OMG Video: Golf Cart On The Loose At O’Hare

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While I don’t have any more info on how exactly this happened, check out this insane video of an out of control golf cart at Chicago O’Hare Airport.

The golf cart is driving in circles with no one in it, and is about to hit a plane, and likely cause hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of dollars in damage. Then a hero swoops in and saves the day.

You absolutely have to see this video:

Can we stop for a second and appreciate just how epic that person on the pushback tug is? Presumably there’s not actually a training course for how to properly hit an out of control golf cart that is about to hit a plane, but this person sure makes it look like there is, even waiting till the last second for optimal effect.

I. Am. Speechless.

  1. Why do I have a feeling this will be included in the next round of safety stand-down meetings of don’t leave equipment running. Not going to lie though that was a great save.

  2. @Mark – It’s a modified golf cart for exactly what you are describing. Lots of airlines have been adopting them in recent years. They are cheap to operate and maintain, can carry the RJ Catering load (coffee, tea, soda) and are low to the ground allowing them to pull right up to an RJ for provisioning. Just as a golf cart on a course could get stuck in drive, this one could as well. Drop something with weight on the accelerator while it is still in gear and there you go.

  3. The driver is on the ground. Someone picks her up, helps her move back. She looks at her forearm, apparently scraped from the fall, then collapses to the ground. Seizure?

  4. Kudos to the quick-thinking (and acting) tug driver. Prevented major damage to aircraft (and subsequent cancelled flights)

  5. Love the applause from those watching. This really brightened my day and I hope the golf cart driver is OK.

  6. According to the news report I heard, a case of bottled water fell on the accelerator with no one behind the wheel.

  7. @AlexS — “Crap…Boeing’s installing MCAS on golf carts now?”

    ROFLMAO! Crap … you just outed Boeing’s next release of MCAS (a.k.a. M-alfunctioning C-ontrols A-nd S-ensors)! 😛

  8. @DCYukon — “According to the news report I heard, a case of bottled water fell on the accelerator with no one behind the wheel.”

    Whew! At least it wasn’t another one of those “self-driving” vehicles that purported employ “Artificial Intelligence” but end up behaving with “Real Stupidity”! 😛

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