Great American Business Class Fares To Buenos Aires

With the value of the Argentinian Peso plummeting, there has never been a more affordable time to travel to Buenos Aires. Not only is the “official” exchange rate better than usual, but the black market exchange rate has fallen accordingly as well.

Anyway, American has published some good discounted business class fares for travel from Los Angeles to Buenos Aires. I see business class fares as low as $2,000 roundtrip all-in through the end of the schedule.

The best place to search for the fare is on ITA Matrix, given that they let you search by flexible dates and they give you a nice calendar view with all the fares.



The fare allows you to route via Dallas, Miami, or New York. Unfortunately all of American’s flights to Buenos Aires are operated by 777-200 aircraft, which feature the old first and business class product. That being said, the great thing about American is that you can use systemwide upgrades (of which Executive Platinum members receive eight per year) to upgrade any revenue fare, including a discounted business class one.

American 777-200 first class seat

American 777-200 business class seat

So when you think that you’re paying ~$2,000 for roundtrip international first class, that’s a fairly good deal, in my opinion.


Generally I’d recommend routing via New York, so you can fly American’s new transcon A321 between Los Angeles and New York.

American A321 first class seat

If routing via New York, the total miles flown is 15,538 miles.

While this isn’t cheap enough to be a mileage run, I do think it’s a really good premium fare. It’s valid over the World Cup as well, if you want to head in that general direction. Admittedly at the moment TAM first class award space is also wide open, so this fare might not be as compelling as it otherwise would be.

For what it’s worth, LAN has a similar business class fare of about ~$2,200 all-in.


Ultimately I’d choose American first class over LAN business class. If you don’t have the ability of upgrading on American, though, I’d probably choose LAN’s business class since it’s fully flat. Here’s my review of their service between Miami and Buenos Aires and back from Buenos Aires to Miami.

(Tip of the hat to the “Good Deals Premium Fare” thread on FlyerTalk)

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  1. @AdamH I found SFO- EZE for $2,400 ish in First/Business Not too bad in November 🙂

  2. Why does AA specify “Sharklets” on the A321? Is that a glitch or do they really think it’s such a selling point? Seems odd.

  3. @ Josh — Hah, don’t think it’s intended to be a selling point, but rather just how it’s programmed in their system to differentiate that A321 from future A321s in the fleet.

  4. Lucky, went to book the lax-jfk-gru or eze and all fares were raised to $4,500+ for biz and not a single evip for all of august and September. Wow.

  5. @ Michael Haddad — Yeah, as I said in the post, I didn’t expect the deal to last. Finding confirmable upgrade space to first on the 777-300ERs is REALLY tough since there are only eight seats. On the 777-200 I suspect they’re stingier with upgrade space since they’re in the process of switching those planes to two cabin service, so they don’t want to confirm too many people in first class if there could be an aircraft swap between now and then.

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