Greatest List Of 10 Greatest First Class Products

I always get a chuckle out of internet stories showcasing the world’s best first class products. They’re usually written by people that have clearly never flown any of them.

In most cases they’re sort of annoying, but reader @craig_xpat sent me a link to one that’s so bad that it’s actually kind of adorable and endearing.

This particular article is written by TheRichest, which seems to be a website dedicated solely to creating “top 10” lists of rich people things. So in looking at the thing that takes up space on the internet article entitled “The Top 10 Most Luxurious First Class Airlines,” which airline takes the #9 spot?

Air India… I $hit you not! Why?

Air India may possibly be the new airline to travel. This airline offers you a flight of relaxing luxury; which is what flying should always be about. Their “sleeperette” reclines to a complete 180 degree angle, complete with its own mattress topper, and has easy access to the aisle. Don’t forget about the most important feature to any flight: the food. From lamb chops, to kabob’s, you’ll never be disappointed—because who actually eats those pretzel bags they hand out?

And ahead of them is Jet Airways at #8, even though they only display a picture of their business class product:

Jet Airways may not be like the first two, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fly in an expensive lifestyle! You get your own reclined bed, as well as your choice of movies and magazines at your own side table. If you want a bottle of champagne, they’ll open it right in front of you; making you feel like Jay Gatsby himself! Your overnight kit includes slippers, an eye mask, and of course, your own PJ’s. If you’re lucky enough to join this first class flight, you’ll get to enjoy exotic dishes, like squash soup, or cheese plates!

Then Korean Air is #7, which will leave you feeling “close to nature:”

Korean Air offers a different sense of first class, but nonetheless any more enjoyable. Their “Kosmo Suites” offer you perfect privacy, and its wood finished design will leave you feeling close to nature, and closer to peace and serenity.

Anyway, check out the whole article, it’s just spectacularly amusing…

Oddly absent from the list is Singapore Airlines. After all, who needs Singapore Airlines’ A380 Suites Class when you can fly American, Air Canada, Jet Airways, and Air India “first class?” 😉

Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class

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  1. Korean photo shows business class too I think. Any idea what the price tags are that are attached to each post. $1,800 for American, $7,500 for ANA etc…???

  2. Lucky – When will you publish a list of your top 10 F products? You are probably one of the most qualified individuals to do so. You often list LH and CX as “one of your favorites,” would they rank #1 and #2? I guess it would be a bit like choosing your favorite kid, but I’d love to see a top 5 or 10 post on overall F product.

  3. Maybe this whole article is just an easteregg:D

    Air Canada doesn’t even offer First Class, those price tags mean absolutely nothing since they couldn’t possibly reflect the cost differential between the airlines and nearly all of the pictures were either not up to date or showing business class…

  4. @ Tom — No clue, that’s puzzling to me as well. Maybe they’re assigning the relative value to the products… or something?

  5. @ Kevin — It’s something I’ll work on and hopefully publish soon. Thanks for the idea!

  6. We,, it does says “first class airlines” not first class seats.

    I notice LH is missing too. And LX. And QF. And…

  7. Also, besides Singapore other ones that are obviously missing are Qantas, Etihad and Asiana… maybe JAL and TAM too.

  8. oh and I forgot Malaysia… and maybe LX and LH for overweight elderly German speaking gentlemen.

  9. Ben, after reading “I’m Just Here For The Caviar”, I have a suggestion for series of posts:
    For beginners: How to maximize/not to miss/enjoy more than human possibly can your Fist/Business class experience per airline.
    For Advanced travelers: How to get all the above w/o asking :).

  10. Lucky, I second the request for your top 10 F products, and your top 10 J, too. You are very uniquely qualified and trustworthy to make this list! Many of us have limited miles and travel time for long haul international flights, and because of that, I myself would love to know where to get the best bang for my miles on a first or business class flight from the US to Europe and Asia. Pros, cons, let’s hear it all. Don’t forget to include ground support experience, too!

  11. Ben,

    I’d love to see a post on how to maximize your current award reservation. Most people book an award ticket and hold onto it and fly, but you got me thinking when you recently swapped out awards to not only save spend on a night at a hotel but also to upgrade your current award booking.

