Greatest checked item ever?

I was pretty amused when I saw a rocking horse at baggage claim in Buenos Aires.


That’s about a millionth as cool as this checked item, though. Am I the only one that would totally check three of those just to watch the reactions at baggage claim?

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  1. You should see the stuff that comes through at EZE. It is very difficult to get things here in Buenos Aires, so a lot of Argentines go shopping to Miami and bring back everything they need. Here is my list of some of the more interesting items that I have brought so far: 46″ flat screen TV, Herman Miller Aeron chair, stroller and car seat, PC monitor and of course spices, peanut butter and much more!

  2. EZE is nuts, I saw people trying to get on to the Manuel tienda leon bus with some crazy things, like 70 inch TV, computer, bicycles, etc.

  3. Among the more unusual items I have taken to Kenya at the request of others – a wakeboard, 4 boat fenders (those 2ft inflatable fenders), and for my daughter, wall shelving for her pictures frames. Sometimes it feels like I am bringing a mix of Target and Ikea to Kenya. Of course I did bring back a folding stool from Peru this past March.

  4. My best guess is that this truly represents an ordinary if inexperienced pax, unused to dealing dealing with air-side regulations. I hope he added the requisite ‘please’ when asking them ‘then check the fucking thing!’ Now, how do I get them to check my annoying wife? If ever there was a threat to my in-flight safety, she’s it.

  5. A few years ago, somewhere on the Net, I saw a baggage claim photo posted by someone who’d taken an internal flight in Russia. Circling the belt was a very large buck carcass, claim tag on the antlers.

  6. I once checked a bundle of a dozen empty, flattened cardboard boxes tied in string, with no other wrapping.

  7. I asked the vancouver bc delta ticket agent if anyone has ever checked a curling stone due to the recent winter olympics. They said they never had, but were very puzzled as why not and it made sense I asked due to being in Canada.

  8. This is awesome! Reminds me of the time in college when I sent an unwrapped shoe through the mail to a friend…

  9. I think I bought this same “pony” as a birthday present for my niece and when a button is pressed, it plays a tune that instantly becomes an earworm. It would have been even better if the pony was singing as it rounded the carousel.

  10. I’m with Dave — watching people check items at MIA can be quite entertaining, if not puzzling at times. I remember back in the 80s and 90s people were checking full-size tube TVs!

    Although something to think about — many flights have human remains / corpses traveling below…

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