How I’ve been traveling today

As a flight attendant said today, “I see you’re sporting the old United colors.”

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  1. Ok, I’ve now asked the GA and flight crew of last night’s ORD-SFO flight, as well as the GA and flight crew of my upcoming SFO-DEN flight, and no one has any! Last night’s GA told me he went through an entire bag of them in one day! These things are as difficult to find as the Loch Ness Monster. I even tried emailing the AFA to no avail.

  2. Nima, for what it’s worth the FA’s have specifically been instructed not to give these to passengers, although I know that won’t stop some. I’m not sure if that’s why they didn’t get any or if they really didn’t have any, though.

    This was actually my first time flying UA since the wristbands have been around, and I was surprised by how few I saw. I was expecting lots more, and I saw maybe a dozen employees the whole weekend with them on, none of which were on FA’s.

    I’ll see if I can negotiate with ALPA for a bulk discount and then give them out to those interested, but no promises. šŸ™‚

  3. That would be sweet if you’re successful.

    I did read the FT thread about FA’s being warned not to wear if give them out. It’s funny you should mention it, because just after I posted my comment above, I asked an FA for one who told me, “none of us have one — that’s the answer you’ll get from everyone here.” Her message was clear — whether they have one or not, they’re not telling. Other FAs were telling me they wish they had one, so it sounds like some are less inhibited than others.

    I actually just ran into a ramp employee who was wearing a sign on his back that said, “I like my job much better after my labotomy.” I asked him if he gets any trouble for it, and he said, “They know better — I’m 59 and I could walk off any day. They don’t mess with me.”

  4. Nima, LMAO, that shirt is funny yet sad. There’s a good chance I might be able to get my hands on about 100 of them, so I’ll keep ya guys updated.

  5. Score!

    I just had some luck too (fingers crossed). I’m sitting on 1228 (DEN-ORD, delayed an hour so far) and made friends with an FA who’s deadheading (so I figure she’s safe from getting in trouble since she’s not in uniform). She asked for my address and said she would send me a stash! One can only hope she makes good on it!

  6. Ugh. My attempts at getting at least one of these babies have not been successful. Was hoping to sport one on Tuesday in Intl F. šŸ™

  7. Any luck for you so far on getting a stash of these? No love for me from that FA that promised them a week or so ago.

  8. FINALLY! On Monday I flew from ORD to DTW and asked the crew if anyone had one. The crew up front didn’t, but they told me to check with “Bubbles” in the back. Not only did she give up her one and only GGG wristband, she then hooked myself and my coworker up with free booze in coach for the rest of the flight. It’s too bad it was only a 253 mi flight. She was hilarious too. I won’t quote her since her comments were definitely not rated G, but suffice it to say she got a glowing GTEM from me!

  9. ROFL!!!! šŸ˜€

    Bubbles?!?! Oh man, really sounds like I deserve an email with the details on this one.

    Well done, my friend.

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