Great Deal: $1,300 Roundtrip Business Class Fares From New York To Paris

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La Compagnie is the all business class transatlantic airline that started flying in mid-2014. They operate flights between Newark and Paris using Boeing 757 aircraft.

I reviewed La Compagnie back when they first launched operations a few years ago. They also briefly flew between New York and London, though ended up canceling that route.

While La Compagnie doesn’t have the best business class product, I have to give them credit for offering exceptionally good value. They consistently have more attractive business class fares than what’s offered by any other airline in the market.

In addition to their “normal” good pricing, they sometimes offer further fare sales, and they currently have one of those. La Compagnie is presently selling roundtrip business class tickets from Newark to Paris for just $1,300. Similar fares are available in the other direction (from Paris to Newark), starting at ~$1,270 roundtrip. This fare is valid for travel through the end of the year, and here’s a calendar showing dates that have availability.

Unfortunately this fare isn’t valid for travel next year. Starting next April La Compagnie will take delivery of an A321neo featuring fully flat beds in business class, which will represent a huge product upgrade for the airline.

Bottom line

In general we don’t see as many transatlantic business class fare sales as we used to. I feel like for a while we pretty consistently saw $1,500 roundtrip business class fares on some of the “major” carriers, while nowadays it’s pretty rare for travel originating in the US.

So this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to fly between New York and Paris.

Anyone plan on jumping on these $1,300 roundtrip business class fares between New York and Paris?

(Tip of the hat to YHBU)

  1. Just flew with them. Always a nice experience. Great value. Feels almost like a private plane. Fast boarding process with so few seats. Orly is more manageable. Taxis are 35 euros to the right bank (each way).

  2. Save your miles and take La Companie for $1300 to Paris and then the Eurostar to London. Not only that, you get to stop in Paris!

  3. One downside is no PreCheck (worth sending them a comment about) and a bit too pet friendly for those who are allergic.

  4. @Nevsky Stop in Paris is a big minus. Nowadays it’s a rundown, culturally-enriched Sh*th*le. Metro smells like feces, trash everywhere in the streets and thugs running around. The only real French people you will find in this city are hopeless c*cks such as Emmanuela Maricon.

  5. @docntx Yes, on both sides but very average lounges. Nothing to get excited about. The lounge at EWR is landside.

  6. There’s usually a decent sale on summer Business Class fares to Europe in spring… I’ve not seen it as low as $1300 but I flew JFK to Frankfurt on Singapore this year for $1999 and earned north of 15,000 miles for it, had a great Book The Cook meal both directions, spectacular service, nice lounges, and an actual lie-flat bed. Once La Compagnie has true lie-flats, though, I’ll happily give up the rest of those niceties to save $700.

  7. @maximomustero

    Let’s see….racist, sexist, homophobic in the same sentence. and also showing real ignorance.

    The saving grace is that it is obvious you are a deeply unhappy person. I plead with you to change your life and be a moral person; it might make you less miserable.

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