Hey, I just shared the moon buggy with the lady that makes nice landings (apparently)!

Remember Ginger, the lady that flew on United Express from Washington to Philadelphia and ended up being left on the plane for 3.5 hours as she snoozed away? Yes, that’s right, the one that’s suing United and had that lovely Fox News interview where she proves she’s as sharp as a butter knife.

Well, I was just in transit here at Washington Dulles, and ended up taking the “moon buggy” between terminals. Also on the moon buggy were three Trans States pilots — two first officers and one captain. The captain says to the female first officer, “you were the one on that flight where the lady fell asleep, right?” And indeed she was, as she recalled the story. Now, they probably shouldn’t have discussed this loudly in public, as they were pretty loud about it, and I heard the whole thing.

She said she was the pilot that made the landing, and as she put it, the lady should have woken up with her landing, as it wasn’t one of her best. She said between the loud announcements, the lights being turned on, etc., she just doesn’t get how the passenger could continue to sleep.

She went on to explain that the flight attendant was actually really good, and while she would have been fired, a lot of others put in a good word for her, so she has only been suspended. They talked crap about Ginger and her Fox News interview, showing what a loon she was, and they actually thought her lawsuit was for several million dollars.

Apparently the pilots got called in to discuss the situation, but no action was taken against them.

They all seemed to be laughing about the situation. In most cases I would say it’s not a laughing matter, but with Ginger it kind of is, actually…

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