Great American Business Class Fares From HKG To North America

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At the moment American Airlines has some excellent business class fares for travel originating in Hong Kong. Specifically, you can fly from Hong Kong to several destinations in Mexico for well under $2,000 roundtrip in business class.

This includes flights to Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara, etc. Availability is wide open throughout the schedule, and you can easily search space on ITA Matrix or Google Flights.

For example, you could fly roundtrip from Hong Kong to Mexico City via Dallas for $1,870.

If you really wanted to stretch the routing, you could fly from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to New York to Miami to Cancun for $1,920.

Or you could book a similar routing to Mexico City for $2,100.

With American you earn double elite qualifying miles for paid business class, so the routing from Hong Kong to Cancun via Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, would earn about 45,000 elite qualifying miles.

The catch is that you’d only earn elite qualifying dollars based on how much you spend, so that ticket would earn fewer than 1,800 EQDs (since taxes and fees don’t count towards that limit). As of next year the revenue requirement for Executive Platinum status will be 15,000 elite qualifying dollars. So while a single trip would get you almost halfway to the mileage requirement, it would get you less than 12% to the spend requirement.

One of the nice things about American is that they let you upgrade to first class even on discounted business class tickets, so if you’re an Executive Platinum member you could use a single systemwide upgrade from Hong Kong to Los Angeles to New York.

American’s 777 first class isn’t that special, though the service is a bit better.

Then on the A321T between Los Angeles and New York you could upgrade to first class as well.

You’d also potentially get Flagship First Dining in both Los Angeles and New York, which is possibly the best aspect of flying American.

This is an excellent fare. Personally it’s not one I plan on taking advantage of, though I do think it’s worth passing on. This could be useful for those based in Asia, and could also be useful for those based in North America who frequently travel to Asia — you could use the two portions of the itinerary for different trips, and then redeem miles in the opposite direction.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of these great fares?

(Tip of the hat to Unionruler on FlyerTalk)

  1. Thanks for sharing – indeed a good fare. But no thanks.. I refuse to give any dime on American Airlines until they get rid of Dougie and make positive changes to their product and program that are worth considering.. I highly doubt it though.. oh well.. I guess my 2019 EP and 6 SWUs will just go to trash since I can hardly confirm any C space anyway..

  2. @ James W — Did you miss the part where I said I’m not taking advantage of this? I share good deals, regardless of the airline they’re on.

  3. Peeps like James W are just chomping at the bit to find fault in anything bloggers allegedly do. Go away dude……

  4. A J fare for 2000 USD like thousands, 7 days ago there was an AF in La Premiere for 3800 USD, duo fare Europe to PVG….

  5. It also works for South American travelers. GRU-MEX in JJ are not expensive. If you are Black or Black Signature you can get pretty much free upgrade to Business Class. Nice!

  6. Why do the A321 flights all specify sharklets? Will some people refuse to fly the A321 unless the plane has sharklets, and AA is just assuring them that the plane is properly equipped? I’d rather be warned that my flight has been Oasised. Oasis-ed?

  7. The A321 fleet that says Sharklets (32B) are American fleet aircraft, the ones that do not say Sharklets/just say A321 are ex-US Airways torture tubes.

    In this particular case they were included as those particular flight segments represent American’s Premium Transcon service with flat beds.

  8. Interesting that AA differentiates their better product with the sharklet mention. Thanks. Why do you say the legacy USAir planes are torture tubes? Wouldn’t the 737 MAX earn that title?

  9. @Christian, while pitch is ok, the 321 CLT and I guess PHX, PHL based are ancient and no power supply. They just look tired. The FAs, are, meh. But that applies across the board.

  10. @here anyone else find cities in NA besides Mexico City, Cancun, Guadalajara? Originating from HKG seems to only have this fare for those 3 destinations.

  11. @ Antonio is there a particular website you are using to find “cheap” La Premiere flights? I would love to try La Premiere.

  12. @M Unfortunately there are not, for that reason I pointed this one. 3800 for 2 F looked nice…
    I think there are other ongoing offers on F in LH LX, own websites…

  13. Thanks so much. I got this deal since I live In BKK. Your the only one I saw that posted it and I was so happy you did. J

  14. I wouldnt route via MIA (that airport and I do not get along), but there are options via DFW. Its a shame about the EQDs. Then again, presuming one isnt based in HKG, you might be able to find a deal on Cathay (or other OW carrier) premium economy (to get to HKG) that could pad your EQD total and make this somewhat more palatable in that regard.

  15. I’m having trouble finding availability for the stretched route from HKG to CUN via LAX, JFK, and MIA. All that is showing up are routes with a transit via DFW. Can any kind soul help me out? Thanks!

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