Gogo offering 30 minutes of free mobile device wifi on weekends

Last week Gogo announced a pretty cool promotion sponsored by Allstate. If you fly a Gogo equipped flight on a weekend you can get 30 minutes of free wifi on your mobile device. The only exception seems to be Gogo equipped Air Canada flights.

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  1. I was on an AA flight yesterday and that offer popped up (I had bought an all day pass for a round-trip BOS-MIA-BOS at $16.95). I clicked through to see what it was all about, and if you’re not an Allstate customer, it asks for a lot of personal information before granting the 30 minutes. So it looks like accepting the offer will subject you to their marketing campaign.

  2. I used this offer on Alaska SEA-DFW. My wife is an Allstate customer, so I was able to “login” with her information.

  3. The free movie offer expires today (Sept 30). Just enter the promo code “FREESHOW” at checkout.

    The Allstate 30-min promo asks non-customers for additional information, but it’s not required to be valid info to access the free 30-minutes.

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