Great ANA award availability over the coming months….

For those looking to travel between the US and Asia in the next couple of months, ANA is releasing plenty of award seats in all cabins, even multiple seats in first class on certain flights. I’m hoping this is around to stay, as I’ve heard their first class product is top notch.

Thanks to my friend Steven for pointing this out.

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  1. Great tip Lucky!

    I’m seeing lots and lots of availability on ANA through EOS, in C, for 2 people! This is perfectly timed to redeem before United implements their new redemption levels on Jan 1.

    Now here’s my conundrum — we probably won’t be able to do any (more) award travel in 2009, due to limited vacation and the need to maintain status. How do you think that UA will handle date changes? Will they honor the original redemption level that it was booked with, or want to refare / reaward it to the new levels.

    My hunch is that United will honor date changes on their own metal at the original level, but since *A awards have to be reissued, will insist on the higher mileage once they are changed. Hence, if we plan to try to push the award into 2010, we should book on UA metal to make date changes possible. Unfortunately, UA doesn’t have much of any C available on their own metal. 🙁

    I’m curious to hear your thoughts, as you know way more about this! Any way that we can book NH in C for Oct, and then change it to 2010?

  2. You actually should be in luck. You’ll be able to make changes to the award without them changing the award rate, as long as you travel within the dates of the ticket validity. Routing or date changes should be fine.

    Happy travels!

  3. What does dates of ticket validity refer to?

    For example, if I book a DBC Voucher, I believe I can continually shift the trip into the future without penalty. Can I do that with an award ticket like this?

  4. By ticket validity I mean that the ticket is good for one year from the date of issue. That means you can’t change the departure date by a whole year, since that would be outside the validity of the ticket.

    Outside of that, you can change dates and flights, as long as you don’t change the routing or stopovers (unless you’re a 1K, in which case all those changes are free).

  5. Just booked a trip in C on ANA. DEN-LAX-NRT-SGN-NRT-(stopvover)-ORD-DEN for November! The ANA tool is amazing!

    Thanks a lot Lucky for all the help! Now I just hope I have time to actually go on the trip!

    Merry Christmas!

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