    For example, I booked months out United Business LAX-SYD when it opened up briefly and this was pre-devaluation. I was very happy with myself because the booking I wanted (Qantas F LAX-SYD) had no availability. Well today, Qantas F LAX-SYD is showing availability for 72.5K and now I don’t know whether it is better to cancel my United ticket, eat the $150 or $200 change fee, and then grab the Qantas flight. I’ll also lose miles from my United account as I’ll be redeeming in the future for post-devalued miles. Yet Qantas F is so inherently better than United that I’m inclined to do it.


  12. I third the request for your top 10 j and f products as well.

    I think another interesting article could be around maximizing last minute awards, and a discussion of the viability of waiting a few weeks out to book if you missed the 330+ day window.

  13. Either it’s the most incompetent list ever, or yeah, it’s an April Fools thing, because:

    “you’ll get to enjoy exotic dishes, like squash soup, or cheese plates!”

    Yes, squash soup and cheese plates…exotic only if you are from Mars.

    “ANA is all about the dining experience; their full course meals are all prepared on the spot”

    So the FAs are slicing and dicing that sushi in the galley right after take-off, huh?

    “They have two different styles of first class seating, which is upon your choosing.”

    Yeah, most airlines offer TWO types of FC seats, and you can choose which one you want!

    “Emirates airline comes as a close second to Cathay, but offers you amenities that Cathay just doesn’t.”

    Er, then, shouldn’t it be ranked ahead of Cathay?

    “This airline offers you a flight full of privacy; you’re flight duration will have your own recliner with sliding door, and a personal mini bar, with space to change into the PJ’s that they offer you”

    Lucky, that couple from your last LH flight should have flown Emirates, they could have changed within the privacy of their own suites, as opposed to doing it like peasants in front of everyone else.

    What’s even more hilarious is that they basically recycle the amenities for almost each entry. Every one of them offers a personal TV, reclining seat, massage, personal space, etc.

    I’m convinced this is just a website for bougie wannabes to feel “rich” just by reading it.

  14. That article is pure linkbait — even though we know it’s completely wrong, we are still forced to give it a ton of pageviews to confirm just how wildly inaccurate it is.

    Anyhow, to save everyone a bunch of time here’s the full list so you don’t have to visit that article:

    10. American Airlines: $1,800
    9. Air India: $2,000
    8. Jet Airways: $2,700
    7. Korean Air: $3,300
    6. Air Canada: $4,000
    5. British Airways: $6,400
    4. All Nippon Airways: $7,500
    3. Air France: $8,100
    2. Emirates Airline: $21,200
    1. Cathay Pacific Airways: $31,300

  15. and that’s BA’s old first class too — these people don’t know what they’re talking about ….

  16. I gave up on the website, it wasn’t loading well. Not before it tried to direct me to a list of top 5 prostate cancer symptoms.

  17. *cringe*
    Makes BuzzFeed look like Pulitzer-caliber journalism. Their article about the top 10 finest restaurants probably includes the Olive Garden and Red Lobster.

  18. @Tatyana: You can get a “fist”-class experience whenever you want on Air Smisek! =P

    @Andrew B: BuzzFeed is actually quite capable of serious journalism, which was a surprise to me as well. One recent example would be a nice collaboration with Radiolab on the 2001 AUMF.

  19. I completely agree with Ivan Y, the site (The Richest) is a linkbait site.

    They play to the gullibles who want to research anyone’s net worth or who want to read about luxury without knowing anything about luxury living. A lot of these sites just pull the more gullible people into their site for link through income without providing substance.

    +1 for a “Lucky’s Top 10”

  20. Lucky, you’ve always stated that you try out different products so that you can provide detailed reports for us, your readers. This is part of the rationale for the kickstarter project. However, I do think you need to review both the good and the bad. I haven’t seen a trip report for Jet Airways (actually really, really good) or Air India (actually really, really bad) on your site. I think you should fly/review these as well!

  21. @ RS — I’d LOVE to try Air India. Once they join the Star Alliance you can bet I’ll be booking an award ticket on them ASAP.

  22. Holy crap, that’s the worst airline article I’ve ever read. The comments cracked me up though. Thanks for sharing.

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