Hilarious Sketch About Extra Legroom Airplane Seating

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Key and Peele, much like Los Angeles as a city, is sort of polarizing — people either love or hate it. For those of you not familiar with Key and Peele, it’s a sketch comedy show centered almost entirely around two characters.

Personally, I love Key and Peele, and I especially love when they do airline or hotel related sketches.

Like this one about using the lavatory on a plane when the seatbelt sign is on:

Or this one about hotels with continental breakfast:

They’re abstract and a little bit ridiculous, but hilarious nonetheless, in my opinion.

Via View from the Wing, Key and Peele has a new sketch about extra legroom seating in economy:

Funny enough they actually specifically refer to it as Economy Plus, which is United’s extra legroom seating (meanwhile American has Main Cabin Extra and Delta has Comfort+). There are some hilarious lines in there, and as usual, the ending is rather outlandish!

  1. Economy Plus is annoying. As a 182cm person, my knees fit perfectly wedged into the back of the seat of the passenger in front of me in a regular Y seat. I just squeeze myself in, cam those knees into the seatback and recline my own seat for a nice nap. It’s like a footrest to keep me from sliding down the seat in dreamtime.

    But Economy Plus has so much legroom that I don’t have anyplace to wedge my knees. The swing free and I slide down the seat. It’s not as bad in Comfort Plus which is the only US3 Y product with a little more recline, but MCE is almost as bad.

    Ideally I’d like C+ recline with regular Y legroom: I’d recline deep into the seat behind as soon as the wheels leave the ground and cram my knees comfortably into the fellow in front’s seat. That would be heaven.

  2. Well, I don’t know, but the humor of Kay&Peele is kind of “simple”. While I do like everything that has to do with airplanes, but didn’t even smile for a second.

    Give us better posts, Lucky. I know that your blog got famous, but please don’t forget about the loyal readers. It’s really been a long time since a few good trip reports (althouth the “live” TR was acutally quite good) or really informative posts (especially when looking at posts not related to credit card sign-ups).

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