Here come my 15 minutes of fame!

Jaunted reports that TLC will be filming a new airline reality show next week at Tampa Airport:

That means if you’re flying through Tampa—or to Tampa—now’s your chance to score fifteen minutes of reality show fame. We’d recommend causing a scene or just totally being rude and flipping out at a gate agent, because that should definitely get the attention of anyone with a camera—especially some fancy pants TV cameras. Of course we’re kidding, but the crew should be doing their thing at the airport this week so be on the lookout.

I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments! Should I board my flight in Qantas pajamas? Flip when the gate agent refuses to upgrade me to Southwest Airlines first class? Oh, the possibilities…

(Tip of the hat to Ryan)

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  1. Usually the people on those shows are belligerently drunk and/or scantily/inappropriately dressed. Go for it!

  2. This is the perfect opportunity for a DYKWIA moment!! Maybe a meltdown with screaming do you know who I am is in order.

  3. Get your dead “air book” and at the gate start to jump up and down on it?!? And say you only fly first class over and over again…

    …. and then wait for security to get you a room for the night ( so maybe not a good idea)!

  4. @Chris……Now thats funny!!! 🙂

    You don’t want it to look staged. Get there early….have some Ambien and wine…..and see what happens!

  5. Get a couple guys from the Film & Video Assn. at USF to film you as you walk into the terminal & get into TLC’s camera range – they’ll know you’re a real celebrity then!

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