Gogo raises the cost of their monthly all airline pass for existing members

Gogo, which provides in-flight internet for several US airlines, has slowly been raising their prices over the past few months. I have a monthly all airline access pass, which up until now has cost $39.95. I found it to be a good value given that I probably spend 40+ hours per month on domestic flights equipped with Wi-Fi.

Up until now their price increases seem to have been focused on those buying Wi-Fi on a per-flight basis as well as new members, though now for the first time that I can remember they seem to be raising prices on existing members, as I just got the following email:

Dear Ben,

We want to inform you of a change to your Gogo Unlimited subscription and to the Gogo Terms of Use.

The price of your Gogo service is scheduled to increase from $39.95/month to $44.95/month. Compared to other Gogo passes, the Traveler Pass is still the best value for frequent flyers with a preferred airline.

Your new rate of $44.95/month will be effective with your next billing statement on or after March 15, 2013 No action is required to continue your subscription. Of course, you may cancel your subscription at any time by emailing us at [email protected] or calling (877) 350-0038.

Thank you for your loyalty and your business.

ā€”The Gogo Team

Interestingly Gogo’s website seems to suggest that a new monthly membership would run $49.95, so I guess I’m still getting a discount, though it sure is getting pricey…

I assume everyone else with a monthly all airline pass received the same notice?

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  1. No notice here yet… but I’ve had the all-airline pass for nearly two years and they just raised it from $35 to $40 late last year. If an increase happens again, I won’t be renewing.

  2. I got the same notice. Am likely to switch down to the AA-only pass. (I’d switched up to the all-airline pass in the late fall because of a bunch of travel on AS; when I went to switch back, I saw that the prices had gone up and the new cost of the AA-only pass was the same as what I was already paying for all airlines, so there was no point. Now there is.)

  3. I have not received the notice, I’m still being charged 39.95…been on this plan since Delta started rolling out wifi.

  4. Gogo as recently as October 2012 raised my monthly unlimited rate from 34.95 to 39.95. Now, they are raising another $5 after only a few months? It will be time to drop them. Price gouging. And their service stinks its so slow.

  5. 40 hours a week on flights??? Ben, I get paid a lot to do that and still don’t enjoy it.. You must really love this

  6. I dropped from monthly unlimited to the delta traveler pass when they last raised their prices (less than 6 months ago I think). Is this monopoly pricing since there is only one choice? I guess it could be defended as charging what they think the market will bear. In any case, it is annoying but probably less so than spending $14 a day for the same service.

  7. I noticed that in early December that they raised prices:


    and then two weeks later, they adjusted prices:


    They say that they need to do this to ‘increase’ bandwidth and ‘upgrade’ their services. I get that, however, the way in which they did it was pretty amateur. Pretty soon (If they haven’t already), they are going to price themselves out of reach of many travelers.

  8. I got my US Airways Travel Pass increase notice today, and I immediately canceled. I’ll buy on an as-needed basis hereafter. A few hours offline –and asleep — may be the right move anyway.

  9. Got my notice on the 13th and cancelled my monthly on the 13th. I have a hard time paying that kind of money for slow service that isn’t even available all planes.

    I will just pay as I go when I absolutely need it, which won’t be often.

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