It’s Going To Be An Exciting Day On The Blog!

Why should you be refreshing the blog every five minutes today? Because yesterday was my most dysfunctional travel day of the year. Possibly the peak was when an American Eagle supervisor claimed I took a picture of her (which I didn’t), and after denying it she threatened to call law enforcement on me. When I wanted to show her my camera roll, she refused to look.

Doesn’t get much more exciting than that, does it? Make sure you’re sitting down! šŸ˜‰


  1. Seems like your travels have gotten nuttier and nuttier ever since you confided to us how lucky you’ve been, that your flights seldom get delayed…

  2. I’m going to take a pic of an AA personnel at airport. I have no ticket with AA and I haven’t seen a law where I can’t take a pic of an AA employee of a PUBLIC area:

    But here is a good advise from a layer:

    Photography at the airport

    Photography has also served as an important check on government power in the airline security context.

    The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) acknowledges that photography is permitted in and around airline security checkpoints as long as you’re not interfering with the screening process. The TSA does ask that its security monitors not be photographed, though it is not clear whether they have any legal basis for such a restriction when the monitors are plainly viewable by the traveling public.

    The TSA also warns that local or airport regulations may impose restrictions that the TSA does not. It is difficult to determine if any localities or airport authorities actually have such rules. If you are told you cannot take photographs in an airport you should ask what the legal authority for that rule is.

    The ACLU does not believe that restrictions on photography in the public areas of publicly operated airports are constitutional.

    If you are stopped or detained for taking photographs:

    Always remain polite and never physically resist a police officer.
    If stopped for photography, the right question to ask is, “am I free to go?” If the officer says no, then you are being detained, something that under the law an officer cannot do without reasonable suspicion that you have or are about to commit a crime or are in the process of doing so. Until you ask to leave, your being stopped is considered voluntary under the law and is legal.
    If you are detained, politely ask what crime you are suspected of committing, and remind the officer that taking photographs is your right under the First Amendment and does not constitute reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.

  3. You said the magic words Ben, American Eagle. They are a disgrace and I will never fly them again. Two weeks ago I experienced a 5.5 hour delay at DFW with those children. As bad as the delay was, the unhelpful, clueless and downright surly AE staff was much worse.

  4. @RoLoT is American Eagle a “them”? As far as I can tell, it’s a label for a network of many airlines, a great way to muddy the waters and confuse the public, or to evade accountability. Talk to ten American Eagle employees, you’ll find 3 or four corporations as their employers.

  5. Hope that you do get arrested, so you can sue. Police all over the country have been arresting people for photographing them. When it gets to court, the police lose and have to pay damages and legal fees. But only every single time…..

  6. @endre: The question is, does asking the cop if you can leave constitute reasonable grounds for the officer to be suspicious that you have committed a crime? In which case, his answer will be “no” and you’re under arrest.

  7. Why doesn’t she want her picture taken?

    AA (apparently) now prohibits photographing/video recording of AA employees (in the workplace) but that’s at best a CONTRACT issue (if you are flying AA) not a law enforcement issue.

  8. Got my system configured to auto-refresh, cleared my calendar, and put up a sign saying I am busy for the remainder of the day. Let’s hear it.

  9. Wow – you really need to get a life. Seems like you think it is groundbreaking news for the world to hear that your bag was misplaced by an airline. Funny how bloggers are so self important and don’t even realize it.

  10. @Norman
    I get redirected to some game at the AppStore also, when trying to view a lot of BoardingArea blogs.

  11. @endre,

    Unfortunately, many officers will cite their authority granted under the Patriot Act, and in an honest, concerning effort to thwart potential terrorists.

    Since US air travel already has a history of such, they get a lot of latitude. In addition, airports are special jurisdictions, and fall under a myriad of authoritative statutes, codes, ordinances, laws and regulations. Your best recourse is to remain courteous, explain you are a simple tourist on a vacation and taking photos to remember your trip, then put away the camera and THANK the officer(s) for their concern and enlightening you.

    AA now forbids photographing or videotaping any of their employees…and all airlines are becoming more sensitive to passengers recording incidents of conflict in airports and especially onboard, if only to protect the airline’s legal position if a dispute escalates to a legal forum.

  12. @Norman @Greg N

    I think it means lucky has visited HKG too many times!

    It seems whenever I am in HKG I continually keep redirects all the time….but as soon as I am airborne, they all disappear!

    Maybe lucky’s blog has picked up a passenger?

  13. @anita anita anita, I loved his story about missing bag. May be because misery loves company as it happend with me also.

    There is that saying. If you dont like something don’t look at it. You must be the person who will scream and yell to remove a book from library because it offends you.

  14. @Greg N

    It is very annoying since I have to manually stop the page from loading at a certain point. Too soon and there’re missing pictures, too late and I’m at the AppStore(once again). It actually becomes a game in itself, no? :p

    I wouldn’t say this is the best for the business of BoardingArea when its ads are trying to stop readers read. :p

    @John DELTA

    Maybe we need to persuade him out of his fondness of Hong Kong then. :p

  15. Anita Anita Anita
    Marsha Marsha Marsha

    Why are you reading his blog then ?
    Miserable auld git. HO HO HO. The season of good will my ass…

    Go Lucky. His blog is just amaze balls

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