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Sleep well. I know I will. And I’ll share all of the details with you tomorrow, of course!

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  1. dude you do know its illegal that as a German citizen you can’t have two citizenship.
    The moment your embassy realizes you have 2 citizenships they will revoke your German citizenship asap. Had a friend that got his revoked and got a black stamp in his US passport, i.e. he is not allowed in for at least 10 years…

  2. You’re allowed to have dual citizenships if you’re born to it–ie, if you were born in the US to German citizen parents.

  3. @ WorldWingedExplorer — That’s definitely not true for someone born in the US with German parents.

  4. afaik Ben was born in Germany. Maybe I was mistaken.
    Even if he is, he has to apply for Beibehaltungsgenehmigung, I know I did. Took 3 months but it did the trick.

  5. As someone who also has two passports I learned long ago that it’s best to be very discreet about this.

  6. sorry, a typo, supposed be fights.. this is a question im always asking when meet a person with dual passports.

  7. WorldWingedExplorer – I would like to learn about German Beibehaltungsgenehmigung. Can you post your FT or MP name, or PM me as seacarl on either?

  8. I just rolled thought the FCT. I was dissappointed that the rubber duckies say “first class services” vice first class terminal

  9. Hi Carl,
    I have dual citizenship (born in Germany) and did the ‘Beibehaltigungsgenehming’. There is a very good yahoo forum for it.

    it shows approved and declined samples.
    My Flyertalk and milepoint handles match my Name here. So just drop me a short PM if you need more information.

    I did get mine but a friend of mine did get declined and still decided to go ahead and has US only now.

  10. Its true. While I am no german, I have a friend from college that got his german citizenship stripped once they found out. Supposedly they cross reference names on their borders and check for matches, eye color, birth date, etc. Now he cant visit Germany for another 4 years but after that he can appeal and get his German citizenship back(will probably have to drop the American though), not sure….

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