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I use Uber on an almost daily basis, and find the service to be fantastic all around, in particular when comparing them to taxis. That probably has to do with the instant feedback loop. With every ride you’re asked to rate the driver, and have the option of leaving feedback. The driver won’t actually see what score you leave them, but instead will only see their overall score.

What most people don’t realize is that Uber drivers also rate Uber riders. Just like you have the option of giving the driver a 1-5 star rating with every ride, the driver also has the option of giving you a 1-5 star rating.

Now the truth is that the rider’s rating doesn’t matter quite as much as the driver’s rating. In other words, if a driver’s average rating falls below ~4.5 stars or so, they could be in trouble. Meanwhile as a rider you’re unlikely to be “rejected” from a ride unless you have a really low score.

In July I posted how you could find our your Uber score by emailing Uber. You could log into the app and then follow a few steps, and then eventually they’d email you with your score.

Well, Uber has made the process even easier, as you can now find out your Uber score directly through the Uber app.

When you’re logged into the app, simply tap the icon at the top left of the screen and then click on “Help.”


On the next page select the “Account” option.


Then click the button that says “I’d like to know my rating.”


You’ll be brought to a page which explains how the rating system works, and then at the bottom of the page you can hit the “Submit” button to get your score.


The next page will display your Uber rating…


…mine is 4.6, which sort of surprised me!


My rating was 4.8 back in July (and I’ve taken hundreds of Uber trips), so I’m not sure what I did to drop my score to 4.6 over the course of about five months. I must have really pissed off a couple of drivers. Oh well, I always try to be courteous, but I guess that only gets you so far.

Bottom line

Ultimately there are no real implications of your Uber score, unless it’s really bad (in which case you may find yourself being rejected when ordering an Uber). It’s still interesting to find out what your score, though.

What’s your Uber score, and is it higher or lower than you expected?

(Tip of the hat to The Points Guy)

  1. Mine’s still 5.0, but that’s only on a total of 25 rides or so. I’ve had less opportunity for something to go wrong, I guess.

  2. Having very recently sold my car and have soloing been using uber. Happy to report my rating is 4.9. I was told by many drivers that they won’t pick up below 4.7. (which is the cut off for drivers as well.)

  3. 4.8 and similarly have done hundreds of trips. I was once told by a driver that he – and other drivers he knows – give a 4 when the rider doesn’t tip. Obviously against Uber policy, but no real way to enforce it.

  4. To my shock – 4.9. Thanks for the tip. I’m surprised because I’m becoming less tolerant of the many drivers who insist on blindly following the GPS or Waze and have no local knowledge or common sense. Maybe I’m being reasonable polite. 🙂

  5. @Seth – Interesting. I assumed a correlation because they explicitly say a cash-free experience is part of their goal for the product on the rider side, so it’s “unfair” to allow riders to then be penalized for not tipping… but life isn’t fair.

  6. I wonder if it would be possible to propose to the driver that both of you rate each other 5 stars at the same time at the end of the ride. I’ve had around 30-40 rides and a bit miffed that I have a 4.5 when I’ve given all but 2 or 3 drivers 5 stars. So no more mister nice guy …

  7. @anon – Never been asked to watch me do it, but numerous drivers have asked me to please rate 5.0.

  8. 4.9 and out of 300+ rides I have only tipped once, and it was because I was traveling with a colleague who was being a total obnoxious d-bag.

  9. I’ve got a rating of 4.3 which surprised me as I’m always friendly and talkative (or so I thought) never hopped in an Uber drunk etc. Very curious to know how they come to a rating decision.

  10. I am 4.7 and I never have tipped. I didn’t know I was supposed to be tipping but I thought the whole point of a cashless ride program is so I didn’t have to have cash…

  11. 4.9 with hundreds of rides and have never tipped. I strike up conversation with the drivers, ask them about their day and their hobbies if they seem like they’d like to talk. I try to give them tips about the area, like where to get the cheapest gas and warnings about speed cameras/red light cameras. I even got one driver who told me she wanted to be a web developer an interview with a company for an entry level position, and she got the job! And sometimes I tell them that I’ll surely be giving them 5 stars. Basically, I interact in a way that I hope acts as a tip in its own way.

  12. I wish I could rate FAs for each flight segment. Some timely feedback would help airlines in meeting standards of service.

  13. My Uber score is 4.9 but I only completed about 8 trips total I think. But I am liking that i got SPG starpoints from using my last Uber ride cuz I linked my Uber to SPG. Received a measly 9 points or something cuz i used UberX. Still Nice!

  14. Mine is 5.0, but I only have used Uber a few times, but I never argue with the driver, and I always am polite and courteous.

  15. Fun fact, thanks for pointing it out. My rating is 4.6. I guess I had some tough rides recently and I got seriously annoyed at a few drivers who didn’t know their way around at all…
    Lesson learned: nice is better.

