Limited Time: Frontier Is Offering 90% Off Base Fares

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About a month ago Frontier ran a sale where they offered 90% off base fares in many markets, and they’re now back with a similar promotion.

For tickets booked by tomorrow (11:59PM ET on Tuesday, September 26, 2017), Frontier is offering 90% off the base fare when using promotion code FALL90. Now, as you’d expect, there are lots of catches.

The basic terms of the promotion are as follows:

  • Fly through November 16, 2017
  • Fly Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays
  • Valid for US domestic travel only
  • Three day advance purchase required

Even within the US, the following markets are excluded from the promotion:

Atlanta, GA to/from Austin, TX
Atlanta, GA to/from Cleveland, OH
Atlanta, GA to/from Cincinnati, OH
Atlanta, GA to/from Houston, TX
Atlanta, GA to/from New York City, NY (LaGuardia)
Atlanta, GA to/from Phoenix, AZ
Atlanta, GA to/from San Francisco, CA
Atlanta, GA to/from Salt Lake City, UT
Austin, TX to/from Philadelphia, PA
Bismarck, ND to/from Denver, CO
Nashville, TN to/from Philadelphia, PA
Bozeman, MT to/from Denver, CO
Cleveland, OH to/from Denver, CO
Cleveland, OH to/from Houston, TX
Cleveland, OH to/from Los Angeles, CA
Cleveland, OH to/from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Cleveland, OH to/from Portland, OR
Cleveland, OH to/from Raleigh, NC
Cleveland, OH to/from Fort Myers, FL
Cleveland, OH to/from San Diego, CA
Cleveland, OH to/from Seattle, WA
Cleveland, OH to/from San Francisco, CA
Colorado Springs, CO to/from Chicago, IL
Colorado Springs, CO to/from Phoenix, AZ
Cincinnati, OH to/from Denver, CO
Cincinnati, OH to/from Fort Lauderdale, FL
Cincinnati, OH to/from Houston, TX
Cincinnati, OH to/from Las Vegas, NV
Cincinnati, OH to/from Los Angeles, CA
Cincinnati, OH to/from Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN
Cincinnati, OH to/from Phoenix, AZ
Cincinnati, OH to/from San Diego, CA
Cincinnati, OH to/from San Francisco, CA
Denver, CO to/from Dallas, TX
Denver, CO to/from Greensboro, NC
Denver, CO to/from Indianapolis, IN
Denver, CO to/from Madison, WI
Denver, CO to/from Missoula, MT
Denver, CO to/from New Orleans, LA
Denver, CO to/from Chicago, IL
Denver, CO to/from Portland, OR
Denver, CO to/from Philadelphia, PA
Denver, CO to/from Pittsburgh, PA
Denver, CO to/from Raleigh, NC
Denver, CO to/from Fort Myers, FL
Denver, CO to/from San Diego, CA
Denver, CO to/from Seattle, WA
Denver, CO to/from San Francisco, CA
Denver, CO to/from Salt Lake City, UT
Denver, CO to/from Santa Ana, CA
Denver, CO to/from St. Louis, MO
Denver, CO to/from Knoxville, TN
Detroit, MI to/from Phoenix, AZ
Fort Lauderdale, FL to/from Trenton, NJ
Houston, TX to/from Philadelphia, PA
Indianapolis, IN to/from Orlando, FL
Las Vegas, NV to/from Milwaukee, WI
Las Vegas, NV to/from Raleigh, NC
Los Angeles, CA to/from Orlando, FL
Orlando, FL to/from Milwaukee, WI
Orlando, FL to/from Chicago, IL
Orlando, FL to/from Philadelphia, PA
Orlando, FL to/from San Francisco, CA
Orlando, FL to/from Salt Lake City, UT
Orlando, FL to/from Trenton, NJ
Chicago, IL to/from Phoenix, AZ
Chicago, IL to/from Trenton, NJ
West Palm Beach, FL to/from Trenton, NJ
Philadelphia, PA to/from Raleigh, NC
Raleigh, NC to/from Trenton, NJ
Fort Myers, FL to/from Trenton, NJ

The savings do indeed seem to be 90% off the base fare, though keep in mind that Frontier has really low base fares, so in reality you’re not actually paying a tenth of what you’d otherwise pay.

For example, take a Tampa to Denver flight on October 14, where the “Non-Club Price” is $109 (you can join Frontier’s Discount Den Program for $50 per year).

Meanwhile with this sale, the price is knocked down to $39, which represents a $50 discount on the $55 base fare, before factoring in the $34 in taxes. So in the end you’re still paying nearly half of the fare, but that’s just because the taxes and fees don’t change.

This is potentially a great deal, though do keep in mind that Frontier charges for everything, from seat assignments to carry-ons to food and drinks. Travis shared his experience flying with Frontier recently, and as he cautioned, one of the biggest downsides to low cost carriers is their lack of frequencies in markets, so when flights are canceled or delayed, you have very few options.

Does anyone plan on taking advantage of this Frontier fare sale?

(Featured image courtesy of Razvan Socol)

  1. I was having trouble with the booking as well, but I called and they waved the phone fee (I assume they were well aware of the issue). I purchased 4 base fare tickets from CLE to TPA for $102 (as I’m signed up for their Denver Deals, but after purchasing assigned seats in the fourth row and a carry-on, my final cost was $230 for 4 one-way. Not horrible for a non-stop flight.

  2. I suppose if one is open to subjecting themselves to flying on Frontier this might be a good deal…personally I have standards.

  3. Hey Lucky –
    I’m surprised you didn’t yet cover the Ryanair pilot shortage fiasco. I was expecting you to write about that, and United’s 747 Retirement Flight which has been circulating in the news lately.

    Also, did you know Saudia’s ULCC Flyadeal has started operations? And that Saudia has begun privatization efforts?

  4. i just flew round trip from Islip, Long Island to Orlando International on Frontier for $38 round trip. ($19 each way). I had a small bag which went under the seat and made no additional purchases on the short flight (2hrs 15 mins). Granted the seats are not the most comfortable but you get what you pay for. The flight was great with no problems and the staff was quite friendly. I would fly them again anytime at the right price. If you are an average size person you should have no problems at all.
    oh yes they charge extra for everything but what do you expect?
    Fly right, fly cheap. its up to you

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