Hello from Seoul…

I finally made it to Seoul and met up with my brother. He flew in on Asiana from Osaka (connecting from a Lufthansa flight from Frankfurt). He had one story that cracked me up. On his Asiana flight from Osaka they made announcements in three languages. As soon as they landed they first made the announcement in Korean, which took about a minute. Then they made the announcement in Japanese, which took about a minute. And then the following announcement was made in English, and I remind you, this was the post-landing announcement, where you usually thank passengers for flying Asiana and not smoking in the terminal or using their cell phones. But instead they got this, in broken English:

Due to turbulence, we will not be coming through the cabin serving beverages at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you for flying Asiana, a Star Alliance member.

ROFL! Guess they read the wrong announcements page in their handbook.

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