  16. Rating passengers is the stupidest idea ever. Drivers are in this to make money right? So deal with passengers of all kinds or get out of the business.

  17. I got a 5.0 from 400+ rides, I guess I am just a nice guy…

    I only use it in Shanghai and never tip or talk to the driver. In fact, I wasn’t even aware that you could tip.

  18. Thanks for the tip! I thought it was only possible to know the rating by sending them an email. Oh and by the way, mine is 5… with just 7 trips 🙂

  19. Everyone’s comments are interesting indeed. I’m not sure how, but the first time I checked about 6 months or so ago, I was 4.9. Today: 5.0! 33 rides over the past two years. Have tipped outside of the app exactly once. Never since. Always engage the driver in discussion and am more interested in them vs. trying to be interesting to them. Have had some incredible conversations getting to know drivers. Many of them are incredibly terrific people!

  20. Mine is still 5.0, but admittedly a small sampling. I was told that you should tip $1-2 if you want to maintain a high rating, so I’ve done so on my last few rides. YMMV

  21. 4.9 after several dozen rides. What are you 4.3/4.4 people doing?!

    Re: tipping, I’ve found Uber corporate to be pretty responsive the few times I’ve emailed them. I would escalate immediately with them the second a driver asked for a tip.

  22. I’m a 5. I used Uber a lot on my trip to the US a month ago and my Uber drivers were very chatty as soon as they know I’m from Australia.

  23. It’s random and there are no rules.

    Drivers can rate whatever they want. Passengers can rate whatever they want.

    My rating has stayed constant in the 4.7-4.8 range for the past year. Good rides, bad rides, tips, no tips.

    Some drivers tell me they never give a 5. Some tell me they only give a 5.

    I’ve spoken with people at Uber (a former client of mine) and I’ve spoken with their customer service. They don’t give the drivers guidelines. “The community manages itself.”

    Some drivers want you to chat the whole way, even if you need to make calls. Some drivers like quiet passengers, even if you want to strike up a conversation.

    No rhyme or reason for any of this.

  24. Uber drivers have told me that New York based passengers tend to have lower scores. Also, customers that take Uber Black tend to have higher scores because they are not expected to tip. I firmly believe tipping plays a big part in Uber scores for those that primarily take UberX. I’ve seen more and more media article that argue in favor for cash tipping when using UberX, and that is likely working its way through the ratings system.

  25. 4.9 score with some 50+ trips. Have never ever tipped an Uber driver. Instead of throwing money at the problem treat them like the human being that is driving you around in his or her backseat. Ask them when they started working, if it’s busy. Usually they like to talk and if not then your work is done. Always tell them to stay safe when you exit. I always give a 5 except for one time when the driver was noticeably intoxicated and didn’t know how to get to LAX.

  26. Uber X drivers run their cars ragged. In some markets, they are paid a very low rate that barely covers the miles put on the car/insurance/gas. The Uber X drivers really appreciate a $1 or $2 cash tip, especially when your fare is less than $10.

    Also, if your location is at all tricky to find (and pins do not always drop accurately) text your driver as soon as you are connected with some helpful tips on how to find you.

    Both of these tips will improve your rating.

    Mine is 5 with over 70 trips this year.

  27. Glad to know how to do this! I’m at a 5.0 and have never tipped. The whole reason I like taking Uber is so I don’t have to deal with any cash.

  28. Huge fan of measuring things ala Quantified Self, but there are simply too many limitations on a single number which is supposed to encompass everything. In the end, things like GPA and this uber-driver rating only signal compliance. Seems like it introduces a lot of false negatives and is of limited information to feedback to the driver. Or in this case, to Ben. What did he do “wrong”? I’m a big fan of making numbers more telling, that can be done but is too nuanced for this already lengthy comment.

  29. 4.9 here with about 300 rides under my belt. When I’m traveling I only take Uber Black or Uber SUV if those options are available so I presume that helps. At home Uber X is all that’s available. I’m kind of surprised my rating is that high because at home there are rarely any cars available but if I move the pin literally 1 minute down the same road that my house is on it’s always available so I always end up resorting to dropping the pin down the road and then calling or texting the driver right away and telling them where I am.

  30. My rating is 4.9 over perhaps 60 rides and I have never tipped. I didn’t realize I was supposed to. The Uber site says it is not necessary. It is one of the big advantages over cabs. Just hop out, no fumbling with credit cards or change. If they’re going to want tips now I may as well just hail a cab. They’re everywhere.

  31. I always tell the driver as I get out “5 stars, thank you”, which gets them to think about rating me the same, and some of them are very explicit about that.

  32. Thanks for showing how to check our ratings. I’m happy to say I have a 5.0 🙂 I always engage the driver and have only tipped once when it was a long trip and had just had our engagement party so I was feeling overly generous. Cheers!!!

  33. Thanks for the tip on checking in the app.
    I have a 5.0 on about 120 rides.
    I always tip a few dollars simply because I would tip a cab driver. It seems reasonable to do.

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