Hilton’s first quarter 2011 promotion

Hilton has unveiled the details of their first quarter 2011 promotion, which will run from January 3 through March 31. Basically, you earn double base points for stays of two nights, triple base points for stays of three nights, and quadruple base points for stays of four or more nights. Registration is required.

Now, along with the rest of the world, I’m just anxiously waiting to see what Hyatt comes up with!

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  1. Now if Hilton would only revive the 4 stays = 1 free night promo(aka Q3FN), then this would be even better.

  2. What a horrible deal! You basicially have to decide if you want to jump hotels to lock in your nights for status or go for double base points. Of course, with them devaluing posints, the promotion is a no brainer and should be ignored…..

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