Hey, my ads are useful for something!

I’ve actually been quite happy with the ads on my blog as of late – many are for Hyatt’s “Big Welcome Back,” which I legitimately promote a million times a day. Then there are some that make me laugh. Take a look at the screenshot Gary took:

Ah, yes, an online course to get a career in homeland security. I’m guessing those that fail this still have a future with the TSA (assuming they don’t have multiple felonies).

With those kinds of ads I expect my ad revenue to be through the roof this month. 😉

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  1. Strange, coz I have never seen an ad on the top of your webpage, even now. Perhaps only visible in American region? But I’m not complaining : )

  2. I think the ads on your site are targeted, i.e. you visit the SPG site and will see SPG adds a lot.

    I’m seeing many more of those types of ads, these days. For example I checked out the Lowes PHI site since I’m attending an event there, from then on I see Lowes ads across the internet, from tech sites to travel sites. Right now I see a lot of AK Air credit card offers since browse around so see if I can get more cards. I’ve seen the same for Quantas, SPG, Vegas hotels, etc…

    I think this is now due to google showing ads from other networks, so we now are seeing more and more ads that are tracking the sites we visit.

  3. @ caelus – I don’t know what your situation is, but I have been enjoying (mostly) ad-free browsing by using the Ad-blocker Plus package for Firefox. It is very nice to read web sites without a lot of “noise.”

  4. @ Steve – oh yes, the Adblocker!!! I have that on my firefox too, I don’t even remember what it does anymore 😉 too bad, lucky 🙂

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