Hilton Eliminates Points & Fixed Miles Option

You’d think after Hilton HHonors’ award chart massacre this past March they’d let things rest for a little while, But nope, they’re back for another cut, this time to their “points and fixed miles” option.

When you stay at Hilton properties you currently have three options for earning points, as follows:

  • POINTS & POINTS (HHonors Base Points + HHonors Bonus Points)
    For the fastest way to a free night with Hilton HHonors™, choose this earning style. Earn 10 HHonors Base Points plus 5 Bonus Points per eligible US dollar spent on your room. (For stays at Home2 Suites by Hilton™ hotels, earn 5 HHonors Base Points plus 2.5 Bonus Points per eligible US dollar spent on your room.)
  • POINTS & VARIABLE MILES (HHonors Base Points + variable airline/rail miles)
    Turn longer stays into free nights and reward flights with this earning style. Earn 10 HHonors Base Points plus 1 mile per eligible US dollar spent on your room. (For stays at Home2 Suites by Hilton™ hotels, earn 5 HHonors Base Points plus 1 mile per eligible US dollar spent on your room, up to 100 miles per stay.)
  • POINTS & FIXED MILES (HHonors Base Points + fixed airline/rail miles)
    Maximize the miles you earn during shorter stays with this earning style. Earn 10 HHonors Base Points per eligible US dollar spent on your room, plus 500 airline/rail miles per hotel stay. (For stays at Hampton Inn™, Homewood Suites by Hilton™, and Home2 Suites by Hilton™ hotels, earn 100 miles per stay.)

For short, cheap stays the points & fixed miles option was most tempting. You always earn 10 base points per dollar spent, so the difference between the three choices is for earnings beyond that. You have the choice between five bonus HHonors points per dollar spent, one mile per dollar spent, or a fixed 500 miles per stay. For a one night stay at a reasonably priced property the best option was always selecting the 500 airline miles.

Anyway, Hilton has announced that as of January 6, 2014, they’ll be discontinuing the “points & mixed miles” option. 🙁

(Tip of the hat to Gary)

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  1. Another reason to stop staying at Hilton. Add in the fact that you get less points for some properties per dollar and this is a deep cut. I will not actively not pursue staying at any Hilton properties. I’ll continue to slowly gather the points when I’m forced to stay at a Hilton or Hampton Inn but it might take me forever to gather a free night, etc. Also Hilton points expire so they are even less valuable than many other hotel chains. This puts them at LaQuinta or Days Inn level. Sad.

  2. I don’t travel that frequently as I’m still a college college student, 6-7 times a year. Got hhonors gold last year, extended it to Feb 2015 through mp premium. Points are not that important to me since I don’t travel that much, I like the free breakfast hhonors provide for gold. Stayed twice this year (tokyo Shinjuku $180/night for 5 nights and seoul millennium $210/night for 5 nights) and have close to 50k points. Enough for 5 nights at cat 2 properties. Still not bad for travellers who don’t travel often. DT hilton will be opening a hotel in the town beside mine and another town 3 hours further down next year which makes things easier!

  3. Thanks Lucky. I always know I can count on your blog to translate into understandable language these updates. Hilton sent out their email announcement yesterday, but it was rather confusing and poorly worded. I had 3 coworkers ask me what the Hilton email meant. 🙂

  4. @DaninSTL – I’m not sure I’ve ever had a single one of my hhonors points expire. However, I have gotten Diamond for the past 3 years at Hilton so it could be because I have activity in my account my points stay active.

    This is an interesting change though when you take into consideration the devaluation of points. Because now, you will probably have more people earn more HHonors points from stays (as they move to Points + Points) and getting free hotel stays faster.

  5. shame on hilton!

    i did not spend a single night at hilton in 2013. my diamond status carried over from 2012 will expire in feb 2014. since i have no plan to pick up hilton status, this change is irrelevant to me.

    to me, hilton’s sole benefits are: they have more presence overseas. i found new zeland (and auckland) has no marriott and club carlson and starwood hotels but DOES have one hilton hotel. so, i have to stay at hilton for 5 nights in dec 2014 during my vacation to australia.

    Btw, any advice on which hotel reward programs are good for me to start earning points now, in preparation for 5-night reward stays at new zeland in dec 2014?

  6. @Lucky,
    My family (including two babies sons) will fly to Australia in mid-Dec 2014 for 2 to 3 weeks vacation (stay in my cousin’s home in Sydney). We are going to fly US Airways 110K Business class (I shared 300K miles last month) or Australian Airlines 150K business class (using delta skymiles). We intend to stop over at New Zealand for 5 days, only 3 days for tour after excluding arrival and departure days – I am waiting until next Feb to be able to buy Dec’s tickets.

    I have not done much research on NZ. We will land at Auckland for sure, and probably choose sight-seeing places that fit first for 7-year-old kids and then hopefully for adults. If you have any ideas to recoommend, it would be great.

    I checked that the entire New Zealand has only one Hilton at Auckland. No marriott, clu carlson, or starwood.

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