Hotel Del Coronado Is Joining Hilton’s Curio Collection

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While I think San Diego is a beautiful city, it’s not the world’s most exciting hotel market. There are a good number of hotel rooms in the city, though they’re very consistently priced — the city just can’t seem to support many hotels that have rates of over $250 per night. As a result, the city is full of lots of convention hotels, and I can’t say I’ve found a single hotel that has really blown me away.

I’d say the US Grant is probably my favorite of the options, though I refuse to stay there alone, since it’s haunted. I’ll gladly stay there if I’m traveling with someone, but if I’m traveling alone and staying at a haunted hotel, that’s a recipe for me to not get any sleep.

Perhaps the one exception to the above is Hotel del Coronado, which seems to typically have rates of $400+ per night. Now, technically it’s not San Diego, but rather in Coronado, California, which is just across the bridge from San Diego. It’s right on the beach, and by many is considered to be San Diego’s best hotel, especially for those looking for a beach vacation. While I haven’t stayed at the hotel, I’ve had drinks there a few times. There’s no doubt the hotel is charming, though it also feels a bit past its prime, at least in the public areas.

While Hotel del Coronado belongs to Amex Fine Hotels & Resorts, Virtuoso, etc., it doesn’t belong to any of the major hotel chains. It looks like that will soon be changing.

Hotel del Coronado will join Curio Collection by Hilton as of July 31, 2017. As of now the hotel isn’t yet bookable through Hilton booking channels, though the upcoming Curio Collection property page lists this as one of their new properties.

Curio Collection is Hilton’s collection of independent, upscale hotels. It’s intended to be similar to Starwood’s Luxury Collection and Marriott’s Autograph Collection, with the goal of giving you a hotel that doesn’t feel cookie cutter, while also giving you the benefits you get from their association with a major brand (points, elite credits, etc.).

So, what can Hilton Honors members expect at Curio Collection properties? Hilton Honors isn’t the most consistent loyalty program when it comes to benefits across their brands. Of course members can earn and redeem points at Curio Collection properties, and earn elite qualifying night credits. Furthermore, Hilton Honors Gold & Diamond members receive complimentary continental breakfast as well as space available room upgrades at these hotels.

Anyone excited about Hotel del Coronado joining Curio Collection?

(Tip of the hat to Jimmy)

  1. I’ve only had drinks at the Grant, but have stayed a few weekends at the Del; twice when my place was tented for termites. Fun if you can get one of the quirky attic spots.
    Tends to get rennovated whenever someone new buys it.

  2. @Lucky Next time you are in San Diego, you should book a stay at The Fairmont Grand Del Mar. It is a gorgeous property, with excellent dining and a serene setting. It’s about 25 min north of downtown San Diego, but well worth the drive. Cheers!

  3. I’ve stayed at the Del before. Very unique; I would go back again. Joining the Curio Collection is great news for me as a Hilton guy.

  4. Yes!!! Hiltons in So Cal are mostly awful. Glad to have somewhere close by to use my Hilton points 🙂

  5. I’d love to stay there sometime, but crossing that bridge scares the be-jeezus out of me! The one time I went to the Del, I drove down to the end of the bay, and then back up to the hotel. That’s a long detour for a hotel that has seen better days.

  6. A lot of haunted history between the U.S. Grant and the Hotel Del Coronado. If you’re travelling alone, I suggest avoiding Room 3327. The ghost of Kate Morgan is said to be quite active in there and in a few other locations around the Coronado. More on the haunted history here:

  7. Try the new Pendry on your next visit. It is lovely and the design fantastic. And all of the F&B options are quite good as well.

    Oddly I just had to pay well over $400 for the Kimpton Palomar for the most inexpensive room as everything was booked for a convention. Luckily I got upgraded to a great suite.

  8. If I recall Hotel Del is owned by the same people who own the former St Regis Monarch Beach. I’m curious if the Monarch Beach Resort will join them eventually.

    On a side note, I can say SPG misses having a real luxury option in south OC

  9. A lovely hotel and stayed there many times in the past when it was a delight but it is now on the tour bus circuit and the public areas feel like being at Disneyland. No longer the elegant beach resort and definitely no longer worth what they charge.

  10. The Inn at Rancho Santa Fe has become part of Starwood (Tribute Portfolio). It’s tough for independent hotels to make it on their own.

  11. Anyone willing to guess the points needed to stay once its a Curio? I assume upper end for on par with say Waldorf.

  12. Isn’t Andaz the dominant strategy in SD? Well-located, good amenities, decent rooftop pool / restaurant?

    As with many of the luxury collection properties, is this just a really expensive customer acquisition tool to combat the hotel oversupply issue in SD?

  13. I live in San Diego – the hotels are as they are ’cause – WE DON’T WANT PEOPLE TO STAY IN THEIR ROOMS!

  14. There will never be another Hotel Del Coronado, great place to stay at…I come from the M. Larry Lawrence era…it was like family back in the day.

  15. I stayed on The US Grant last week for the first time, having previously only visited the lobby. Had no idea it was haunted and slept fine until the sun emerged and shined right on my pillow in the Landmark Suite. Dysfunctional blackout shades were a hallmark of my travels last week, it seemed. Le sigh.

    I do like the idea of Hotel Del being a Curio. I’d likely never stay there otherwise (especially having heard it’s very much showing its age). As a Diamond, however, the new partnership makes it more appealing. I’ve considered trying the nearby Marriott, but that would mean no Platinum breakfast as the property is classified as a resort.

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