Hilton & Lyft Patnership: Earn & Redeem Points

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In May 2019, Hilton and Lyft launched a partnership. It’s always great to see when ride-sharing apps develop relationships with other travel providers. It’s a natural connection, given that frequent travelers probably use ride-sharing apps more than the average person.

While the ability to earn Hilton points for Lyft rides was launched back in May, they’ve now added the functionality to redeem Hilton points for Lyft rides… but is it worth it?

Earning Hilton Points For Lyft Rides

With this partnership you can earn Hilton Honors points for your Lyft rides, which has now been possible for several months. Those who link their Hilton Honors and Lyft accounts at hiltonhonorslyft.com will automatically earn points whenever they take a Lyft ride. The earnings structure is as follows:

  • Earn three Hilton Honors points per dollar spent on Lyft rides
  • Earn two Hilton Honors points per dollar spent on Lyft shared rides
  • You can earn points for up to $10,000 of Lyft spend per year

Points should post within 24 hours of an eligible ride.

Personally, I value Hilton Honors points at ~0.5 cents each, so to me this is the equivalent of a 1.5% return on most Lyft rides and a 1% return on shared rides.

Redeeming Hilton Points For Lyft Rides

We’ve known since this partnership was announced that they’d eventually introduce the functionality to redeem Hilton Honors points for Lyft rides, and that’s now live.

The bad news is that it’s not a good deal… at all. You can redeem Honors points for Lyft credits in certain denominations, and no matter which one you choose, you’re paying about 4.5 Honors points per cent of Lyft credit.

That means you’re getting ~0.22 cents of value per Hilton point using this method, which is a bit less than half of my valuation of Hilton points. So I wouldn’t recommend redeeming this way.

Other Opportunities To Earn Points With Lyft

While this partnership represents the first of its kind between Lyft and a hotel group, this isn’t the first opportunity to earn loyalty points for Lyft rides, as Lyft also partners with some airlines.

For example, you can earn 2x Delta SkyMiles per dollar on US airport rides, and 1x Delta SkyMiles per dollar on all other US rides.

What’s interesting is that there’s nothing in the terms restricting you from taking advantage of multiple partnerships, so you should be able to earn Delta miles and Hilton points from the same ride, for example.

Even looking at these partnerships independently, personally I think the Hilton one is the most well rounded, given that it’s not restricted to US rides, and given the earnings rates.

Best Credit Cards For Lyft Rides

When you’re paying for your Lyft rides, make sure you use a card offering bonus points on ride sharing or travel.

The best personal cards for this include:

The best business cards for this include:

Bottom Line

I’m a big fan of the partnership between Hilton and Lyft, which is an opportunity to earn up to 30,000 Honors bonus points per year.

While the opportunity to redeem Hilton points for Lyft rides might sound tempting, I’d highly recommend against doing it. You can get better value with your Honors points for hotel stays.

Have you used the Lyft & Hilton partnership yet?

  1. I have a decent chunk of Hilton points that were set to expire in a few months. This should save me from having to transfer points or redeem e-rewards. Great!

  2. On the landing page for this it says “US and Canada” so I don’t think it’s valid globally.

  3. Awesome partnership, almost a 8% return if you stack 3% from the Reserve, points from Delta and Hilton. Coupled with the Mastercard benefits too!

  4. Lucky,

    Time to do a detailed post on Uber vs Lyft strategies for frequent users. I’ve gotten good value out of Uber’s Rewards Program, but Lyft’s partnerships may even be even more rewarding.

  5. Lucky: Not sure it’s worth praising the Lyft-Hilton partnership for being “global”/not restricted to US rides given that Lyft is only present in the United States and Canada.

  6. Interesting that you selected Hilton and Uber as the keywords in the top photo. Seems a bit dismissive of Lyft, don’t you think?

  7. Why credit to Hilton over Delta? I’m really not clear on which one will be more rewarding.

  8. Wow, you have to agree to let Hilton know everywhere you travel in a Lyft in order to get these points. There is no data privacy opt-out that I could find. The terms and conditions seem pretty intrusive.

  9. I’ve been able to double dip on Delta and JetBlue which is great for airport trips. Hopefully I can just add on Hilton to further stack the deal.

  10. Will keep my Hilton points from expiring but won’t be a game changer earning points. I’ll stick with Uber for the Amex credits but then use LYFT for the points with JetBlue Delta and now Hilton.

  11. I saw this on Reddit today and I saw you can do jetblue as well I thought it was delta or not.
    have you tried triple dipping @lucky?
    @CF Frost all the crossover lets you know where you are it’s only so that people who dont care arent using your links across the country its the same TOS as Jetblue and Delta.

  12. @DLPTATL awesome I was just asking this didn’t see your post I agree why not triple dip!

  13. CF frost, you think that the moment you take a lyft or Uber that location data isn’t already being sold to everyone on the planet?? It’s probably sold before you even finish your ride.

  14. CF Frost, you don’t have to choose where to credit. You can credit to both hilton and lyft at the same time

  15. I tried to link Hilton/Lyft and ran into procedural/automation problems. After talking with Hilton, they acknowledged “system” issues and said that new (website) code would go live in the next day or two. I’ll try again then.

  16. @Eric: Even if it wasn’t limited to US/Canada, I don’t think there are too many other markets in which Lyft operates.

    For a while, I had the Lyft app installed, but since I’m rarely travelling to US/Canada, I deleted it, because it’s pointless to search a ride elsewhere … Maybe there is an odd market they operate, but I haven’t found it …

  17. I’ve had continued success double-dipping Delta and Hilton on Lyft rides since Hilton joined the fold. Sad to see Jetblue pull out of their partnership with Lyft as it was a good way to keep activity in my seldom-used Jetblue account (ATL based so limited options to fly them).

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