Has Delta/Northwest management totally lost it?

Delta and Northwest management (I’m blaming this on Delta for the most part, since changes seem to be coming from them) are doing a lot to piss off their loyal customers, as evident in the Delta and Northwest forums on FlyerTalk.

As if reducing the Platinum and Silver bonuses and charging Platinums for award redeposit fees wasn’t bad enough, they’re probably making the dumbest change I’ve ever heard of. Starting March 1, Y and B fares (typically full fare) will only earn 100% EQM’s, as opposed to 150%. What moron made that decision? While I’ve never bought a full fare ticket in my life, I’m all for high revenue passengers getting more EQM’s. It’s only logical.

Gotta love how Delta throws miles at people for everything except flying….

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  1. Yea, that’s pretty stupid. I would think they would start giving less mileage to the low economy classes before they would not give the 150% bonus for Y/B..are they trying to lose their best customers?

  2. It’s especially dumb considering that discounted first class tickets (e.g. HUP, KUP, QUP, etc) in many cases are cheaper than Y/B fares, and earn bonues that Y/B doesnt.

  3. I honestly don’t think that the 150% bonus for YBM will happen. This isn’t reflected anywhere yet other than the new medallion packets and that very well may be an error….

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