Hilarious CollegeHumor Video About That Rich Friend Who Always Travels

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Okay, you have to see this:


(Tip of the hat to enojet)

  1. Tempted to share this with friends but feel like this would support their theories that I’m secretly rich (in reality, just in points not in cash). Though I’ve said things along the lines of the Bali Bangkok statement. The video actually made me realize something. I think of travel like the rich girl. Something I can do without really thinking about the cost. When you’re only paying something like $25 for a business class ticket to Bali you’re very nonchalant about the cost of traveling. After a couple years of this I’ve become disconnected from the actual cost. I sometimes. forget most friends can’t do something like book a ticket to Hawaii just for a long weekend. They would pay $600 for a ticket, which is a bit ridiculous for 3-4 days, but in my mind it’s only $11 and some points.

  2. This made me laugh until my friends started sending it to me saying that “its me” – ouch! Now I’m going to have to tone down all my reward trips – apparently not everyone wants to go to Easter Island, South Africa or Australia via Asia.

  3. Hahahah this is exactly how my friends think of me. I try not to post too much stuff so I’m not looked at as someone like the girl in the video but when someone see’s my Instagram account they think I am secretly a celebrity in college

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