Have I lost it?

Before my serious, bitter sounding post of the night (and trust me, that’s an understatement), I have something I’d like some thoughts on. I’ve blogged many times about My Coke Rewards points and how I collect them. Well, today I might have hit a new low.

I’m taking classes this summer to get a few extra credits, and the school has an exclusive contract with Coke. Since basically all of the drinks sold come in 20 ounce bottles, they all have caps associated with them that accrue My Coke Rewards points. So while throwing a bottle of Diet Coke (minus the cap of course, which I pocketed) into the trash can, I saw another two bottles. So what did I do? I stuck my hand in the garbage can, grabbed two caps, and threw the bottles back in the trash.

I looked in the trash can just a few feet away, and spotted another few bottles. I took those caps as well. Within ten minutes I had a good 30 caps. Did I feel like garbage (quite literally)? Yep. Did I feel like a total scum of the earth? Yep. Did I think it was totally worth it? You betcha!

I guess it’s the ultimate irony, since I collect My Coke Rewards points in order to earn more Priority Club points. In other words, I’m willing to dig in the trash in order to be able to stay at a five star InterContinental sooner (that’s all I use my PriorityClub points for).

I’ll be back there next Tuesday, and I have every intent of doing the same thing. This time I’ll bring a ziploc bag though, and hope for even more caps. Mind you, I’m doing this between my two classes where I have a solid break, so it’s not like I’m staying longer to do this. It’s either that or spending my time in some other unproductive manner.

What say you, friends? Have I gone off the deep end?

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  1. I do the same thing; its ok.

    I even built a website for my friends to enter codes in that get emailed to me so I can enter them 🙂

  2. I have done this too. It’s amazing how many MCR points you can get this way.
    The most annoying part, for me, is the 10-caps-per-day limit. Often my dumpster-diving nets me many more than that…

  3. Lucky, you’ve been off the deep end with the rest of us for as long as I’ve known you. 😉

  4. Alas I did it when I was a lot younger with a “Kodak Gold” promotion (collect film carton – get freebies)

    Nowdays, there is a limit. I’m too old now to consider that limit 😉

    (anyone want to start a collection of my coke reward caps for lucky? 😉 )

  5. When I was in college my Mom used to walk through out town park and pick up aluminum cans for recycling. We didn’t have a lot of money, and she, being a child of the depression always tried to save money any way she could. I was afraid to tell my classmates, so I used to mumble that I was on an ‘Alcoa Scholarship’.

  6. considering what many people went through for the AA movie miles, this does not even begin to approach crazy. 😉

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