How patient should I be with a United supervisor?

This post is a follow-up to my post from last Sunday, where I got bumped but I really didn’t. The gate agent insisted on calling a supervisor because she felt I wasn’t treated properly, and the supervisor asked for my email address so he could email me a “gesture of goodwill.”

Well, that was six days ago and my email inbox is empty. How patient should I be? If I don’t hear from him, do I email1Kvoice or hunt him down the next time I’m at IAD? I’m leaning towards the latter….

It would have been one thing if a supervisor hadn’t been called, but the situation was bad to begin with, and calling a supervisor that promises compensation, only to not receive anything, really ticks me off. That turns one bad situation into two bad situations.

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  1. I love how you ask us in the peanut gallery for our opinions. Having gone through the pain and experience of learning when and where to pick my fights, this sounds like a situation where letting go would be the best move.

    It would be good karma.

    In fact, you never did get bumped, so there was no event for which compensation was necessary. Moreover, the fact that you get treated like a king pretty much wherever you go w/in the United world is pretty cool too.

    The supervisor probably offered compensation because he/she is so used to dealing with asshole business fliers whose egos require something more than a heartfelt apology. People screw up – front line people have sick children, they go through divorces, they have bad news.

    Don’t get me wrong, agents should not let this bleed into their work day, but we’re human, and it happens.

    Plus, you don’t want to be one of those entitled people. I see them every day, and they have lost sight of reality.

    My advice? When you see him next time at IAD, sincerely thank him for his heartfelt apology (I think that along was pretty cool what he did). Since your face is so well known, that might spark his memory. If you do this sincerely, Karma may very well reward you! šŸ™‚

  2. I would email I’m pretty sure he she forgot about it.
    Are you doing MR this weekend? Seem like most flight out of DEN and ORD
    are 0 out today.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. After missing a connection in DEN last December that was not weather related, the UA gate agent promised that I would be re-accomodated on the last flight on a different carrier. They ended up not doing it, and wouldn’t pay for overnight lodging. Now, I’m only a Premier member, so would not expect the same treatment as a 1K, but I don’t like being given lip service. If someone is going to promise something, follow up on it. Stick to your guns and hold them accountable. I know you can be tactful and do it diplomatically so that it’s a win-win.

  4. @ Eric & Oliver — Thanks for your thoughts. To be clear, I didn’t feel I was entitled to anything, per se, although I did have a verbal agreement with the gate agent, although I didn’t raise a stink. Rather, the gate agent insisted I was treated poorly and called the supervisor to apologize to me. Again, I didn’t feel it was heartfelt from the supervisor, but rather it was the gate agent that felt bad.

    Had the supervisor just apologized I would have accepted it and moved on, but the supervisor promised me something. When someone promises me something I expect them to follow through and deliver. Assuming I don’t get an email from the supervisor, I feel his actions were extremely unprofessional.

    @ first — The only issue is that I don’t want to email 1Kvoice, as it would be too complicated to explain. I think I might just pay a visit to one of the supervisors next time I’m at IAD, although I’m not sure when that’ll be. No flying for me this weekend.

    @ SAN Greg — Regardless of someone’s status level, promises need to be kept. Sorry you weren’t treated well, and thanks for the thoughts.

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