance displayed. Now all that remains is trying to chase down 60,000 point availability at Al Maha 🙂

  50. Had problems combining accts since the “merger” of programs. Tried it about 15 minutes ago and was successful. Can’t figure out why there is both a Marriott site and an SPG site…or a separate new one, imho, would be best

  51. @H: I have no clue what my company’s SET# is. Itvwas always populated automatically so I never bothered to take note. Problem is that HR is useless so they don’t know what the number is either. I will find it somehow but I had to do some bookings in the last couple days and nobody can help me with that.

  52. Take a deep breath, most of you. For the overall scope of this integration, I’m actually impressed. Stuff will go offline for a few hours or counts will be off for a few days.

    Marriott wouldn’t let me log in from 11 am-1 pm earlier today and everything is back and humming. Those calling this a “mess” need to take a chill pill. If it’s messed up by September or cancels your reservation between now and then, pick up a phone.

    Also, duh – for as many of you that check your account on an hourly basis, screenshot your totals in case you need to have that as a record.

  53. I’m good as I was able to finally combine accts…sooner or later this will simply be a figment of our imagination…no sweat, if you wait it will happen.

    Regards to all and be patient.

  54. Reminds me of the United Continental IT merger debacle. I have Marriott Gold and stayed this past weekend during the IT merger. Desk clerk said I have no idea what your status is “the old gold or the new gold”.. D- Marriott.

  55. Totally shambolic and farcical. While it is a complex piece of work, they have had months and months to prepare for it. Now we have incorrect data , no contact details for anyone outside the US, and not a word from Marriott about when this will be fixed ( but looks like weeks rather than hours/days, as per the original advice).

  56. When you combine your account, did your reservations with attached certificates remain in tact? The attached certificate in my reservation is gone! The worst part is, the reservation is showing the new higher redemption rate!!

  57. Are we sure that if we get 100 legacy SPG nights that we get Ambassador service next year even if we don’t spend the 20k? And will combining accounts affect this? I’m at 66 nights and 8k spend. By the end of September I’ll be at about 80 nights and 10k spend. No reason to go for 100 nights if I won’t get the benefits when I can use the last 3 months of the year to get “backup” status with another chain

  58. I guess by the looks of how it’s going for me … I’m moving to any other program after 18 years with SPG mostly platinum, I think its time for a change to another programme, Marriott can’t even get a simple integration right, some might say but it so many members …etc I would agree if they are a small company with no experience and not in the hospitality industry, then maybe its acceptable to take more than 5 days to get somethings fixed, but they are not a small company and they should know what they are doing, even a simple reply to an email requesting help, they don’t reply to.

    Do you really think they will treat long loyal SPG member right ( if so we would have been with Marriott at first) but we where with SPG because they are excellent and know how to treat guests not just another unprofessional hotels like Marriott I mean they can’t even communicate right huhuhuh even though they had more time than they needed

    Here is a list of other programs I will look at

    Wyndham Rewards
    World of Hyatt
    Hilton Honors
    Golden Circle Frequent
    Le Club AccorHotels
    IHG Rewards
    Best Western Rewards
    Choice Privileges
    Club Carlson

  59. At T+5, I am missing stay credits, night credits, Amex Credit Card SPG points and incorrect lifetime nights. Dissappointing.

    I only have 4 stays left at SPG properties to get Platinum the old way. I wonder when it will reflect as such since the new Marriotted SPG ap shows no evidence of the old qualifications

  60. I combined both accounts however my status did not update to Platinum Premier in accordance with the new status levels provided by Marriott via email prior to the amalgamation cut over . I have written to customer support several times however they reply with a generic irrelevant response .Further three reservations are missing from my account . Strangely I attempted a reservation yesterday at a Paris SPG property using the Marriott website however a note appeared stating the property does not accept amex . I knew this was incorrect however when I called reservations they informed me nothing could be done regarding this glitch and I should call the hotel directly! Annoying !

  61. Booked a few free stays the other day with better rates. I’m glad I don’t have much skin in the game. Husband is platinum and I’m gold, but we don’t have excessive points at all. I’ll let it sort itself out for awhile. Too much hassle for now.

  62. Still getting this error –

    Please correct the following and try again.
    We are unable to process your request at this time due to an unprocessable condition. Please try again later.

    Called the Number in Australia again and they reset my password for the THIRD time
    still cant log into and or merge accounts …

  63. Can’t login to Marriott to combine accounts…. Same for me over the last couple of days, and just tried again at 7:50am (EST) on 8.23.2018.

    Can’t log into marriott
    major issues for me –
    Can log into spg and marriott app all ok
    Can log into spg web site with new spg number all ok
    Can’t merge my account I get this error when logging into marriott —
    Please correct the following and try again. We are unable to process your request at this time due to an unprocessable condition. Please try again later.

    Also my SPG account number is showing a new number, so how can you choose which number to keep. I have been SPG since the beginning of time (and Lifetime Platinum), and know the SPG number inside and out…..but the option to keep the SPG number won’t be possible since it already changed.

  64. Combined OK using SPG..but new number as mentioned before

    Lifetime stays and points seem to be correct.

  65. @Lucky, so if I choose to keep Marriott member #, any purchases with my SPG cards will be automatically credited to the combined account now right?

  66. Tigris23, that’s the way I understand it …using the SPG AE card but a rewards member…just use the new Marriott premier card, it gives the same benefits only it ain’t an AE card. Just saying…

  67. @Nicholas, thanks, yea seems logical but with all the chaos going on lately, just wanted to confirm.

  68. @lucky Woah thanks for the post. I wouldn’t have known to connect both accounts again. I kept the SPG account with the new number I was assigned but it’s strange in my process my SPG verification was the second step but Marriott login was the very first step. Still they confirmed I’m keeping my SPG account.

  69. I had 26 stays and 27 nights prior to the Merger at the end of July.

    Now after the merger I have 24 nights.

    I called the platinum line and I was told to wait 5 days.

    It was my understanding I’d have platinum status for next year locked up if I reached 25 stays before August 18th.

    Is anyone else dealing with something similar?

  70. I’m having a platinum elite with MR which matched from UA mileage program before the merger and a gold elite with SPG which comes with the SPG AMEX.

    I’m worrying will my MR status be downgraded into gold if I do the combination? Does anyone has the same situation as I do?

  71. After the merger, my marriot account showed Platnium on Sunday. But after combining the Accounts yesterday: Gold!

    Really thinking about canceling my stays in Santiago and stay with someone else.

  72. Little, when the merger was first announced I was Lifetime Platinum on Marriott and a nobody on SPG. I linked my accounts and got Lifetime Platinum on SPG. Despite this merger problem. you should get the higher status when you merge with the one that has the lower status. The first step is to link your accounts (different from combining), then combine.

    Phil, you’re going to need to chat with someone at Marriott…try this:

    or write this guy…

    [email protected]

  73. The issue I’ve been having is that whatever the “new” SPG number is, I have no way of accessing it. I merged my spouse’s and my mother’s with no problem and the original MR number stayed, but, for me, it’s not acknowledging either my “old” SPG number or my email for log-in, nor my old or reset passwords…ARGH. Basically it feels like the site knows the “new” SPG number, but I have no way of accessing it.

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