Great United Business Class Fares To China — Fly Roundtrip For $1,700

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With airline loyalty programs significantly less rewarding than they were a few years back, the good news is that discounted premium cabin fares are also cheaper than they used to be. So rather than being blindly loyal to an airline and dealing with the hassle of miles, nowadays when the price is right it can often make sense to just outright purchase the business class ticket you want.

That’s why I also think it’s worth pointing out great business class fares when I come across them. The past few years we’ve seen tons of sub-$2,000 roundtrip business class fares to Asia, and at the moment we’re seeing an especially good fare on United out of Toronto.

In general we’ve been seeing great transpacific airfare out of Canada, at least when priced in USD. Given that positioning to Toronto is quite easy from the east coast and midwest, this is a great opportunity to save a ton on the cost of airfare.

At the moment United has ~1,700USD roundtrip business class fares from Toronto to Beijing and Shanghai. The fare is valid for outbound travel through May 15, 2017, and there’s a two day minimum stay required (it’s really a three day minimum stay, but when you account for the outbound flight arriving a day after it departs, that translates to two nights in China). I recommend using Google Flights to find availability for the fare.

There are all kinds of routing possibilities, depending on whether you’re flying to Beijing or Shanghai. You can route through Chicago, so you can visit the United Polaris Lounge there.



Or you can route through San Francisco in one direction if you prefer, so you can still fly the 747 between Beijing and San Francisco, before United retires the plane.


Or you can route via Los Angeles, Washington Dulles, etc., depending on your preferences.

I’ve been wanting to try the new United Polaris soft product, and these flights provide the full experience.


However, Unfortunately these flights won’t feature the new United Polaris seat.

United Polaris seat (PRNewsFoto/United Airlines)

As of now the only longhaul flights on which United has scheduled the 777-300ER are San Francisco to Hong Kong and Newark to Tel Aviv. Eventually other planes will feature the new seats as well, though that’s not going to happen in the next couple of months. It’s too bad this fare isn’t valid to Hong Kong.

Still, this is a heck of a fare for roundtrip business class to Asia, for anyone looking to travel this spring. I’m very tempted…

(Tip of the hat to KenGreen888)

  1. not sure I’d spend $1700 on UA’s crappy business class hard product no matter what they’ve done with the food and blankets.

  2. When blogging about a great airfare, your titles should provide the origin of the airfare, not just the destination! If the flight is not leaving from the region where I live(or where I will be), then who cares what the fare is and what the destination is.

  3. How frustrating, that this is restricted to YYZ. I wonder why they are offering this, assuming that nothing major has happened to the competitive landscape to China out of YYZ?

  4. I booked this and bought a separate positioning flight from LGA. How difficult is the transit in YYZ? Do I have to “enter” Canada, claim luggage then check in for my flight from YYZ back to the US? Thanks.

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