Hawaiian Airlines Offering 5x Miles On Gift Cards

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Airlines are obviously having liquidity issues, so we’re seeing some airlines offer incentives to book travel now. We’ve seen this from American, Southwest, and JetBlue, for example.

Hawaiian Airlines is running a promotion on gift cards, which is perhaps the best case scenario when it comes to airline promotions, since you can get a perk for spending money with the airline without committing to any specific travel. I’ve written about this promotion before, but this is a heads up that the deal was extended, so you now have several more days to take advantage of it.

Hawaiian Airlines offering 5x miles on gift cards

Through May 27, 2020, Hawaiian Airlines is offering 5x HawaiianMiles per dollar spent on digital gift cards.

This is potentially an awesome promotion:

  • Hawaiian Airlines gift cards don’t expire
  • Each member is limited to 20,000 bonus miles, so that translates to $4,000 worth of gift cards
  • Miles will post within four to six weeks of an eligible purchase
  • Gift cards are only redeemable at hawaiianairlines.com for ticket purchases, Extra Comfort and Preferred seats, mileage award redemption fees, and purchasing miles
  • Gift cards can’t be redeemed for vacation packages, bag fees, ticket change fees, first class upgrade fees, merchandise, and inflight purchases

Is this promo worth it?

If you fly Hawaiian Airlines with any frequency then this could represent a fairly good deal. Personally I don’t particularly value HawaiianMiles — I think they’re worth about a cent each, so to me that’s like a 5% return on gift card purchases.

That doesn’t account for the value you’d get from credit card spending, or the miles you’d actually earn when you fly.

I suppose this is better than nothing, though if I were going to buy gift cards right now I’d take advantage of one of the promotions on hotel gift cards, as they’re sometimes offering 20-25% bonuses on purchased gift cards. I suspect we’ll see more of these over the coming weeks as well.

Bottom line

Hawaiian Airlines is offering 5x miles on the first $4,000 in gift cards that you purchase. For someone who flies Hawaiian Airlines frequently this could be a good deal, though personally if I were pre-paying travel I’d rather buy hotel gift cards with a bigger bonus.

(Tip of the hat to Frequent Flyer Bonuses)

  1. This is the kind of promo I’d run if my airline was struggling and we were desperate for cash. Any purchasers should carefully weigh the risks that the airline goes defunct and you’re left holding both gift cards and miles that can’t be redeemed.

  2. Considering that in a bankruptcy, gift cards would be considered an obligation at face value, while miles would typically be what the airline carried them at on the balance sheet (e.g. 0.1 cent/mile), gift cards beat miles at this point.

  3. True, but I can’t think of any large corporate bankruptcies where gift card holders were paid out anywhere close to full value

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