Has Delta Silently Changed Award Ticket Rules?

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Delta SkyMiles has long had one of the more generous policies when it comes to stopovers and open jaws on longhaul award tickets.

Delta SkyMiles stopover & open jaw policy

Historically Delta SkyMiles has allowed one stopover and one open jaw on a roundtrip longhaul award ticket.

Here’s what the SkyMiles Membership Guide says about stopovers and open jaws on award tickets:

Open Jaw

  1. Not good news and why I am planning to book a trip soon to Australia to burn the majority of my miles before 2015 Skymiles takes full effect. Any idea what is going on with VA award space? Haven’t seen anything in DL search recently…even inter-Aussie routes. Haven’t tried to book so hoping DL just not displaying online anymore instead of blocking all together like they’ve done previously with AF and KL.

  2. I must have just booked in time then. I booked PIT to BCN then BCN to VCE and then FCO to PIT. It was in coach though for 60,000 miles. This was last week.

  3. Delta – The World’s Most Trusted Airline. Don’t we all know what we know what we can trust them to do to their awards?

  4. open jaw works. Stop over doesn’t. It’s one thing to take away open jaw AND stop over. It’s different to take away stop over entirely. I know trust is not a word to be associated with delta. But this is pushing me over the edge…

  5. Can you do a personalized one on one FTU with delta points and teach him how to find quality material? This delta update was maybe 50x better than anything he’s written in the last week

  6. I believe in the past Delta website said only open jaw OR stopover, but in practice the computer allowed both. No big surprise they are changing that now.

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