How long does this go on for?

I’m staying at the Andaz West Hollywood at the moment, and up until now my stay has been flawless. I had a late night last night (relatively speaking, given that I got up at 4AM east coast time) and was looking forward to sleeping in this morning. Heck, the bed is among the most comfortable I’ve had in months. BTA left this comment about the hotel a couple of days ago:

I spent 2 nights at the Andaz WeHo this week, I’m curioius your thoughts. I lucked into a free upgrade from a ‘view’ room to a corner suite, since they were cleaning carpets in my original room. Darn. Nice stay, but watch for the picketers at 6am.

I guess I didn’t quite appreciate the “watch for the picketers at 6am” part. It’s kind of hard not to. I’m on a relatively high floor, but at 6AM on the dot I was woken up by the sound of sirens, people banging pots and pans, and screaming, and of course this picketing is taking place on the street immediately below my room. I mean, let me clear, it’s so loud that even if I went to the bathroom and closed the door, I still would have too much background noise to make a phone call.

So, any insight as to how long this goes on for? And what the hell are they picketing about anyway?

Sucks when an otherwise great hotel is ruined by this kind of stuff…

On the plus side, if you do have to get up at 6AM, it’s a reliable wake up call. 😉

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  1. It seems like they’re protesting cuts to their health benefits, this article’s a month old but probably still accurate:

    Don’t they know there’s a recession on? Health plan cuts are happening everywhere.

    I’m surprised the hotel hasn’t called the cops for a noise ordinance violation, see here:

    They should be in violation of 41.57 LAMC, 115.02 LAMC and 116.01 LAMC.

    Plus its just rude to disturb visitors who are contributing the LA’s economy, by staying and doing business in the area.

  2. At least it feels like 9am! Think about if you were from the west coast and it was on a trip to NYC… It’d feel like 3am!

  3. The Hyatt is in West Hollywood, not L.A., and the local electeds would NEVER try to impede a union picket.

    However, if they are blocking the sidewalk, maybe there is a Transportation Commissioner you could talk to in the neighborhood.

    The union tried tying the Manchester Grand Boycott over gay marriage to protest the Andaz WeHo property, and the City ALMOST passed a resolution condemning the Andaz until I spoke at Council and it got pulled from Consent Calendar and amended…

  4. Lucky sighting?

    Yesterday I also got up before 4AM EDT to catch flights to west coast. On the ORD-SFO flight I slept comfortably in 6H most of the time until 40 minutes before landing. The young man in 1H caught my attention. He was standing in the galley having a pleasant conversation with two FAs. They talked for a good 20+ minutes until the captain turned on the seat belt sign on approach. As soon as the plane reached the gate, the young man stood up and became the first to deplane.

    I never met Lucky before but have seen his BBC interview video. Recently he also mentioned that he liked to talk to crew during MRs. So I sort of suspected it was him. Too bad he took off so fast and disappeared in the crowd at SFO that I never had a chance to introduce myself. From recent blog entries it appears that the young man was indeed Lucky. I hope I will be able to meet him in the future.

  5. That’s just ridiculous. Hotel management should call the police. If the police fail to adequately respond, then hotel management should call in the media to report that.

    Management has the right to make labor an offer and labor has a right to reject it and picket, if they wish. I don’t think, however, that they have the right to disturb the peace or provoke violence on the part of a hotel guest upset by the disturbance.

  6. @ Sean — Based on my conversation with the GM it was a violation and the hotel called the cops at 6AM, but they didn’t show up at 7AM. What a crock!

    @ Alex — VERY, very good point. I was already somewhat awake thanks to the fact that I was coming from the east coast.

    @ Neil35 — That was me. Wish you would’ve said hi! I slept almost the whole way, so only spoke to the flight attendants briefly this time around (though they were excellent, especially the really old dude and the blonde lady… wasn’t a huge fan of the purser).

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