Hilarious AirTran commercial

This is hilarious:

(Tip of the hat to Fozz)

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  1. Having flown both AirTran and Southwest, I’d much rather fly Southwest. I don’t get the whole “cattle call” thing – I wish United could turn an A320 like Southwest turns their 737s!

  2. That is funny.

    Nice response for using the Air Tran plane in the bags fly free baggage handler commercial. I like this one better.

  3. Funny, although you would have to be nuts to actually prefer flying Airtran to Southwest!

    Btw, Lucky, I have a suggestion. Having just made the mistake of coming through MIA on an international connection, and having gone through lovely airports at RDU and DCA this week, I can’t understand why we let our international gateways look so terrible. It’s embarrassing for the country that people arrive in the messes that are EWR, MIA, LAX, LGA, etc. It’s not rocket science to do things right: DTW and even DFW are perfectly fine, for instance, and I’ve never had problems at SFO.

    These days, Flyertalk and Boarding Area are quite large – perhaps it’s possible for some of you “community leaders” to organize a group pushing Congress to effect changes at the gateways: better designed, less criminal-feeling TSA, a move toward international terminals that don’t require one to go through customs on connections, renovation of certain key terminals to international standards (at least LHR T5, at best SIN), an immigration process that recognizes visitors as guests rather than as hostiles, a lobby against the “tourist advertisement tax”, public transit to town centers from the major gateways that don’t already have it I don’t think such changes are impossible.

  4. Awesome commercial! Although I’ve never flown Airtran (and probably won’t), it’s nice to see somebody sticking it to WN, since they stick it to everybody else.

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