Guy Flies United Airlines With Massive Boarding Pass

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A TikTok user posted a “life hack” about how to never lose your boarding pass. Apparently the method is to show up at the airport with your boarding pass printed on a five foot piece of paper.

Surprisingly he seems to have no issues at any point of the journey, including check-in, security, and even boarding the plane. And despite being on a basic economy ticket, apparently he’s still allowed to board with his boarding pass — I would have assumed that would qualify as a full size carry-on. šŸ˜‰

Here’s the video, which is hilarious:

This gave me a good laugh since it’s current, and it’s always nice to see some humor with flying in the age of coronavirus.

However, in fairness, he’s far from the first person to have tried this concept:

In fairness, most of the other big boarding pass videos seem to be from Ryanair flights. Ryanair charges a ā‚¬/Ā£55 “airport check-in fee,” or if you lose your boarding pass, there’s a ā‚¬/Ā£20 “boarding card reissue fee.”

(Tip of the hat to Alan)

  1. The lengths this generation will go to for their 4mins of social media fame… canā€™t they go back to eating Tide pods?

  2. Repeating a prank done by a Ryanair passenger in 2017, and an easyJet passenger and an AirAsia passenger in 2018.

  3. The guy comes across as a real tool and an unoriginal one at that but @David is right that nobody is getting hurt here.

  4. Not the first time indeed. I recall the last time seeing this type of trick was someone in SIN or KUL. But just to those who seemed so hostile today: the world will not end just because of wasting a large piece of paper or having Tik Tok on your phone.

  5. Not as bad as massive sized cardboard charity checks featured in innumerable photo-ops!
    Zero points for originality though.

  6. @Christian – how did the guy come off as a tool? He was polite and just having a bit of fun which the ground and flight crew seemed to enjoy.

    Lighten up people!!

  7. @Andrew “The lengths this generation will go to for their 4mins of social media fameā€¦ canā€™t they go back to eating Tide pods?”

    Oh please this is the same type of humor that would have presented itself on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In or Monty Python. Quit bein’ a grumpy old man.

  8. I fly with a massive “boarding pass” every time I fly.

    My seat mates are uncomfortable with the size but the flight attendants absolutely love it.

    What? Get your mind put of the gutter, Cleves. We’re talking about boarding passes here!

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