Furry Convention Evacuated To Dog Show At Hyatt Regency O’Hare

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In October I shared my single favorite thing about living in hotels. It’s not complimentary non-fat cappuccinos and egg white omelets in the morning. It’s not never having to make my own bed. It’s not massive suites.

Instead it’s conventions. There’s nothing quite as amusing to me as randomly ending up in the middle of a thousand person special interest convention.

From Hot Wheels Conventions to cheerleading conventions to biker gang conventions, I think I’ve almost witnessed everything.

Hot Wheels convention at Westin LAX

The one thing I feel like I haven’t yet witnessed is a furry convention. For those of you not familiar with furries, here’s a good rundown NBC did:

No, I’m not interested in being a furry, but I can’t help but imagine that I’d be quite amused if I ended up in the middle of a convention with a bunch of these people. I stay at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare really frequently, and it looks like I just missed what appears to have been one such convention.

Via Fox News:

Authorities in suburban Chicago said a release of chlorine gas that sickened 19 people at a hotel hosting a ‘furries’ convention early Sunday was “intentional.”

The source of the gas was apparently chlorine powder left in a ninth-floor stairwell at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare hotel, according to the Rosemont Public Safety Department. Investigators are treating the evacuation as a criminal matter.

The sickened people reported nausea or dizziness. They were treated at local hospitals and at least 18 were released shortly thereafter.

Not a good situation, but then again from the sound of it no one was seriously injured, so it’s not a huge deal. Fortunately there’s a really amusing aspect to the story:

The convention-goers, dressed in cartoonish animal costumes, were ushered across the street to a convention center hosting a dog show.

Within hours, emergency workers decontaminated the Hyatt Regency O’Hare and allowed people back inside. Six-foot-tall rabbits, foxes and dragons poured into the lobby, chatting and giving each other high paws.

Can’t make this stuff up, folks!

  1. Stumbled into the Stud in San Francisco on the monthly furry night. One of the best nights out I’ve had (I’m not one). Not surprisingly, many, many, many drinks get knocked over. The bartenders were pretty good about just replacing them. Separately, chlorine powder in the stairwell to intentionally poison people…that’s some serious business. People need to not be distracted by the targets, and focus on the problem here.

  2. all sorts of crazy happens at that hotel!
    My last trip someone took the last leap of their life from the top floor in the atrium. Guys in hazmat suits were cleaning up near the check-in desk for many many hours the next day.

  3. @Garrett – many drinks get knocked over LOL

    That whole opposable thumb thing is really a #$&@* !

    (I agree with your serious point, though.)

  4. as a furry I thought it was cool that something about furries turned up on this website 🙂

    but chlorine gas, damn, that is some serious stuff.

  5. I think it might be an annual thing there. I know that Hyatt asked SMD4 to not use that hotel (we’d used it for SMD3) because that convention was on.

  6. Garrett said: “Separately, chlorine powder in the stairwell to intentionally poison people…that’s some serious business. People need to not be distracted by the targets, and focus on the problem here.”

    ^ This.

    People were hospitalized and this event was only one household ingredient away from being seriously deadly. In other words it was anything but a joking matter. Yet another teachable moment squandered on meaningless click bait. Once upon a time I thought this blog might be different from all the others.

  7. Definitely agree that this is some sinister stuff. Glad nobody was seriously injured, but what essentially amounts to a chemical weapons attack should be taken pretty seriously. Furries aren’t my thing (though I accidentally went on two dates with one once), but they are people (admittedly with some layers of faux fur on top), and don’t deserve to be targets of violence.

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