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We’re in the fifth and final week of Daily Getaways, which is an opportunity to purchase discounted hotel points and travel packages. Today is actually the last day of the promotion. Daily Getaways packages go live at 1PM ET every weekday, and the more popular packages sell out very quickly, so you’ll want to be fast, if interested.

Today at 1PM ET you’ll have the opportunity to purchase discounted Hilton Honors points. This is definitely a popular promotion, though not as popular as the World of Hyatt promotion we saw yesterday. So you should be able to take advantage of the promotion if you want to, but you’ll also want to be quick.

What Hilton points packages are on sale?

The following Hilton points packages are on sale today:

Number Of PointsPackage CostCost Per PointNumber Of Packages
30,000 Hilton Honors$1500.5 cents/point450
100,000 Hilton Honors$5000.5 cents/point275
250,000 Hilton Honors$1,2500.5 cents/point236

You’re limited to purchasing up to a total of five packages, including three 30,000 point packages, one 100,000 point package, and one 250,000 point package. So you could purchase up to 440,000 points here.

Hilton Honors points purchased through this promotion should post within 3-4 weeks.

Redeem Hilton Honors points at the Conrad Bora Bora

Should you buy Hilton points for 0.5 cents each?

Hilton Honors sells points pretty frequently at a discount, and when they do, the cost is typically 0.5 cents per point. So this is the same rate at which Hilton usually sells points directly during a promotion.

The benefit here is that Hilton has a cap on how many points you can purchase per year, and a Daily Getaways purchase doesn’t count towards that cap. That’s why some may find it worthwhile to buy through Daily Getaways.

For more information on the value proposition of this:

Redeem Hilton Honors points at the Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem

Which credit card should you use for Daily Getaways?

In case you do decide to make a purchase, Daily Getaways purchases should be coded as travel, so you’ll want to use a credit card offering bonus points on travel.

Note that this includes the general “travel” category, rather than these purchases specifically being coded as hotel stays.

So consider one of the following cards:

Redeem Hilton Honors points at the Waldorf Astoria Maldives, opening soon

Bottom line

Hilton Honors is a program that has really grown on me over the past few years. I value Hilton Honors points right around 0.5 cents each, so if you have an aspirational redemption in mind, taking advantage of this offer could make a lot of sense.

Do you plan on taking advantage of the Daily Getaways offer for Hilton points?

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  1. Since Hilton has gone “Delta”, I don’t even think they are worth 0.5 anymore.
    The only 2 useful redemption is either at 5,000 or 95,000 and nothing in between.
    Anything besides those two are worth less that 0.5 most of the time.

    Good product, trash loyalty program. Just like Delta.
    At least competition is healthier than AA / UA.

    After a full month of deal, these are what hotel programs worth buying and not hard to get value out of it. (disclosure: I bought some and don’t mind staying 1 star or 5 star).
    1. Choice
    2. Best Western
    3. Marriott
    4. Hyatt
    Too bad Wyndham just devalued theirs, otherwise it’s on the list too.

  2. If you’re booking a 5th night free award stay at Hilton, I have been able to get $0.008-0.009/point with decent frequency. Also, both Delta and Hilton make their points/miles extremely easy to acquire which helps offset the weak valuations on a good amount of redemptions.

    Are the Delta and Hilton programs as good as they once were? No. Do they still have substantial value if you are willing to work a little for it? Definitely.

  3. And shockingly enough, these are supposedly “sold out” now too (if they were ever made available in the first place).

  4. @Eskimo — Might help if you pontificated as authoritatively as you just did on subjects that you know a thing about. The “value” of loyalty points does not seem to be such a subject.

    FYI – I booked a 5-night award stay at WA Maldives for late December with purchased points and got an **outsized** redemption value of 4.3cents/$, i.e., almost 10x the AVERAGE value of 0.5cpp that everyone seems to be hung up on without understanding what it means…

    Well, there you go. It seems that the packages have sold like hot cakes and they’ve already run out…

  5. Apparently, DCS has (yet again) forgotten that the comment policy applies to him too, since he continues to insult people whose opinion disagrees with his.

