Gah, can’t believe I missed that fare!

For those of you that haven’t seen it, there was a “special” fare (some might call it a mistake) last night on Qantas for US to Australia flights for about $550 each way in first class. The key was to book them as American Airlines codeshare flights. I’m guessing this was meant to be a coach fare, but booked into first class for one reason or another. It was even possible to book the A380.

I was lucky enough to see it almost immediately, although apparently not soon enough. I managed to get it to price out several times, bit was apparently about a minute late, as the fare changed on the last page.

It’s going to be very interesting to see how this is handled. Tickets were issued. This was booked through multiple sources. It’s worth noting that if this is honored it would be very expensive for American given that all passengers are booked on American Airlines codeshare flights. Although I don’t think that many people got in on it, so they might just take the high road.

This is different than other mistake fares where airlines were filling seats they might not have otherwise sold.

I’m rooting for those of you that managed to ticket!

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  1. LUCKY,

    Is there anyway they will honor this same fare? I’m already have a big dream on A380 F. If you can get QF to match the fare I will buy a companion ticket for you, at my expense!


  2. I have spent 4 hours so far trying to get that fare buy no luck. I will need lucky’s trick and tip when he’s free,I’m sure he can manually make it happen.


  3. Well apparently the fare was a mixup so you got 200 bucks for your trouble but no first class to Australia.

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