  6. @DCS

    Might help if you pontificated as authoritatively as you just did on subjects that you know a thing about. “Reading” does not seem to be such a subject.

    If you were able to read my post. (Simplify: D-C-S-E-D-OT) You see the best use is at the lowest or highest point level and nothing in between, which is probably how you used you points. Most people will not be going to Maldives and end up having little choice but to redeem at 0.5 or less.

    Same goes for redeeming a $9000 Delta ATL-SIN RT on J for 170,000 miles and less than $50 fees. This is at 5.2 which is much more most people value it. Would most people able to redeem at that rate, probably not. Most would curse Delta for charging 500k-800k and book something else closer to the general value.

    Congrats on your trip to Maldives and do us a favor, stay offline while you’re there. I’m not mean enough to wish you would get bitten by a shark and drown, never to return again.

  7. @Eskimo — The claim of “value only at low-end and high-end, with *nothing* in the middle” could not possibly have been taken seriously because it was bogus. The test is quite easy: do **random** bookings and report what you find.

    I gave the WA Maldives example simply to stress what I have said repeatedly but shouldn’t have to because it is self-evident: although folks are hung up on the AVERAGE values of points peddled by self-anointed “travel gurus”, the reality is that **points currencies haves no redemption value UNTIL they are redeemed!**


  8. This all is going to be deleted, LOL. But let’s have fun 🙂 Debit isn’t here no more.


    Yep, test is very easy. I’ve done it a million times. No one should take my word for it, do the random bookings, then remember I told you so.

    folks are hung up on the AVERAGE values of points peddled by self-anointed “travel gurus”
    Totally agree, but do you believe that everything you read on the internet must be true? You are smarter than that right?

    **points currencies haves no redemption value UNTIL they are redeemed!**
    Totally agree with the statement.
    But you forgot three things,
    1. **there is a thing we call “expected value”, which should and was already applied to the math** (and we didn’t even factor inflation, aka devaluation in the math)
    2. **point currencies won’t always be redeemable for everyone at the most favorable value** (odds of most people booking WA Maldives vs Hilton Garden somewhere).
    3. **by BUYING in to this deal at 0.5, you DID assign a value to it at 0.5** (unlike the ‘rebate’ they hand out when you stay with them)


  9. @Eskimo — Well, as one who takes a 4-week personal vacation at the end of every year that includes many Hilton award stays, I have had to do the ‘test’ a million times too. In fact, I will be doing another not too long from now as I begin planning my 2019 year-end ‘escapade’; I will be sure to share the results.

    As should be expected based both on the law of averages and when many variables — including season/time of the year, location (especially continent), hotel discretion, etc — determine the cost of awards, the results of my ‘tests’ are usually pretty random across hotel “categories” — a concept that Hilton’s move to a revenue-based model made **amorphous** . The latter point is important to keep in mind because there are times when a 95K/night award would go for, say, 64K/night, thereby putting it in a lower, mid-range ‘category’ points-wise; or a room at the “low end” could be designated as ‘premium’ to thus become unaffordable for booking with points. Therefore, the notion of low-end, high-end or mid-range awards is itself rather **amorphous** in HHonors!!!

    Do I believe everything I read on the internet is true? Silly question considering that this very exchange started because I was skeptical of your claims. Importantly, however, anyone who has been here long enough would have known better and not asked that question.

    Anyway, since you **totally** agreed with my statements that points currencies have no redemption value until redeemed and that people are unnecessarily hung up on the values of loyalty points, this seems like a good exit point , as a 2-out-of-3 agreement ain’t a terrible stopping point 😉


  10. “This all is going to be deleted, LOL”

    Why would this exchange be”sanitized”?! It seems to me to be quite tame and, importantly, interesting and on-topic!

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